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Too Faced Selfie Powders | Review

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Hi Lovelies
Too Faced has been on my makeup wish list for along time now and you should of seen my face when I finally found this palette in TK Maxx!!! I have been going to TK Maxx on and off for a few years now and honestly finding anything that I want can be a bit of a task as the brands I want aren't there or worse it is there and its been opened and tested and smudged! ugh it can be a nightmare. 

Too Faced makeup is a beauty brand I have always wanted to try but something always got in the way, the main reason was finding it as I rather see stuff in person before I buy it. Another being it can be very pricy and I was waiting for a bargain like this. 
First Impressions
It was easy to spot when I was in TK Maxx, it was looking at me and saying "buy me please" and for £10 I thought it would be worth a try. 
I can see they have been a lot of detail and thought put into the box as it looks lovely and it has all the info you need about the product inside too.
The palette itself is very nice and has 3 shades of selfie powders with a mirror and info underneath it with all the details about each different selfie powder.

What are selfie powders?
I was wondering this myself until I actually read the box and I read these are filters in the real world rather than the filters that you can get in Instagram or snapchat for example. In the palette they have 3 shades and each gives a different effect.

Sunrise - This is a golden shade which is to 'brighten'

Totally Toasted - This is like a bronzer and is described as to add 'warmth'

Moon River - This looks like a lavender shade is described as 'cool'

How I use it
Now I am not sure if these are much difference between these and any other highlighter I have tried to be honest. They are used pretty much the same as a highlighter and I like to use them either on my cheek bones or on my nose or both. 

Final Thoughts
Even though this is beautifully packaged and the shades are gorgeous it is not the most pigmented highlighter I have tried and takes quite a lot of product to get a highlight I am used to. Even though it is not the most pigmented once built up it looks gorgeous  and my favourite out of the 3 shades is moon river as I love the purple shimmer it has. 

I am happy that I found this in TK Maxx as it is a product I use quite often even though its not quite as expected. The main thing is its easy build to get a more defined look as the powders feel silky on the skin and also they are long lasting. I am sold by this brand and I cant wait to try makeup from this brand, I have lot of their products on my wishlist.

Have you tried anything from Too Faced?

Thanks for reading 
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  1. I received this product in a beauty box and was confused to what to use it for at first! I do like the palette though, but I rarely use it.

    Alex Quinn

    1. I haven't used it as much as I would want yet either

  • Therese Gilbert25 February 2017 at 04:39

    I must admit that make up is really not my thing. I'm quite the novice to be exact hehe. I like the shades though! The fact that I find spending £10 on this particular thing as over spending kind of shows my lack of knowledge in this area! :p haha

    1. haha I can understand :D

  • I love Too Faced - thanks for sharing your review it's so good to know what to splash out on and what not to!

  • Like you something has always stopped me buying from Too faced. Really want to try their eyeshadows, but that seems their most expensive lol x

  • I'm so jealous of your bargain! Although I have recently found Nars products in my local.. I was so happy!
    Summer xx

  • No I haven't but would love to. I would love to try their eye shadows.

  • I love finding a bargain at TK Maxx, but like you, the place does annoy me sometimes- it's always in a mess! This looks like a great find though and like it has so many uses!

  • I love too faced stuff, the better than sex mascara is the best and I love their liquid lipsticks too x

  • It's a shame that you were disappointed in it. But for £10 I would have exprected more from it too.

  • It looks like a great product, and something I'd probably try if I was in store and they had an open one, but if I didn't find it pigmented enough to make a difference Would struggle to want to buy it.


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