Sunday, 30 November 2014

5 Nail Polishes For The Winter

Following on from yesterdays my top 5 winter lipsticks, I have decided to follow on that post with my top 5 choices for winter nail polishes. I have quite a nice selection of nail polishes and the collection itself has grown a lot as you all might know how.... blogging. Winter is very versatile season were you can get inspiration from abosulty everything such as the dark nights I thought a nice dark nail polish like a matte black would be perfect for that and also like the last leaves that fall reminds me a lot of spices and a burnt orange.

With the winter season being perfect to brighten our look up its nice to have your nails to match your outfit and also to brighten up any mood. The selection I have chosen are perfect for everyday wear and to show off during the festive season. 
(from top to bottom)
Illamasqua - Scorn | £14.50
I find that matte black during  the winter as well as all year round in Britain, black just matches everything perfectly from a casual outfit to going out to a party. Scorn is perfect as it is a matte effect nail polish and looks very professional and very easy to apply.

Barry M Gelly Effects - Mustard | £3.99
I have always been a fan of Barry M's Gelly range even though they are a bit of a hit and miss with bloggers. I find these beautifully thick and very easy to apply its very glossy when it had dried. The mustard shade is exactly like mustard and its just perfect for those horrid foggy days or any day you like. I like to wear this while shopping personally.

OPI - Turn On The Hot Light || £11
OPI have to be a salon favorite and are one of my favorite nail polish brands as they have many shades to choose from, the shade I chose in my top 5 nail polishes is virbant silver with a lot of sparkle and is like decorations on a Christmas tree or the stars at night, seeing as we get darker nights now its winter.

Models Own - Red Alert || £4.99
Red is such a statement shade and for me brings out more coconfidence for me which is a big bonus for me as I like to dress in a retro style. Red alert is a perfect shade as it stands out in the crowd and every were you look this season you see the shade red from Christmas decorations to Rudolph red nose.

China Glaze - Traffic Jam || £6.95
Many of us enjoy enjoy mulled wine over the festive period (I personally don't drink) but this shade is very much like a red wine shade and matches it very well so its perfect for festive events and perfect for Christmas day as this colour would match any outfit.

What is your favorite Winter Polish?

Melissa x

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Reasons I love my Husband


Me and my husband have nearly been married for four years, we may of had our ups and down but our love has grown so much more since the day we got married. We got married 4 years ago in Glasgow and we had our honeymoon there as well, we are going for a weekend again this year again to celebrate our 4 crazy years being married.

Reasons I love my husband
- He is an amazing dad to our 3 children
- I am training to be a makeup artist at the moment and he such a flower! he lets me makeup practice on him and he just loves it!
- Every now and again he surprises me with my favorite flowers
- His dance moves aren't the best but they are hilarious 
- He never gives up, at the moment he works long shifts, goes to college and is a dad and husband.
- He loves hoovering, that's a chore off my list haha.
- He coughs when he farts to try and disguise it, he thinks hes being a gentleman haha
- We never fall out for over 1 hour as one of usually starts to laugh and we end up hugging and making up.

They is many more reasons but this post would be extremely long but I am sure you all get the idea.
I will do some more posts like this in the run up to our anniversary so I can share our celebrations with you all.

 Till next time guys and dolls!
Melissa x 

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Enchant

makeup revolution lipstick enchant
I just love bargains I must admint, every time I go shopping I am always looking for items on sale or a price to good to miss, but with makeup revolution I know I am just going to buy a haul because they have such an amazing range for an affordable price but what makes the deal so much better for me is that the quality of the makeup is just amazing, very unexpected to most affordable makeup brands that I have tried out before. Makeup Revolution is cruelty free and have a wide choice of makeup to choose from.
makeup revolution swatch enchant
Enchant is a light pink which reminds me of Peach from Super Mario! I just love the pink its perfect for everyday wear and would go with any outfit. The shade itself is creme and stays put for up to two hours plus which is very respectable for a lipstick which is only £1! and not only that it smells so much like vanilla and its not overpowering at all.
The look of the lipstick is what you would expect for a £1 but it really blends in with my lipstick collection and looks amazing with other Makeup Revolution lipsticks.
makeup revolution lipstick enchant
 - Affordable
- Long Lasting
- Nice scent
- Simple but effective design
 Loose lid 

If your like me and like to have a few lipsticks and few of the premium I would recommend to add this fabulous lipstick to your collection! I am looking forward to adding more to my collection and for a £1 they are just guilt free.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution yet? 

Melissa x

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Friday, 14 November 2014

The Vegan Kind #13

the vegan kind #13
 Happy Birthday to the amazing The Vegan Kind
Its been their first year in business and they done amazingly well with giving a great variety in their boxes and gaining loads of followers on social media as well over the past year, they deserve every success giving a subscription box for Vegans/Vegetarians and people who just want to give vegan products a go.
Quinola Mother Express Quinoa (RRP £2.55)
I am a big fan of Quinoa because of its health benefits and that it is full of fibre and protein and the main thing for myself it actually really fills me up compared to rice and pasta. I have never tried this brand before but it has won 6 great taste awards and is Michelin starred and I will be having it with my dinner tonight with some curry and salad Yummy!!

Ten Acre How Chicken Soup Saved The Day Crisps 40g ( RRP £0.80)
I seriously couldn't wait to eat these! I ate them with my lunch the same day I got the box, I must admit I am a massive crisp fan and just wish I could find these in store as they taste amazing. These crisps are great for people who are Vegan Vegetarian and these are even halal, kosher and they are even gluten free.

Considerit Salted Caramel 65g (RRP £2.50)
This was made especially made for the vegan kind so I feel very lucky to have this as I just love salted caramel. This is perfect for ice cream and to put onto a hot chocolate, I am looking forward to trying this with the vegan card recipe card which is a pumpkin spice latte.

Rebel Kitchen Orange Choc Mylk (RRP £0.99)
 I was looking foward to trying this but I did not get the chance because my daughter Ameerah loved the look of the carton and decided she wanted  to try it, she loved it and wants me to buy some more of  these! so they are a big success in my house, really need to order more for the family. These are great for everyone as they have no refined sugar additives or preservatives and of course - dairy free!
Organic Surge Awakening Shower Gel 250ml (RRP £5.99)
I have tried organic surge last year  and I really loved the range so I am happy to have something different this time in the vegan kind box, the scent is perfect for the morning as it smells very refreshing. My husband really loves the scent of this and he is the king of showers so he will be using this for sure haha.

The Primal Kitchen Coconut & Macadamia Paleo Bar 45g (RRP £1.59)
The ingreients to this are 100% Paleo and 0% and is made with only 5 ingredients so its the perfect natural engery bar. My husband ate this after coming back from the gym and he really  enjoyed it and was surprised how delicious it tasted and the fact its natural too.

As ever I am very pleased with my The Vegan Kind Box and you can order from their website Here!
The box is £10 and the p&p is £3.15.

Melissa x 

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I Love Make up - Go To Hell Palette

go to hell palette
There are so many posts by myself and so many other bloggers about the fantastic Makeup Revolution range and I can honestly see why they are popular. I have reviewed so many things from makeup revolution from there Sugar and Spice Palette and the Colour Chaos Palette so I was very excited to try the Go To Hell Palette to see how it compared to the other palettes that I have.

These palettes are so pigmented and high quality I always seem to forget that they are affordable because they are easy to blend and apply, The Go To Hell Palette is only wait for it ....£6.49!! and that is for 18 eyeshadows, for me that is a bargain for a quality palette.

They are 18 shades in total in this palette from sparkles to matte shades. They have a nice selection of dark shades and lighter shades so they are very easy to blend together to create a number of makeup looks. I find that these eyeshadows have very little fallout but you do get a lot of colour at the same time. The Palette itself is what you would expect from a palette at £6.49 but I just love the design and the writing on the palette itself so it looks great in my makeup drawer as do all the makeup revolution products that I have at the moment.

I would be getting more Makeup Revolution Palettes as they are loads of choices and they are amazing value for money. The shades last a long time without using any primer but for a longer lasting result I would recommend using a eyeshadow primer and a makeup setting spray, I use makeup revolutions eyeshadow primer in matte and it really works wonders for me and I should be doing a post about it in the near future.

Do you have any makeup revolution palettes?

Melissa x

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Monday, 3 November 2014

Makeup Revolution - Sugar and Spice Palette

Makeup Revolution Sugar and spice Palette
Makeup revolution are a relativity new makeup brand that has gained popularity very quickly and I can really see why as they have so much to choose from! They are very affordable so you can enjoy a splurge without feeling guilty about how much its going to cost. Makeup revolution have been a blogging favorite since they started out and ever since I tried the makeup for myself I have been addicted to it, the choices are amazing and surprisingly high quality for price.
Makeup Revolution Sugar and spice Palette
The Palette I choose is called Sugar and Spice and it has 6 blushers and 2 highlighters in it with a mixture of matte and shimmers. This palette is perfect for contouring and highlighting and as the name suggests these shades are the perfect compliment to the name with spicy shades and lighter shades which act as the highlighter which I find is perfect for contouring, first I apply the blusher along my cheek bone then directly above and below it I highlight so my cheeks look more contoured and it really makes a subtle difference to my face shape. 
Makeup Revolution Sugar and spice Palette
The Palette itself is very good quality and its surprising that the palette is only a very affordable price of £6! that is way less then £1 per shade, so you are definatley getting your moneys worth in one palette. The shades are very pigmented and I am training to be a  makeup artist at the moment and without doubt I would use Sugar & Spice Palette  as its versatile for so many looks. I even use this palette most days because I have so many choices to choose from, I really do love it.
Makeup Revolution Sugar and spice Palette
As for the pigmentation of this, all I can say is wow I am shocked! with a small amount you get so much colour, so I recommend not putting to much on your blusher brush as only a small amount can make such a big difference. For a long lasting results use a primer before applying foundation and apply a makeup setting spray for a longer lasting result. For myself personally I did not need to apply anymore throughout the day as it looked flawless for me.

What is your favorite Blusher?

Melissa x

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

November Wishlist

I just can't believe it November! seems like it was only just the summer now its only one more month until dare I say it .... Christmas! I have to say the weather has been quite nice lately and I hope its quite mild all winter not a fan at all of the freezing cold anyways forget about the weather my wishlist is just fantastic, its full of amazing things this month.

Kat Von D - Studded Lipstick Set || RRP $39 
I know these are only sample size but these are just amazing why buy one lipstick when you can have 9 for a fantastic price, I have always wanted to try Kat Von D lipstcks but I have always been unsure on which shade to choose, so this set is just perfect for me.

Lime Crime - Venus: The Grunge Palette || RRP $42
I have wanted to get this palette for a few weeks now as I just love the design of the palette and of course the shades inside are just perfect for everyday wear with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades.

MAC - Sharon Lipglass in Bijou || £15.50
I have tried Mac lipsticks such as Flat Out Fabulous and Russian Red but I have yet to try their lipglasses, I think Sharon's lipglass in bijou is the perfect choice as its versatile to be mixed with lipsticks or just worn on its own.

NARS- Sheer Matte Foundation || RRP £31
I have wanted this foundation for ages, I have no NARs counter near me at the moment which is a shame as I like to test a foundation before I buy it. Matte foundations are my favourite as they usually last longer for me.

Yankee Candle - Candy Cane Lane || RRP £16.99
Yankee Candles are always in my house as they smell amazing and you can smell the scent through out the house. Candy Cane Lane is Christmas candle and smells like peppermint, cookies and vanilla and can last between 65 and 90 hours! I am looking forward to Christmas shopping.

What is on your November Wishlist?

Melissa x

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Illamasqua Lipstick in Cherub

I am sure you all know that Illamasqua  has to be one of my favorite premium brands as I just love their selection, for me they just stand out from the crowd. My collection has grown rapidly over the past few months thanks to blogging. Recently on twitter I won 5 beautiful Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks! and cherub was one of them.

Illamasqua Lipstick in Cherub | £18.50 is a warm coral colour in a satin finish. Cherub  is from the Glamore collection and is a nude shade that is designed to give you a beautiful colour and a long lasting satin finish. I just love the shade and find its perfect for a natural look as well as perfect for the Autumn and winter months. The Lipstick applies very easily and can be applied directly to the lips or a lipstick brush can be used also for the same fabulous results.

Cherub is a perfect everyday lipstick, so I would say its great for work, going shopping etc. Its perfectly adaptable to everyday beauty. I found that this lipstick was long lasting and lasted about 4-5 hours before the need to reapply. Even after all the time the lipstick still looked fantastic and did not look dull or anything like that. I carry this lipstick in my bag with me at all times as its the perfect shade for everyday and I just love the shade coral.

What is your favorite Autumn Lipstick?

Melissa x

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