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February Glossy Box | Review

february glossy box love
It has been well over a year since I last had a beauty box that my lovely partner surprised me and got me a subscription to both Glossy Box and Birchbox.  I am very new to Glossy Box, in fact this is my first Glossy Box! I have heard a lot about both boxes and this one is one I was most curious about to try so getting it is something that made me happy to actually try out and to see if it is worth the hype.

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you 5 different beauty products to your door. Each box can have a mixture of different things from beauty, skincare and more. The box costs £10 a month plus p&p which is a bargain since a few things they can send you will be a full size product, the others are decent size samples.
February glossy box review
Whats in the box....
La Theorie Des Volcans Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub (full size ) RRP / £26.                      
This mask helps cleanse and purify the skin as its enriched with anti ageing ingredients that helps to smooth and plump the skin. This mask apparently goes on pink and it turns grey as it gets rid of impurities, I am looking forward to actually trying this too see how that works. I love using face masks at the moment so I am excited to try this and treat my skin. This mask is vegan, 90% natural and silicone and paraben free. 

Ciate London Fade to Greige ( full size ) RRP / £9.                                                                 
  I have lost count of how many nail polishes I have because I just love changing my nail varnishes pretty much every few days. Even though Ciate London is well known this is my first nail polish from them so I was excited to try it.  I have worn this already and I can say its just gorgeous and is very long lasting without chipping.

Garnier Ultimate  Blends honey treasures strength restorer balm (sample size) RRP / £4.49.  
This is a deep conditioning hair masque that is meant to hydrate and help get hair glossy. My boyfriend likes using hair masques so he used this and unfortunately it didn't work for him it left his hair dry.

Vitamasques Manuka Honey Face mask ( Full Size ) RRP £3.99
This is the first time I have ever used a face mask! When I first put this on it felt quite weird and quite cold but it was relaxing after a few minutes. When it was time to take it off after 20 minutes, I washed my face I could tell the difference! My face felt so hydrated. This face mask is an innovative triple layer sheet mask that helps the skin absorb moisture and cleansed.

Jeanne Arthes L'Eau de Rose ( Full Size ) RRP £20
Its been absolutely ages since I last bought a perfume so it was a nice surprise to get this perfume in this months box. The perfume is very floral and you can fresh smell roses, it reminds me the summer time in my nanas garden, my nana has many different types of roses.  This perfume was made by Jeanne Arthes and she has spent 35 perfecting her perfumes.
February glossy box review

Final thoughts 
I am very happy with Februarys Glossy Box and very happy that I finally got to see what this box was like. I think I'm going to continue getting this box because they are lots of nice surprises in it and for me its like a mini Christmas every month because you don't know whats in the box, it is a complete surprise which I love.

Glossy Box is £10 a month plus P&P
They also have monthly, 3 month, 6 month and year plans which can save money.
Link below is if you like to see whats involved and if you want to order
*refer me please*

Have you tried Glossy Box before?

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  1. Gareth Torrance17 February 2017 at 12:58

    My wife would absolutely love this! I wish I'd known about it at the start of the month... Would have made a great birthday gift for her!

  2. I am loving the Glossy Box, every time I have seen this box I am always very impressed x

  3. Carpe Diem Emmie17 February 2017 at 13:03

    I think Glossy Box's are so mixed with their reviews, nice to see you got some great products though! I think these subscriptions are great presents!


  4. The perfume looks great. Sometimes I regret not carrying on with my beauty boxes but I was sampled out x

  5. i love the wrapping so much thought goes into that i think x

  6. Oooh a manuka honey face mask? I swear by that stuff, so I bet it's great for the face too.

  7. Sarah-Louise Bailey17 February 2017 at 18:11

    This box sounds like it was mostly a great one except for the hair balm that didn't work for your husband. The manuka honey mask face mask sounds so good, I would like to try that.

  8. February 2017 at 18:38

    I got this one too. I love the contents and the box itself - I keep all my pretty boxes but I'm starting to get overrun with them now. xx

  9. I would love to try the manuka honey face mask - I bet it is very hydrating! :)

  10. Harriet from Toby & Roo17 February 2017 at 21:07

    I really want a glossy box - I love the idea of subscription boxes but I've never used one!

  11. The face mask sounds wonderful, I've never had a beauty box before this sounds really great!

  12. Leah XL Channel18 February 2017 at 01:36

    The box looks great this month - I always felt it was hit and miss but I would have been really happy with it x

  13. Kissable Kreations18 February 2017 at 09:39

    I used to buy a few of the beauty boxes but then came to the conclusion that all the products were doing was going to waste in the drawer. Since my little girl has been born i havent had time to do any kind of full face makeup.

  14. We've just tried our first subscription box from another brand but this one looks good too! Love the sound of the manuka honey face mask x

  15. never tried glossy box before, but I love all the items in this months box and the Caite nail varnish colour is perfect

  16. Stephanie Merry19 February 2017 at 11:44

    I've seen so much of this box this month, it looks like it had some great products in there x

  17. Its great to see such a different mix of products mostly from brands I hadnt heard of before. I used to have a glossy box subscription when they first came out but didnt keep it as the products were repetitive. I'll be following your posts to see if they've changed and if so I would definitely think about subscribing again xxx

  18. I think it can be hit and miss but this box is definitely a hit. I really love this nail polish colour!

  19. I loved this box and the box was even better x

  20. For once a box that has some great products! Sometimes you get some random crap in some of them, but looks like this one was a win.

  21. Melanies Fab Finds19 February 2017 at 19:42

    This really does look like a lovely box. It has a great selection of products. It's a bargain at that price.

  22. Daniella Keating19 February 2017 at 22:08

    Love the colour of the nail polish and the box itself!

  23. Absolutely love the packaging this month! Definitely a really good range of products too :D

  24. It's been a long time since I have ordered a glossy box, but this is a lovely selection.


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