Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dying my hair purple with Crazy Color Hot Purple

crazy colors hot purple review
 Hi Lovelies
I have lost count of how many times I have dyed my hair over the years but its been a while since Ive had purple hair. I went to Sally's in Shawlands the other day expecting to be getting my usual red hair dye but I  was spoilt by how many choices were there that I thought twice about what colour to do my hair. After looking at the colour chart I decided to go for Crazy Color Hot Purple as I thought it would work well on my dark blonde hair.

I knew before dyeing my hair that results work best with bright hair dyes but I was willing to give it a risk because they wasn't a chance I was going to be bleaching it beforehand. I have a sensitive scalp and I don't want to risk loosing more hair because I loose enough with PCOS.

Crazy Color is a very new brand to me and to be honest I haven't heard much about it before I decided to try it, I have no idea why I haven't heard of it before because this brand was founded way back in 1977. After doing my homework online I seen the have a various selection of products available including 27 different colour dyes, they also have bleach and shampoos.

crazy colors hot purple review
These are a very affordable price of £4 per bottle and can cover hair thats shoulder length, I would defiantly suggest more than one bottle if you have long hair.
because it is a vibrant shade it will be likely you would need to dye your hair between every 2 and 4 weeks, so thats a cost to keep in mind.

How Apply 
I did the same thing with this that I did with my Manic Panic Vampire Red. I got a mixing bowl ready with tinting brush, I also put on an old towel and put vaseline on my hair around my skin near my hair to stop dye going on my skin.

I put all of the dye into the bowl and put my hair into section so it would be easier to put on the hair dye evenly. Once I applied all the hair dye on my hair I used a wide toothed comb to make sure all the hair dye was distributed all over my hair.

Waiting Time
On the website it recommends leaving it on your hair for 15/30 minutes, I wanted to make sure that my hair would be purple so I decided to leave it on for the whole 30 minutes.

As with any vibrant hair dye it is suggested that you wash out the hair dye with as cold water as you can stand, I put my water on as cold as possible and I would say it was just under luke warm.
I know your meant to wait till the water runs clear but even with most hair dyes they never run clear they just run into a quite faded colour with a slight shade of the colour you have in your hair.

Another good thing about this dye that they was no smell too it and the product itself was very gentle my hair and scalp.
crazy colors hot purple
Final results 
As you can see in the photos above its ok that it worked decent on hair that wasn't fully bleached and hair quite a lot of strawberry blonde in it. I like you can see a little bit of red in my hair too. It is not 100% what I was expecting and to be honest I very much doubt I will be keeping it purple for long because I don't think it worked well on my hair, I think this one would work a lot better on light blonde hair or bleached hair.

I have washed it only once and it has faded quite a lot unfortunately. I can't say I am put off by the brand I just think it would work better on bleached or lighter hair.

on unbleached hair
3 // 5

Have you tried anything from Crazy Colors before?

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  1. Mellissa Williams20 February 2017 at 11:42

    It's great that this hair dye has no smell. I think it has taken well on your hair.

  2. PatrĂ­cia Silva20 February 2017 at 14:42

    Amazing! Love the result! kiss^^

  3. It's a pretty shade, just a shame it's already fading so soon. Looking forward to seeing what you go for next x

  4. Rachel Bradford20 February 2017 at 20:02

    That colour does really suit you! I don't think I could pull off purple!

  5. I love the colour it's so bright unlike some purples which doesn't seem to show as much!

  6. Aww no that's not good if it washed out so quickly! I used the pink one and it didn't work on my hair - was disappointing :(

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. The Quiet Resolution21 February 2017 at 02:01

    Aww wow it looks fab and the colour pay off is amazing, what a fab product! L x

  8. Jess | The Indigo Hours21 February 2017 at 22:39

    Ah I love this shade on you, it's a shame it faded so quickly because it really suits you! :)

  9. Ooh your hair looks amazing, I am loving this shade! xo

  10. It's good it doesn't have a smell, I hate the smell of hair dye xo

  11. Gigglesinloveable22 February 2017 at 21:37

    I have never done a more out there colour before. It's a shame it didn't work well for you but I would certainly prefer an odourless hair dye x

  12. nice


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