Saturday, 31 January 2015

Models Own - Toxic Apple - Ice Neon

I am such a hoarder of nail polishes that when I buy them I always end up buying more then one and end up buying at least 3 at a time as they is always offers on and I end up buying more haha. So thankfully nail polishes are easy to store and I can put them easily away to store, my collection keeps growing and I never have a firm favorite shade I just like collecting a vast rainbow of skittles that they all look like a nice bag of star bursts.

Models Own have a huge selection of nail polishes to choose from that its impossible to choose your favorite in a hurry, and at the moment they have a sale on where everything on the site is half price so after this blog post I will probably ending up buying more to add to my collection.

I don't usually buy neon shades but I just fell in love when I seen Models Own - Toxic Apple as the shade of green reminds me of the summer months and its perfect for Halloween or just to stand out too. Toxic Apple took about 4 applications to get this opaque and even then it wasn't perfect unfornatly but I really love the shade so its just a shame it takes so many applications as its formula was quite thin and it was quite tricky to apply too. 

Even though this nail polish didn't work out with me I really still love the brand as they are a cruelty free brand and quite a lot of things on their site are vegan too and clearly listed as so too. Apart from this nail polish all other Models Own Nail polishes have been great.

Models Own - Toxic Apple - Ice Neon // £5

V = Vegan
CF - Cruelty Free

Have you tried Models Own Nail polish before?

Melissa x

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Friday, 30 January 2015

90s Grunge

90s grunge

90s grunge

90s grunge

90s Slogan T shirt £8  // Jogging bottoms £14 // Braclet was in a The Vegan Kind Box
// Socks are old bought them in New look.

As I was shopping in Matalan I just noticed the most amazing t shirt! a 90s t shirt and I just had to have it and for £8 I thought it was worth the money. I also  had to get a pair of pants to match the t shirt so I just chose a simple pair of joggers, so this outfit is perfect for a casual look with comfort too. I think my socks matched the outfit perfectly too.

My shape is very curvy so I got the t shirt in a size 12 and the joggers in a size 14 for comfort as my shape kinda looks like an hour glass shape. The t shirt is quite long and quite covering and the back of it is a bit longer then the front of the t shirt. The joggers are very comfortable and can be dressed for most ocassions and I tend to like wearing joggers more in winter as its not the warmest outside at the moment.

I have so many socks and always seem to be buying different pairs montly as I do like a quirky pair of socks, my mum bought these for me a few years ago as she knows I am a cat lady for sure as I have 3 cats, Salem, Poppy and Kitty haha.

Has anyone bought any new clothes recently? :)

Melissa x

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Barry M Nail Paint - Persian

Barry M Nail Paint Persian
Every time I go to Superdrug I always seem to buy myself a Barry M nail paint or 3, as they have great offers on and most of all they have such a beautiful collection of shades and styles of polishes to choose from. I am a big fan of purple and its my most owned nail polish shade, I may have a few but a few more to the collection is very welcome indeed.
Barry M are a brand we have all seen and is quite well know too and its great to know the company itself is cruelty free and a majority of the makeup is Vegan too.
 Barry m Persian
Persian is a new shade that has been added to the Barry M aquarium collection, the shade itself is a mixture of greens and golds with the main shade itself being a lovely purple shade. It took about 3 applications to achieve this look, for me this nail polish is quite thin and slightly runny compared to other Barry m polishes so I would recommend only putting a small amount on the brush at a time as it could get a bit messy.

Barry M Nail paints are available on their Website here or instore/online at Superdrug and Boots.

What do you think of Barry M Nail Paints?

Melissa x

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Superdrug Vegan Haul

superdrug vegan options
I just love shopping in Superdrug as they are the most Vegan friendly high-street shop I know about. Superdrug own brand is all cruelty free and are BUAV approved, all the products I have seen that are own brand are either vegetarian or vegan. Apart from having a good selection of own brand products they have other brands that are cruelty free such as gosh, bourjois but in this haul I bought Barry M. At the moment the Superdrug have a great offer on, buy one get something half price.

 So what did I buy?
More like what didn't I buy  haha! I just love shopping
Nail Polish Remover Pads || £1.39
I am always changing my nail polish and I go through quite a lot of nail polish remover so I have used this already as my nail colours change almost daily.
Barry M Nail Paints || £.3.99 Each
I have so many nail paints I don't even know why I even bought anymore haha! but saying that I just love having such a nice selection to choose from. I chose Cancun which is a summer matte green, Persian which is part of the aquarium collection and Plum which is a jelly effect nail polish.
Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara || £6.49
I always seem to buying nail polish and lipsticks I always seem forget to get mascaras so I decided to change that and try this! I love the design and the name very quirky indeed.
superdrug vegan options
Men's Liquorice Mud Mask || £0.99
Every weekend me and my husband like to have a pamper so we both choose a face mask to help our skin. My husband chose Superdrugs liquorice mud mask which is specially formulated for men's skin.
Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask || £0.99
I always choose random face masks and decided to choose something this time I wouldn't normally go for but I have high hopes for this face mask, so I can't wait to try it.
Vitamin E SPF 15 Moisture Cream 100ml || £2.99
I have used Superdrugs night time moisturizer for a while now and I can say its one of the best moisturizers I have tried so I just had to buy the day time version to try and I am hoping it works equally as well as the night time version.
Vitamin E Eye Cream
I must admit this is the first time ever that I have bought an eye cream, I thought why not just try it if your getting the moisturiser as well. I am actually looking forward to adding this to my skincare routine.

Look out in the near future I will have reviews on everyone of these products and give you my honest opinion on all of them. The Barry M - Cancun is already on my blog and is in my blog directory as well as many other products that I have tried in the past, on the directory I have a sign next to each product to show if its cruelty free/vegan/vegetarian.

Till next time
Vintage Melissa x

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Barry M Nail Paint - Cancun

barry m nail paint cancun
I am a massive fan of nail polish and its been far to long since my last post about my nails! I have so many nail polishes that I haven't blogged about yet and I keep buying them weekly and changing my nail polish daily too, I really need to start posting more nails of the day posts. Barry M has been one of my favorite brands since I started painting my nails, as they are so affordable and the range they have to offer has just grown so much in the last few years so they is plenty to choose from and the best thing? the nail paints are all vegan and cruelty free yayyyy!!

Cancun is a matte nail paint and is a new shade to the Barry M nail paint collection. I just love the shade of green/blue as it reminds me of the tropical sea hence the name Cancun, don't you think?. I really like matte nail polishes are they tend to apply much easier then other nail paints on the market and often they last much longer too. Cancun took 2 applications to get to this beautiful look and I am very pleased with the look. With any other nail paint I would recommend a top coat but with matte nail paints I don't tend to use them as they tend to last longer even without the top coat so the choice is yours if you apply a top coat or not. 

Barry M Nail paints are available on their Website here or instore/online at Superdrug and Boots.

What do you think of Barry M Nail Paints?

Melissa x

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

5 Lipsticks For £5

5 Lipsticks for £5
Don't get me wrong I love MAC lipsticks and all the premium brands but sometimes its just lovely to get an affordable brand and finding out they are just amazing! This happened to me a few months back when I first discovered the brand Makeup Revolution. I first discovered the brand by seeing it on a few blogs and it took me a while to finally buy it for myself and I haven't looked back since, I now own so much from Makeup Revolution its fair to say its the second most brand I have in my makeup drawer.

For me lipstick is main thing in my makeup routine as I don't tend to wear bright eye shadows  I prefer natural shades with eyeliner but with the lipsticks I prefer them bright, its kinda like part of my identity in a way, I know it sounds silly but it is just part of my personality.

These 5 lipsticks are my absolute favorite from Makeup Revolution and for just £5 they are such a bargain. The first is Depraved which a vibrant purple shade which goes so well with everything I just love it, then its Lady which is a darker shade of red which reminds me a of lipstick that Dita Von Teese would wear! next to that its Reckless which is a very bright red that is just so classy, then we have the Enchant which is a light pink shade that is a lovely summer shade and last but not least we have the Dare which is another Classy red shade I just love red so I have to have 3 in this selection.

Don't they all look fabulous and its hard to believe that they only cost £1 each? for that price you could own the entire collection for well under £50 which is amazing since most lipsticks on the market are way over £6 or if your after a premium brand they can cost well over £10!! The case for the lipsticks may not look as good as the more expensive lipsticks but it really doesn't matter as the lipstick itself shows you itself how well it works as they are very pigmented and they last for a few hours without reapplication which is fabulous.

For just £1 I will be buying more of Makeup Revolutions lipsticks as well as more of their cosmetics but for me the lipsticks are my favorite as they have a nice selection of shades that you usually don't find on the high street but would more likely find at Lime crime. I am also training to be a makeup artist so getting more of this brand is going to be so helpful to me so I have more makeup to choose from and can practise more with different makeup looks.

What is your favorite Lipstick?

Until next time
Melissa x

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Friday, 16 January 2015

January Birchbox - Women's Health

January Birchbox - women's health
With the start of a New Year it means only one thing.. its absolutley full of resolutions and new starts, I have not made a resolution this year but rather then that I just set myself goals as they seem so much more achievable for myself. I am hoping to loose weight this year as I have put on a few pounds since August, and if luck did have it  I actually bought a copy of women's health magazine even before I knew what theme this monthsBirchbox  so it was a nice surprise to see this months box had the theme too. The magazine is very helpful and very motivating and I have already started to jog this month which I haven't done in quite a while.
When I first seen the Pilates band I had no clue what is was as I have never done Pilates before but seeing as I got it in this months box I might just give it try to see if it makes a difference. I am surprised that its worth £7.99 but then again you want something strong and that will last without breaking.

I am a big tea fan so was happy to see Embrace Matcha Green tea! but my only disappointed was they was only one tea bag to try. Matcha is 100% natural and has 10 times the antioxidants as regular green tea. At £24.99 for a packet seems a bit expensive but seeing as its a super food its worth it for the antioxidant properties.

The design of the Heal Gel Intensive is so cute! I have never heard of this brand before but it does sound promising as it has an infushion of organic silicone, collagen-boosting peptides and arnica to help and restore skin. I have yet to try this but its perfect to travel with 

I know its weird that I am a beauty blogger and have never tried anything from Stila, so I am very happy to get Stila Lip Glaze this month especially as its worth £15. I am not a massive fan of gloss but I do like to wear them on days I don't wear a lot of makeup or just want an extra bit of sparkle to complete my makeup look.

I love trying new shampoos and conditioners so was glad to see Philip Kingsley Body Building conditioner. I am always looks into different brands of shampoo/conditioners to see which is right fore my hair, this shampoo has wheat protein to help flyaway's and to make your hair look as good as possible, I can't wait to try this, I hope its fabulous as a full size of this is £19.

I never knew they was anything to help you re energies after workout so its nice to see Activbod Cooling Finish lotion! You use this after a workout and it cools you down. Activbod is invigorating menthal packed lotion. Next time I go for a jog I am going to try this and see if it makes a difference and if it does I will part with £12 to get more!

 I have so many facial serums I always seem to add more to my collection so the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is a welcome addition to my skincare regime. This serum is oil free, helps even skin tone and moisturizes for an even complexion. I use Serums before applying my night or day moisturizers and I do see a difference using them to not using them at all. This may be £45 but I think they are worth it as they are so long lasting.

Birchbox is only £10 a month plus P&P, every month you get a suprise of different products and its nice to try products that you normally wouldn't try. You can subscribe to Birchbox on their website Here!

Do you subscribe to any Beauty boxes?

Melissa x

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lush - Dashing Santa

lush dashing santa ballistic
With only 345 days till Christmas, I decided to use 'Dashing Santa Ballistic' in which I got in my Boxing Daul Haul. I wish I got more in the sales as I have used most of what I bought but saying that I am looking forward to Lush's Valentines collection especially prince charming and of course unicorn horn.

Dashing Santa is quite quirky looking and looks like he going ice ice skating after a few to many mulled wines. The scent of this is quite different than what you would expect as I was expecting a spicy scent like cinnamon but it has a much fresher scent which is bergamont, mandarin oil and and orange zest, so this is perfect if your a fan of a citrus scent.  
lush dashing santa
With a name like 'dashing Santa' you would expect that it would dissolve quickly but no! it took nearly 10 minutes for it to dissolve but it didn't really matter really as it takes my bath ages to fill up. Although not the strongest scented bath ballistic at lush I really like the scent as its zesty and quite refreshing but I wouldn't say its my favorite from lush but its still fantastic and I am looking forward to Lush's 2015 Christmas collection but until then they is always lush's valentines collection yay!!

What is your favorite Lush Product?

Melissa x

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Vegan Kind #15

The Vegan Kind #15
Over the Christmas Holiday's I must admit I over induldged in to many cakes and chocolate so I am very pleased that this months the vegan Kind Box has a box full of healthy choices! so its the perfect  start for me over the new year. The Vegan Kind is a monthly subscription box which contains only vegan choices so its perfect for Vegans or people interested in trying new foods. 

The Vegan Kind Charity this month is Veganuary in which 10p from every box goes to the charity. The Veganuary are team who help promote veganism globally through their campaign. You can find out more by checking out their website which is

So whats in Januarys Box ???

Greenfrog Soap Nuts 250g (RRP £3.99)
If your looking for a more natural way to wash your clothes then this is for you. These are 100% natural and most importantly biodegradable which isn't the easiest to find in supermarkets. They don't need any extra work as all you have to do is pop them in the washing machine with the bag provided. I am looking forward to trying these as I am always trying different products to wash my clothes with.

Clearspring 100% Organic Fruit on the Go - Pear 100g (RRP £0.89)
This is made with 100% organically grown pears and they are perfect for when you are on the go as they have no preservatives, sweeteners , just what is needed for myself after Christmas and I will have this probably as a snack.

Creative Nature Tropical Treat Bar 38g (RRP £0.99)
These bars have been in a previous box before but I really wasn't keen on it unfortnatley but my husband enjoys them a lot and had it as a mid day snack. This bar is perfect for a detox as it is cold pressed to lock in all the nutrients and it has nutrient dense super food ingredients.

Pulsin Raspberry & Goji Raw Choc Brownie 50g (£1.79)
I am looking forward to this as it sounds so delicious! with a mixture of raw raspberries, berries and raw cacao it sounds like an amazing combination. This bar is a perfect option if you want a healthier dessert or snack.

Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps Sea Salt and Black Pepper 35g (£1.00)
I had the piri piri version of these crisps before and they were wonderful so full of flavor I just had to share them with my husband as the packet was generous. I am happy to have another flavour included in this months vegan kind box . Instead of the usual way of making crisps hectares makes crisps using sweet potato which is full of anti oxidants, fibre and contain vitamin A and C.

Power of ... Superfoods Cereal Pots ( Various Flavours) 65g (RRP £2.29)
This is the ultimate super food as it is 50% superfoods and 50% ulta-thin gluten free organic oats in a decent size pot! Its perfect for on the go and can be eaten hot or cold. My husband is going to have this as he likes oats a lot and he likes going to the gym etc :)

Subscribe to The Vegan Kind on their website This is a subscription box and it is a affordable price of £10 a month plus P&P.

Melissa x

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Top 5 1950's Icons

My Top 5 1950's Icons
(images not my own found on google)

I am such a 1950's fan as it is so classy and has my most favorites icons in it! for me all over eras don't compare to the classic styles and films of the 50s, I have even taken inspiration from them and put them into my own fashion and beauty routines but of course have a twist.

- Diana Dors - I know shes not the biggest of 1950's of stars but she has to be my favorite for style and I take a lot of beauty/makeup inspiration from her such as my eyeliner. Diana Dors took inspiration of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Tony Curtis - How handsome is Tony Curtis? I am a big fan of his films such as the vikings and my all time favorite film 'Some Like It Hot' His style such as his hairstyles is still very popular in our cultures with duck tail hairstyle, even Elvis Presley took inspiration after seeing Tony Curtis on TV.

Audrey Hepburn - Those brows though?! probably the best eyebrows Hollywood have ever seen and will ever see again. Audrey Hepburn has been the most elegant actresses with her style and looks and she makes it look effortless. Although not 50's films my favorite Audrey Hepburn films are breakfast at Tiffany's and my fair lady.

Elvis Presley -  It wouldn't be right not to have Elvis Presley on the list! Elvis is the core of the 50s with his amazing music from Bossa Nova Baby and Hound Dog not only did he have an amazing voice he was also a fashion icon and fantasic in a quite a lot of films at that time. His Legacy will live on forever.

Marilyn Monroe - No need for introductions everyone knows about the blonde pin Marilyn! Marilyn has been an icon ever seen we seen her on screen in the 50s and she is ever popular now. I get so much fashion and beauty inspiration off Marilyn as her looks are time less and just perfect to me.

Who is your favorite person from the 50's?

Melissa x
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Friday, 9 January 2015

Makeup Revolution - Acid Brights Palette

 Makeup Revolution acid brights palette
I have never been a person to shy away from bright colours and that is everything from eyeshadows to bright hair haha. I have been looking for a dupe for the Urban Decay electric palette as I can't seem to manage to spend upwards to £40 for it, so the makeup revolution Acid Brights seems like the perfect option for £4. 
makeup revolution acid brights
The packaging might not be as beautiful as the Urban decays as it looks quite plain and simple and I know it won't be to everyone's taste but I think it looks fine and the main thing is the shades inside. The applicator is something that I may of used when I was a teenager but as I have become a makeup artist I just can't adjust to applicators and much prefer brushes but for the price its something that is to be expected, but for 12 shades in one palette it seems such an amazing bargain to be had.
makeup revolution acid brights swatch
The acid brights palette has a mixture of shades to neon brights and bright shades, the only problem with this palette for me is that the shades aren't named, I know its not a big thing to worry about but its something I like to look at when I have an eyeshadow palette. Testing this palette was quite pleasent and the shades are perfect and you don't need to much to have a pigmented effect. It isn't a carbon copy of urban decays palette but for £4 and 2 extra shades that all have amazing payoff does it even matter?

makeup revolution acid brights palette look
The formulation of the eyeshadows are a tiny bit dry and could do with an eyeshadow primer before applying it as it has quite a bit of fall out. It may be a bit dry but it applies very easily and once on it lasts all day ( for me it lasted 8 hours) which is amazing regarding the price of this palette. All in all this a fabulous palette with a beautiful selection of shades and I am very happy to add it to my eyeshadow palette collection and I will be using it again in future.

(Makeup revolution are a cruelty free brand and by the ingredients I think it is vegan too)

Have your tried Makeup Revolution yet?

Melissa x

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Getting fit for 2015

Getting fit for 2015

Over 2014 I motivated myself to loose weight and actually achieved quite a lot of weight loss and lost 2 stone, but unfortnatley due to no fault but my own by eating a bit to much and not exercising enough,I have gained nearly a stone back since August. I feel not as fit as I used to be and really I am going to be changing that from now on with healthier food choices and stopping eating as much junk food and of course exercising more is a the biggest one for me but I shall be sharing my journey here on my blog and I really hope I keep the motivation.

I have started this journey today by jogging and have jogged with my husband for a mile and to be honest I feel fantastic and I can't wait to do more such are exercise classes and at home exercises too. My everyday goal is to at least to have walked 10,000 steps and hopefully more depending on weather and how much time I have.

As for food I am not going to restrict what I eat but swapping things instead such as chocolate have fruit and as for ice cream have a yogurt. My diet before this was just eat what I want but I don't realise or care about the calories till after so now I am going to be thinking before I eat and actually  think am I even hungry because they has been times I ate and I am not even hungry. 

The start of my journey ...
I am 10 stone 8 pounds and I am 5'2, I have gained a stone since August and a lot of my clothes are not fitting me well at all so I hope to fit them again by the Spring.
I am not sure on my measurements but I will update this soon. I will be posting about my fitness weekly and I hope you follow me on my fitness journey.

Melissa x

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Most Used Makeup 2014

most used makeup of 2014

I am one of those people who can't just choose favorites as I have so many to choose from it would take me up to a week to decide what I loved the most in 2014. So the idea of what makeup I used most in 2014 sounded like a much easier option for me as its makeup I wear most days for day to day wear. Even picking these was not the easiest because I like to change my makeup routine quite a lot to see what different makeup looks look like.

My most used make up tends to a bit seasonal but not always but for my most used of 2014 it tends to look more Autumn/Winter then any other season but I do not really care for seasonal makeup I just tend to wear what suits my outfit at the time.

So what is on my most used makeup list ..... 

Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Palette
Although very pricey at £45 I found this palette the most versatile with many different looks and it is also very pigmented so it applies effortlessly with or without eye shadow primer but I would always recommend primer as it makes any eye shadow last that extra bit longer. I found this made natural looks look more defined and looked professional and most of all it lasts all day until you remove it with makeup remover.

Illamasqua Lipstick In Vampette
This lipstick has to be my favorite lipstick of 2014 and its not a lipstick I thought I would suit me so I am so glad I won it in a competition so I could discover it and enjoy it. Vampette is a deep berry lipstick and has a satin finish which is lovely to apply and is not sticky. It does not last as long as a matte lipstick but because the shade is so beautiful it really does not matter. Vampette is still on the Illamasqua website and its £18.50.

Makeup Revolution - Golden Lights Highlighter
Before trying this I had not tried a highlighter before and to be honest I was shocked at what a difference it made to my makeup, it just brightened up my skin and made my blusher and foundation look more flawless. I just love how amazing this is and how long lasting this highlight is and for £3 its just an affordable bargain.

Bourjois - Matte Primer
Another product I never used before 2014 was primer, I never seen the need of it before until I knew the benefits for it, primer makes foundation stay on the skin for longer without drying or looking patchy and ever since using this it has made such a difference! I love it.

Mua Eyeliner 
Another affordable bargain that shocked me this year is the Mua eyeliner, I bought this as a I previously bought benefit push up eyeliner and I must admit it was shocking how awkward it was to apply so I needed an alternative and this worked wonders and its a daily eyeliner now. Mua eyeliner is easy to apply and lasts all day.

I Love Makeup - Blushing Hearts Blusher
I first bought this because of its design as its a pretty heart shaped blusher but once I used it, it became an everyday blusher as its a subtle pink and applies to the skin effortlessly and not to drastically too. Blushing hearts is 3 subtle shades of pink and lasts all day without fading.

Barry M - White Khol Pencil 
I never used to apply eyeliner on the water line before but I tried it earlier this year and got quite a few nice compliments on it so I have been using it most days since just to make my eyes look brighter and hopefully take attention away from my eyes dark circles haha.

Illamasqua - Eyebrow Cake in Motto 
Before last year I never wore makeup on my eyebrows but I seen so many others try it and seen how much it can make a difference so I decided to give Ilamasquas eyebrow cake a chance and I am so glad I did  as it has a perfect natural shade and applies really well without being to drastic unless you want it too of course. Eyebrow cake is a powder eyebrow powder and is applied best with an eyebrow makeup brush, motto is available online and in store at £14.

Illamasqua - Rich Liquid Foundation in 140
I went to my local Illamasqua counter in August  and kindly asked which foundation they thought I was, she kindly tried a couple on and 140 was perfect for my skin tone. I am so glad she told me as for ages I had been wearing the wrong foundation shade for years. I now use this most days and its the most beautiful foundation I have ever tried as it hides my dark circles and my uneven skin tone.

Model Co - Power Lash Mascara
 I got this a few months ago in a birchbox, so I was a bit dubious to try it at first but once I did I could see a drastic difference in my lashes not so much that they look like spiders but just enough to make them look so much more fuller and at the same time natural. I use this most days and it is super long lasting.

MUA - Brow Define Tinted Brow Mascara
This is not something I use everyday but its a nice edition to my makeup routine. I apply this after using the eyebrow cake to define my eyebrows more and keep them in place all day .

What is your most used Makeup of 2014?

Melissa x 

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