Saturday, 28 March 2015

March Beauty Favorites

Hiya Lovelies 
Can you believe it is Spring and Easter is just around the corner? Seems like yesterday when I was planning Christmas and now its spring, slow down a bit 2015! don't go to quickly like 2014. I just love Spring as I love seeing the fresh new flowers and the bright blue skies it just puts a smile on my face and makes me want to go out and walk everywhere forget about the bus!

My March favorites are a lovely mix of the end of winter and the start of spring, so still with the bright colours but also with a nice neutral blend too. Spring to me is bright blue skies with the start of me gardening which is one of my favorite hobbies, but the thing is I can't do that this year unfortunately as I am moving from my house into a flat.

Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow in Absinthe
I just love bright green shades and this is the perfect shade of green I have seen as its like a lime shade which just brightens my eyes and can be used on its own or blended with other shadows but I prefer wearing it like it is with my bold eyeliner look.

Illamasqua Eyeliner in Havoc
I recently bought this beauty in my recent Illamasqua Haul and I have loved wearing it ever since. This eyeliner is beautiful shade of aubergine, which a beautiful change to wear and goes so beautiful with everything I have worn so far. This eyeliner is perfect for the spring and is quite simple to get winged eyeliner effortlessly.

Illamasqua Lipstick in Cherub
This is such a gorgeous coral pink and I have reviewed this lipstick a few months ago here! This is March's favorite as the weather is so much brighter now and this shade of coral just goes so beautifully with the nice spring weather and the warmer months.

Illamasqua Blush - Thrust
I just love bright shades and this blusher is super bright as its a gorgeous magenta. This is so perfect for a subtle blush look and for me personally I adore using this to contour. Check out my full review on thrust Here!

Makeup Revolution - Sugar and Spice Palette
This palette was reviewed by me a few months ago and its been a favorite of mine ever since with its gorgeous selection of 4 blushes with 2 stunning highlighter, whenever I don't know which blush to use I always go for this palette as whichever you choose they is one for every mood.

What are your March favorites?

Melissa x 

Thanks for reading ♥
  Melissa Zia 
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Friday, 27 March 2015

Retro Beauty Haul #1

retro beauty haul
Hi Lovelies
I absolutely love retro glamour from the bright red matte lipsticks that Marilyn Monroe herself would proud of to the gorgeous outfits that look beautiful all year round. This week I went out and got myself a haul of some pretty darn amazing stuff and yes you guessed it!- its all retro based and I can't wait to show you all in future what thoughts and views are on all these wonderful choices I bought. Look out in future for more retro beauty hauls as I am positive they will be more.

I love to go shopping and treating myself every now and again and  I knew what I wanted to add to my makeup collection.. a red lipstick and an eyeliner, but knowing me I knew it would end up being more than just what I wanted haha. So today I ended up going shopping and I ended up going into Superdrug one of my favorite places to buy my makeup. Every time I go to superdrug, I always seem to be buy something as they is always offers on and they have such a great range to choose from and a loyalty card so why not eh? I ended being in store for about 30 minutes deciding which red lipstick to choose and the choices are never easy and I ended up buying 3 lipsticks, 2 eyeliners and real techniques beauty blender... woops. 

Today's Shopping Haul

Vintage Life magazine - £4.25
I have bought this magazine for a few months now and I knew I just had it today as its got my favorite topics in this month 1950's beauty and fashion. I always mean to get this magazine on subscription as its always got amazing reads for me to enjoy and this is perfect for anyone who like to read about fashion, retro and lifestyle stories.

retro red lipsticks

3 Retro Red Lipsticks.
Collection Lipstick - Valentine £2.99 
NYC Lipstick - £1.99 
Loreal Paris - Real Red £6.99 

2 Liquid Liners
Loreal Paris - Superliner - £5.99
NYC - Liquid Eyeliner Pearlised Black -£2.49

and not forgetting my
Real Techniques Complexion Sponge - £5.99

Anyone had a recent beauty haul? What did you get?

Melissa x 

Thanks for reading ♥
  Melissa Zia
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar Review

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble bar review
Hi Lovelies 
When I seen Lush's Mothers Day collection I was literally jumping for joy! the collection looks so bright and cheerful I just had to have everything in the range but for me this stood out from the rest as its massive and its such a gorgeous blend of purples and blues, it just looks fabulous and dark I say it one of the nicest looking bubble bars I have seen in Lush yet!

Ultraviolet  is everything I love in a bubble bar! Firstly because of its sheer size compared to over bubble bars in lush, this can be split into 3-4 pieces so its a good value for money and secondly its gorgeous rainbow style of purples, greens and blues. Finally the the fragrance and this is probaly the best thing about this bubble bar, its scent is very different to other lush bath products and for me the scent is almost like my favorite sweets parma violets!

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble bar review
This bubble bar is made with a combination of Violet leaf, rosewood, ylang ylang and jasmine which is the most beautiful combination that lush have made in my opinion the blend smells so fresh and natural and you can really smell the violet which is good as it goes with the name of this bubble bar. The scent of this bar is beautiful and is a very sweet smell as I said exactly like parma violets 

This bubble bar is huge so its great for a 3-4 baths so its  great for its price, breaking it into 4 sections was simple too and it didn't crumble thankfully. I put this in running water and as soon as I did that the aroma just made my bathroom smell like violets. This  crumbles when the water runs on it and took about 2 minutes to fill the whole bath with bubbles and the water a nice lavender colour. For me I find this very nourishing and left my skin feeling soft and the fragrance lasted till the next day . 

Lush Ultraviolet bubble bar review
What can I say? I just love this bubble bar! it looks fabulous and smells so beautiful with its blend of jasmine and violet. Ultraviolet is part of the mothers day collection but thankfully its still available online and costs £4.75 (not sure about in store I will have a look soon). This is my new favorite bubble bar as its got the most beautiful fragrance that lasts and so many bubbles! I just love its fresh fragrance so perfect for the Spring

2015 Mother's Day Collection
Bubble Bar
£4.75 each

What is your favorite Lush bubble bar?
 Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥
  Melissa Zia 
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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Interview with the real Rain Man

Hi Lovelies!
I would like to introduce you all to my brother Paul Major! My brother Paul is 31 years old and he has aspergers syndrome. Paul has had a difficult time growing up  and struggled with bullies and fitting in with people as people can only see Paul, what he is like on the outside but don't realise he is disabled or if they did they made him feel worse about himself.  My brother has my mum as a full time carer and she has been amazing looking after my brother, I myself try my best to look after my brother as he loves being with his family. 

Paul has many talents and realised them at an early age, one being is having a mind like a calender, My brother can tell anyone what day they were born on just from them saying their date of birth and  he can tell you the answer in lightning speed. He can also remember exactly what date he bought his badges and he has nearly 7000 of them which is just incredible. If those talents weren't enough he can also tell you what was number one  at any time in which the charts started.

Paul was in the News & Star in November 2014

Interview with Paul Major

How are you today? I am great thank you 

When did you realise you had your talents? When I was about 9, when I found an old calender in an old suitcase and I looked at it and thought to myself I can work out the dates on this. I have been brought up with music and have looked up the charts and everything from their I have just remembered.

How did you learn your talents? I have many ways the first being the calender and working out dates like a mathematician would work out maths and with music I looked at the chart books and I have just remembered from then on.

What are your hobbies? Badge collecting, CD collecting and seeing my girlfriend at the bowling and at the disco.

What are your favorite ways to showcase your talents? I love impressing people with my knowledge and being cool.

Do you have future plans for your talents?  I hopefully would like to show them on the TV and just carry on enjoy doing them.

I would love people to remember my brother has been wanting to show people his talents for a long time and he just wants people to like the work as he loves doing it and has done this for such a long time now. Paul would like people to know that a disability does not mean its ok to bully and we against bullying full stop! we hope to end disability hate crime as hes gone through a lot of it through the years.

Thanks for reading ♥

Melissa x 

  Melissa Zia
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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Illamasqua Haul

Illamasqua Haul

Hi Lovlies 
I have been meaning to post this post for a while but I am in the middle of moving to new house, which is quite exciting and I will update you all on that in the near future once I have moved into my home as many of you know moving house can be quite hectic.

I have admired Illamasqua since I started blogging and ever since then the love from the brand has just grown more and more as I try more products. I bought these in  the Illamasqua sale when they had a huge discount so I couldn't resist to treat myself to few things while the offers were on and with the added bonus of free delivery that was something else to smile about.

Since starting my makeup artist course I always find myself coming back to Illamasqua as the products are just superb quality and they just give the edge compared to other brands I have tried. I have ordered off Illamasqua over 3 times now and now I have a 10% discount for being a loyal customer which helps save the penny's!

So what did I buy... (more like didn't I buy haha LOADS OF PICTURES)
Illamasqua haul review
Illamasqua sale haul

                                                                    Blusher in Thrust - £21.50
I am no stranger to bright lipsticks but blushers is a different thing for me as I use more subtle shades such as coral but I decided I wanted a change so I took a chance and bought  'Thrust' which is a deep magenta shade in a matte finish. This looks gorgeous and I must admit I love this blusher and its now my favorite blusher that I own now, the magenta is very versatile and can be applied lightly for a subtle look or more if desired.

Eyeshadows in Cancan & Imagine - £15.50 each 
I don't usually buy single shadows as I much rather buy an eyeshadow palette as they seem so much more worth the money but I decided to give these a try as they are my favorite eyeshdow shades to wear. I would say they are easy to apply and the shades are very pigmented and even more so if you add a primer, very tempted now to try more shades in the range.

Precision Ink in Havoc - £20
One of my favorite makeup essentials is my eyeliner, I wear it everyday with my makeup and I have done for years now, so I know a lot about my eyeliners haha. I use so many liners but only ever get black so decided to get another shade this time so I got this which is an aubergine shade and it looks perfect for a less drastic look or for the spring months.

Sealing Gel
I have always wanted a flawless looking eyebrows so I decided to try this to help my eyebrows look perfect all day combined with my illamasqua eyebrow cake. This is a kit essential as it helps keep eyebrow powder, eyeshadows and eyeliners on all day without the need for reapplying.

What is your favorite Illamasqua item?


Thanks for reading ♥ 
  Melissa Zia
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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Yankee Candle Simply Home - Strawberry Shortcake Candle

Yankee Candle Simply Home Strawberry Shortcake Candle Review
Hey lovelies
As you all know I just love candles and I recently bought a new candle to my collection and I have finally got round to reviewing my newest edition to my candle collection. I am a really big fan of Yankee Candle so I was very excited to see a simply home collection in my local Asda.
This candle is strawberry shortcake and wow it smells absolutely delicious. This is a bit cheaper then the ones you would buy from a Yankee Candle shop or online as these are priced at £9 for a medium jar compared to £16.00. I was a bit wary at first to see if they were any good compared to more expensive version but I found they are very near the same quality and most of all the scent is typical Yankee Candle as we all know. Yankee Candle Home Selection candles have the same burn time as other medium candles at 65-90 hours.

What is your favorite Yankee Candle?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
  Melissa Zia 
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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lotus Biscuit Cake Recipe

Lotus Biscuit Vegan Cake
I've always loved baking since my nana taught me to cook when I used to visit her on weekends, she taught me how to make different cakes and I have never forgotten and I am so thankful for her advice on how to cook and bake. I have set myself challenges on making different versions of cakes but obviously vegan versions without using milk and eggs and now I am getting used to using different alternatives in not just baking but in cooking and making smoothies too.

Lotus biscuits are one of my favorite biscuits to have with coffee and I just thought why not make a cake with the lotus biscuit spread and crushed biscuits as a topping and the combination is just divine.

Cake ingredients
  • 250g of plain flour 
  • 250ml of water 
  • 200g Caster Sugar 
  • 2 Table spoons of Vitalite
  • 1 Teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • 2 teaspoons of lotus biscuit spread

Icing and topping
  • 150g of icing sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of lotus biscuit spread
  • Vanila extract
  • 4 Lotus Biscuits   

  1. Preheat the oven 180c
  2. Put all the cake mix together into a mixing bowl and then whisk together with an electric whisk until cake mix is quite thick, if need add more water.
  3. Grease the cake tin, so the cake mix won't stick to the tin and the cake will be easier to get out the tin after.
  4. Put the cake mixture into the cake tin and put into the over for about 25 - 30 minutes till the cake starts to get a golden colour.
  5. Once cooked, leave to cool, then place the cake onto to a plate
  6. whisk the icing ingredients together, more or less water might be needed, my advice would be use a teaspoon at a time. Mix all together until thick and apply to the top of the cake and add the crushed biscuit to the top of the cake.
  7. Enjoy!

What cake should I make next time?

Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie
Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie (vegan) 
Serves: 1
Every other morning I like making myself breakfast smoothie to get as much fruit and nutrients as possible to start my day off right. I got the nutribullet for my birthday off my husband as I wanted to eat my fruit in vegetables in my diet, ever since then I eat so much more fruit and vegetables not just in smoothies but with other meals and snacks too.

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so its great  to start it with a blend of healthy fruits and oats, this blend is a healthy mix of stawberries and oats perfect for a quick breakfast or even breakfast on the go if your in a rush. Make the most of breakfast and try this fruity oat mix smoothie.
Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

  • 2 Ripe Medium Bananas 
  • 6 Strawberries 
  • Almond Milk 40ml
  • 3 Tablespoons of Alpro Vanilla Yogurt 
  • 30g of Rolled Oats
  • Toppings - dried banana and dried currants 

  • Scoop 3 tablespoons of alpro yogurt into the blender cup then add the scoop of rolled oats with the almond milk.
  • Slice the bananas and then the strawberries then add them to the mix in the blender, then put the lid on and put on the nutribullet and wait till the all the fruit and oats are like yogurt  consistency.
  • Once the smoothie is like yogurt consistency add the dried fruit (you can add any topping you like, I like eating the topping first with a spoon).
  • Enjoy your smoothie!

What is your favorite smoothie?

Melissa Zia x

Thanks for reading ♥

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Friday, 13 March 2015

The Vegan Kind March Review

March the vegan kind review
Every time its the 1st of every month I just get so excited as I just love it when I get my Vegan Kind Box! Its my all time favorite subscription box as it have all vegan products and everything in the box is cruelty free and most of all its the perfect way for me to find new vegan products such as new foods, beauty, household and many other items too.

The Vegan Kind is the first Vegan subscription box in the UK and wow haven't they done well! They deliver amazing vegan products every month, have a recipe and donate part of the sale of the box to charity, this months charity is The Trusty Paws Clinic which is a charity in my home town Glasgow that helps offer free treatments and food/blankets to homeless dogs in Glasgow.

The vegan kind march review
Inside this months box 

Rebel Kitchen Chai Mylk 330ml (RRP £1.89)
One of favorite drinks is chai latte so I was so excited to get this in this months box. Rebel kitchen are on a cause nutritious food delicious and help reduce against refined sugars flooding the markets and help bring it healthier. This has the most simple ingredients of water, coconut milk, date nectar, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamon so it has no hidden nasties such as additives or preservatives. I put this in the fridge and drank this cold and wow it was wonderful and can't wait to buy more, it was very refreshing and the perfect blend of spice.

Ananda Round Up (RRP £2.50)
When I grew up wagon wheels were one of my favorite treats and I was quite disappointed when I found out they aren't even vegetarian let alone vegan, so when I seen this it made me happy to know they is an alternative! This Round up is Gelatine free and is two soft baked biscuits combined with marshmallow, with strawberry jam and the best part covered in Belgian dark chocolate. I couldn't resist this treat and I ended up eating this with my husband the day I got his box and it was so delicious the perfect treat!

Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Banana (RRP £1.99)
I am always looking for the perfect guilt free snack and I think I have found them in these crisps as they are gluten free and have no additives, no preservatives, no added sugars and no e numbers. I had these on yogurt and the combination is just lovely, they also have other flavour's in  crunchy apple and crunchy pineapple.

Angelic Gluten Free Sea Salt Biscuits 150g (RRP £2.59)
I just love savory snacks and these look fabulous. These are gluten free made with gluten free oats with a pinch of sea salt and can eaten on their own or combined with chocolate spread, peanut butter, hummus and so many other options too. I ate these with hummus and vegan cheese and they just tasted gorgeous.

The VeganKind Tote Bag (RRP £3.00)
I just love tote bags as they are very handy to have, I have used mine already to carry my shopping and it does a wonderful job and looks amazing at the same time. This bag is made from 100% cotton and are perfect for shopping and are great for sending a message out about being Vegan too. The bag will be available on the vegankind shop very soon.

The Vegan Kind subscription box is available on their website for £10 a month plus P&P. Check out the the lifestyle box and the beauty box on The Vegan Kind Here! 

What is your favorite subscription box?

Melissa x 

Thanks for reading ♥
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

March Birchbox Review

march birchbox review
I have the Birhcbox subscription for nearly as long as I have been blogging as I have seen so many bloggers saying how brilliant the box is so decided to give the box a try seeing as it was so affordable to try different brands without buying them at full price first. I do enjoy getting the Birchbox every month as they is always something different and they have amazing themes that seem to match the months which I find very quirky and adds to the fun of getting the box.

First impressions of this months box
When I seen the box I instantly fell in love, I just adore the design of this months box as it reminds me that spring is just around the corner so that brought a smile to my face. The contents of the box for me is a bit of disappointment compared to the box but saying that I love the look of the dead sea bath salt and the bronzer as they are brands I have never tried before.

Whats in the box?
Serenity Skincare - Dead Sea Salt | £9.50
I have never tried dead sea salt in a bath before but I have heard amazing benefits such as restoring the skins moisture levels and the are 100% natural which is great as natural products can be ackward to find. You can use this in the bath or to massage onto the skin as a gentle exfoiliator.

Phillip Kingsley - Smooth Cream | £18
I have tried a previous sample of this brand and that was lovely and quite refreshing but I can't seem to find if the brand is cruelty free so its kind of put me off buying from the brand to be honest.

Lord & Berry - Bronzer in Sienna | £19
I just love bronzers and this one looks amazing even though the sample is like an eyeshadow size unfornatley. I am unsure if this brand is cruelty free yet but I will find out soon and I will update you all soon when I find out.

Benefit Mascara | from £17.50
As much as I would love to love Benefit makeup I really can't as they still test on animals unfornatly which is a shame as the brand looks amazing and has the vintage inspired look in which I love. I hope it becomes cruelty free one day.
Notebook - Birchbox Exclusive 
Just love this notebook as I look scribbling down blog post ideas, beauty wishlists and of course fashion wishlists. This notebook is perfect to carry in your handbag 

Catherine Malandrino - Style de Paris | from £50
I love the scent of this pefume it is very fruity  like citrus scent, it is a blend of mandarin, grapefruit and pear which is very much a summery perfume. I am unsure if the brand is cruelty free but I find out and update you on this.

As much as love Birchbox this will be my last box as the products in it cannot be guaranteed to be cruelty free unfortunately so I will be cancelling this subscription and I will be looking for other options of subscription box that are completely cruelty free.

What is your favorite subscription box?

Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥
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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sugarpill swatches and review

sugarpill eyeshadows and swatches
  I just love super bright shadows and it was only a matter of time till I tried Sugarpill eyeshadows as I follow the brand on social media and see how well the makeup works. I have admired sugarpill shadows for a while and decided to treat myself to see for myself what the brand would be like for myself and give me own opinion on the brand.

Sugarpill is a cruelty free makeup company and everything is either vegan or vegetarian, but the shadow choices I chose are all vegan and they have quite a lot on the website to offer that are vegan including their gorgeous makeup brushes which I hope to get in the near future as you can't have to many makeup brushes, I am sure I have more brushes then Picasso now haha,
Sugarpill eyeshadows and swatches
  • Cruelty Free Brand
  • Everything is mostly Vegan and everything else is Vegetarian
  • Sugarpill has a selection of bright eyeshadows, false lashes and makeup brushes
  • Founded by Shrinkle
  • Very pigmented shades that are quite unique

sugarpill eyeshadows
 So what did I choose?

Sugarpill - Birthday Girl Loose Eyeshadow
This a such a Princess pink shade with fuchsia sparkles infused, the blend is so sparkly and very pigmented that I was very surprised as its quite different from most eyeshadows I have tried before, this shade looks so beautiful on its own or blended with other shadows and has such amazing staying power while looking flawless all day too. Applying this was simple and did not have a lot of fallout so this will last for ages for sure.

Sugarpill - Absinthe Loose Eyeshadow
Absinthe is a very bright green that stand out from all other bright green shadows that I have seen before, it reminds me a lot of lime jelly and a cardigan my nana made for me a few years ago which was exactly the same shade as this. This shadow is perfect on its own or can be blended with ease with other shadows, applying this shadow is just like birthday girl quick and simple with amazing colour all day!

Sugarpill - Starling Loose Shadow 
Starling is a like a sea blue with plenty of sparkles in the blend too. I have had this shadow since my birthday and I can't seem to find it on the sugarpill website anymore but it might be eBay. This shade is such a perfect blue that I would wear any day of the week and is a dream with the sheer quality and look when it on your eyes, I love to blend this with absinthe they go so well together.

sugarpill swatches
Would I buy them again??

Defiantly !! I just love the brand Sugarpill and what it stands for being cruelty free and only offering  cruelty free, vegan and vegetarian options. Its a breathe of fresh air to see a company stand its ground against animal testing and sugarpill sure do stand up for animals as you can see from the about page. The shadows themselves are so beautiful that I already have a wishlist made up of what else I want in the future but in an ideal world I would just buy them all because its not easy just choosing  a few. Even though these are loose shadows and sometimes have a little fallout they just achieve that unique flawless look effortlessly, so it has not put me off the brand whatsoever, as they offer pressed shadows too so I might try them next time too.

Have your tried Sugarpill Makeup???
Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥

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Friday, 6 March 2015

February Beauty Favorites

Vegan Makeup
Vegan Makeup 

My makeup drawer is getting so full now I really need to get more storage for my collection of makeup, so you can imagine how difficult it was for me to actually decide what is my favorite this month as I love so much of my makeup, but I finally choose this months finally after looking back my instagram to see what makeup I used mostly last month.

Vegan makeup is not the easiest to find at times but they is many companies now that are vegan now such as 'Jeffree Star Cosmetics' and 'OOC cosmetics' and they are other companies also that have a good selection of vegan makeup such as 'too faced' and  'makeup revolution' they are both cruelty free as well which is just brilliant.

My February Favorites

Barry M - Lash Vegas
This is such a brilliant mascara and makes the eyes look quite dramatic without the false lashes, I use this most days now as it just completes my makeup and goes very well with my everyday eyeliner. This mascara lasts all day for me without the need of re applying. This mascara is vegan.

Barry M - Nail Paint in Arabian
I can't believe I haven't done a blog post on this nail paint yet! its so gorgeous and is so long lasting. I just love how affordable barry m are but are so affordable that I can treat myself every now and again. Arabian is beautiful green shade with a shimmer of gold which is perfect for spring and summer. Barry M nail paints are Vegan.

Sugarpill Loose Eye shadows
I have had these for a while but I have not use them a lot till now because the packaging is so nice, but I have started to use them now as I might as well get the use of these beauties and I am so glad I did as they are very vibrant and worth every penny for pigmetation and lasting power, I can't wait to add more to my collection. Quite a lot of sugarpill items are Vegan.

Barry M- Gelly Lipstick in Electra
I seen these last month and I thought I would treat myself to this, Electra is a vibrant pink shade and has an amazing scent like raspberries. I was so surprised how beautiful this is, the vibrant pink is very much like a much more like a premium lipstick, will be adding more of these to my collection soon.

Barry M - Flawless Finish Matte Foundation
This has been a favorite foundation of mine for the last few months and it every week. This foundation is way less then £5 and is perfect for less makeup days and will last all day with a face primer. Barry M makeup is cruelty free with a selection of Vegan items to choose from.

What are your February Favorites?

Melissa x 

Thanks for reading ♥
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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Easter Lush Haul

Lush Easter Collection
 Easter at Lush 

I really love the themed items at Lush and I get so excited when the release date comes for new items and as usual I have to get whatever is in the new collection. For me I just love Lush as they are ethical and not afraid to stand out from the crowd by not testing on animals and also being mostly vegan but always vegetarian.

Lush are a very popular brand and can be found in most places in the UK and they are also sold online as well. Lush has all natural products and always list what is in each of their products and also have marked on their products if they are vegan or vegetarian.

lush packaging

So what did I buy this time?

Bunch of Carrots || £5.95 (Vegan)
My eyes watered when I first seen the price of these but I realised that its a bargain really as you get 3 bubble bars ( or 6 if you half them)  This is so sweet and my husband really thought they were real carrots at first haha, he said ' Lush sell carrots now?' bless him. The scent is Sicilian lemon oil, Bergamot oil and Buchu Oil which is very refreshing mix.

Ultraviolet || £4.75 ( Vegan)
As soon as I seen this in store I was drawn to it because of its beautiful colours, the price did not bother me as its quite a big bubble bar and I would break this into 4 bubble bars so I would use this 4 times to get the most out of this product. The scent of this product is a blend of Violet leaf absolute, Jasmine absolute, Rosewood oil and Ylang Ylang Oil which is a gorgeous blend that smells exactly like the sweets parma violets.

Hoppity Poppity || £2.50 (Vegan)
How cute is this bunny! just love the design and its perfect just in time for Easter. The scent is beautiful with a blend of Lime oil, Violet Leaf Absolute and lavender absolute which all go beautifully together. This has an added surprise of popping candy too.

Have you bought anything in Lush lately?

Melissa x 

Thanks for reading ♥
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Asda Home Haul #1


I am such a fan of the 50s and pinup style and fashion so as soon as I heard that Asda were doing another pinup bedding setting I just had to have it and I can honestly say I went to Asda the same day and bought this bedding set because I just love the style and it all fits in well with my home as my home reflects me and that is retro. 

I just love Asda home as everything I have bought from them in the past has been very high quality but for a fraction of the price of other shops such as next and debehams but their designs are second to none and can really make a house a home the affordable way 

George Home Sailor Girl Cushion | £5
I have never bought a cushion for my bed before as I have never seen the point so this is the first time a cushion will be going on my bed. I really thought this cushion goes so well with the set it would be perfect to buy them together to complete the look of this bedding. The cushion feels like very good quality and I am very surprised it is only £5 it feels so much more expensive then that so I feel like I got a bargain their from George.

George Home Sailor Girl Pinups Duvet Set | From £10
I just loved the look of this duvet as it reminds me a bit of my favorite film 'Some Like It Hot' with the lovely Marilyn Monroe with its sailors theme. I have bought the previous pinup bedding from George home and I was very impressed with the quality of that and I still have it on my bed from time to time so I can't wait to see what this looks like.

*With an extra bonus .....*

Christmas Themed Pinups | Sale £6 (not in stock anymore :( )
 I bought this just after Christmas in the boxing day sales as I just love everything Christmas and look forward to it every year and the only reason I bought this is so that I can use it from November onward for the run up to Christmas 2015 and the New year so its now stored away for that occasion. For £6 its a bargain and is worth keeping for the next Christmas.

Have you bought anything from George Home?

Melissa x

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Monday, 2 March 2015

My Illamasqua Lipstick Collection

illamasqua lipsticks

*Lipstick Collection Alert*

Flipping heck I didn't realise how many lipsticks in my makeup drawer, its getting so much makeup now that I can barely even shut the drawer now. I have always been such a lipstick fan that its the most thing I have that is makeup related and I think I have over 50 now and I could honestly say I don't have a favorite as I have so many to say which is my favorite.

Illamasqua are one of my favorite makeup brands as they just stand out for me as being a bit Gothic and having shades that are out of the box and they aren't afraid to be different and I just love that and its the reason why I keep buying more and more from the brand.

illamasqua lipstick swatches

From top to bottom the lipsticks are as follows -

Immodest is a vivid pink in a matte finish which is simply stunning applied. The lipstick has great staying power and lasts a good few hours without needing reapplied. Even though this is a matte lipstick I did not find it drying at all and was smooth to apply.

Pinkie is a cool pink in a satin finish and is very smooth so its a dream to apply. This shade is very drastic but I do love it and can't wait to wear it in the Spring and Summer months. This lipstick doesn't last as long as a matte but still lasts a while with amazing pigmentation.

Naked is a nude shade in a satin finish. This is the most nude lipstick I have in my lipstick collection as I usually wear bright lipstick but this is perfect for natural makeup days. This lipstick is very smooth like pinkie and has good staying power.

Atomic is a fuchsia violet shade in a matte finish. This lipstick is the perfect matte and is amazing with the retro look and is among my favorite retro matte lipsticks. This lipstick is a bit dry to apply but once applied it looks amazing and I would suggest using lip balm but saying that it has stunning staying power with a gorgeous shade.

Cherub is a warm coral shade in a satin finish. This lipstick is the one I usually choose when I want a more natural makeup look as it looks stunning and brightens up my look instantly. This lipstick is smooth to apply and looks fabulous for a couple hours before needing reapplying.

Vampette is a deep berry shade in a satin finish. I must admit this was my number one lipstick of 2014! such a beautiful shade that looks perfect with any look. This lipstick is smooth and lasts for a good few hours before a reapplication is needed.

Illamasqua lipsticks

Even though these lipsticks are on the expensive side at £18.50 each, I think the quality of the lipsticks speaks for themselves as they have one the best pigmentation I have seen in a lipstick and have many to choose from on their website I just want to buy more.

With my Illamasqua lipsticks I am more confident in an instant as I know the shades are beautiful and they are long lasting so I don't have the worry of them fading in a hurry. I really love my collection and would not change any of them as I am pleased with the selection I have chosen. After writing this post I am more tempted to add more Illamasqua lipsticks to my collection woops!! 

Have your tried Illamasqua Lipsticks before?

Melissa x

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes


I must admit I am quite a fuss pot when it comes to eye shadows and always end up going back to these 3 palettes even though I have many more eye shadows to choose from. The main reason I go back to eye shadow palettes is the quality and most most of all how long they actually last, so this is why I decided to show you all my favorites in my collection and which I tend to use most weeks even though it can vary from time to time, check out my posts about them on my instagram Here!

Makeup Revolution - Girls On Film Palette
When I seen this palette I just thought of the 80s song from the popular band 'Duran Duran'I nearly sang it in my local superdrug when I seen this. This palette is the beautiful choice as its got 6 matte shades and 12 shimmers and all the shades are neutral so can easily be worn everyday whether its a day time look or a night time look and with the price of makeup revolution you can guarantee its a bargain at only £8 and most of all the quality is acceptable but so much better combined with a eye shadow primer.

Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Palette
 I won this a few months back and I am so thankful I did as this is now my all time favorite eye shadow palette of all time! The quality of  this palette is second to none with its gorgeous case and most of all the sheer quality of shadows themselves are amazing and so long lasting. This palette maybe quite neutral but so many makeup styles can be created with this effortlessly without putting so much on a eye shadow brush, an added bonus of this palette is it actually smells like chocolate!! how heavenly is that?

Makeup Revolution - Acid Brights Palette
Now this may not be an everyday palette but I still love it none the less as I just love bright shadows and its nice to stand out every now and again. I bought this palette as I really love the Urban Decay Electric palette but I can't afford that just yet so I thought I would look for an alternative so that's when this came in and I must admit it surprised me with how pigmented this is and how easily it blends with other shadows, a very happy purchase.

What are your favorite eye shadow palettes?

Melissa x

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