Thursday, 29 June 2017

3INA UV Collection

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
I have always been a fan of bright makeup and my first memory of wearing bright makeup was when I was 15 and my mum asked me what I wanted for my 16th birthday and I told her I wanted makeup, so she took me to Debenhams in town and the first makeup counter that stood out for me was the urban decay counter, the designs of the packaging and the bright makeup instantly drew me in and since then I have always had a place in my heart for bright makeup from all kinds of makeup brands. 

3INA is new brand to me but it is very popular as it modern and also a very colourful makeup brand too. They offer a range of different makeup including  lipsticks, eye makeup and so much more. 3INA were very kind and sent me products from their very new UV Collection which is a selection of lipsticks, nail paints and a blusher. I was kindly sent a topcoat nail polish, eyeliner and a creme eyeshadow and oh boy I was excited to give them a try because I just love bright makeup.
3ina uv collection
The Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow in shade 402 ( RRP £10.95 each)
This is a gorgeous bright pink shade and is also very creamy too. The packaging is very good with a screw top and glass to hold the eyeshadow, it also comes in a pretty box thats nice enough to keep it in too. I have tried it as an eyeshadow and as an eyeliner too, I much prefer it as an eyeliner though as it just makes my eyeliner pop and I just love the way it looks. Once applied the eyelid you can see how pigmented the product it and you don't need much to make a difference. This eyeshadow also comes in 2 other shades which are neon yellow and neon orange.

The Fluoro Eye Pencil ( RRP £8.95 each)
This a lovely eyeliner to use as its like velvet to apply! It is so smooth and gives you the look you want effortlessly. In the look before I applied this to my waterline and in the natural light it looks black but once you have UV lights from a torch or nightclub lights it goes into a stunning neon blue which looks pretty epic. The pencil itself is pretty well made too and you screw the bottom up the ways to get more product.

The Fluoro Top Coat ( RRP £6.95 each)
This can be used on its own (it looks clear and very glossy without uv lights and soon as you turn on uv lights it looks like a neon white/blue which is stunning). You can also use your favourite nail polish shade and add this as topcoat on top of this and it instantly makes it's a neon nail polish under UV light of course . 

Other 3INA Products available 
The Fluoro Lip glosses in 3 different shades
The Fluoro Nail Polish in 3 different shades
The Fluoro Palette / Blush 
3INA UV Collection
Makeup look created with the following products
NYX Stay matte not flat foundation in Ivory
Bourjois radiance reveal concealer in light
MUA setting powder
Urban Decay Sun kissed bronzer
The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter

Freedom brow pomade in granite
Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette
3INA eyeliner
3INA eyeshadow in 402
Eyelure Lashes in 101
Bourjois Mascara and Eyeliner

Jeffree Star Celebrity skin

3INA UV Collection

I am so glad I have been introduced to this brand because I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and pigmented their products are. The UV collection is perfect for standing out in the crowd especially if going to party with UV lights or you like neon colours. All of the products I tried lasted all day and didn't fade at all until I took them off easily with my makeup remover. I am looking forward to trying more makeup from the brand.

For more info on 3INA and the UV collection and other products in the range

Melissa x
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Monday, 26 June 2017

The Slabb Fully Loaded Chocolate | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
Blogging for me this month hasn't really had a set schedule because it has been Ramadan for a month and yesterday was Eid, so as you can imagine it was a pretty busy month for us but saying that I did manage to post way more than I was expecting so that was a bonus. I had way more PR companies contact me in the last couple of months which has made me super happy and it is showing me how much hard work is finally showing for me. 

I was kindly sent 2 chocolate bars off The Slabb which makes fully loaded chocolate and also alcoholic chocolate bars, yes you read correctly alcohol chocolate. They make a variety of different flavours and have so many delicious toppings with high quality chocolate. They look just fabulous so without further delay lets get on about more about these chocolate bars.  

the slabb fully loaded chocolate review
The Unicorn One
This looks amazing and I can't describe how excited I was when I received this in the post! They is a big thing about unicorns at the moment so it makes perfect sense to make a unicorn themed bar and it totally does remind me of unicorns with all of the pink decorations and all of the marshmallows and sparkles too. I haven't seen a chocolate bar like this and totally think this is the perfect present for anyone who loves chocolate or loves unicorns or both.

The taste is very rich as you would expect of chocolate bar with many tops but it did taste lovely with all the different types of flavours on this; first you could taste the white chocolate then the pink chocolate which had a nice sweet taste to it, followed by the different textures of the sprinkles and the marshmallows! This is truly a heavenly bar!!

The Baileys One 
It has been many years since I last had a baileys and from what I remember of it was very nice! It is kinda milky with a creamy hot chocolate taste and it was pleasant for a treat. This bar is topped with the finest milk chocolate and has Irish cream liquor and marshmallows

I don't really drink alcohol that much but I am sure my brother would enjoy this as a treat. The designs of both of these are exquisite and can't deny they is great workmanship in each bar.

the slabb fully loaded chocolate
The Slabb has a rather big section of chocolate to choose from and they are 4 milk chocolate bars, 4 white chocolate and 3 dark chocolate ones to choose from. They don't sell them on their website as yet but they do have Kickstarter page in which you can donate them money to fund their business and they in return can give you chocolate at certain money pledges given, the reason they need the Kickstarter is for them to boost their business by buying certain item which can be found on the link. I wish The Slabb the very best for the future

For more about The Slabb

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Janina Activated Charcoal Toothpaste and Whitening Trays | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
My teeth aren't perfect to honest and the reasons for that being as soon as I got my all my adult teeth I was unfortunately in a bike accident in which I smashed my face on the ground while riding down a steep hill on my bike and the fall broke my front tooth in half and damaged another 3 so yes they don't look look like a movie star but they have improved over the years thanks to an amazing dentist helping me achieve the smile I can achieve today. 

I am thankful to Janina for sending out both of these products for me to try but I can be quite self conscious with my smile so anything thats positive for my teeth is a bonus. Janina are promoted #nationalsmilemonth which is between May 16th and June 16th and promotes taking care of teeth such as visiting the dentist every 6 months and brushing teeth at least twice a day. 
 I was kindly asked to  try two products from the Janina which are Activated Charcoal Toothpaste and Teeth Whitening Pre-filled Trays.

Janina Activated Charcoal Toothpaste 
Charcoal toothpaste is very popular right now and I have lost count of all the different products and blog/youtube posts about how good charcoal is at whitening teeth and freshning the breath. The formula also contains whitening patented bromaine complex which is natural enzymes which help to whiten the teeth rather than harsh chemicals.

The first time I tried it was a pleasant surprise, the toothpaste itself is a dark grey colour and once you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes and spitting out the excess my mouth felt quite tingling but not a horrible tingling but a very fresh one. I used this once a day and my usual toothpaste everyday and I defiantly feel the difference with my teeth being a little white and also cleaner too.

It is a little bit on the costly side at £11.50 but if you think about that it can be a bargain too because they are many charcoal whitening toothpastes that cost way more than this. For me I think its good to use once a day than use your usual toothpaste to help this last longer.

Janina Maxi White Professional Teeth Whitening Trays 
I have never tried a product like this before but I have seen many similar products and they all sound pretty positive so was keen to see how this worked. I didn't use this myself because of the way my teeth are shaped because one of  my front teeth sticks out a little more than the other so I let my partner give them a try too see what he thought of them. 

As soon as he put one on his top and bottom teeth he felt like a boxer haha!! but saying that they fit his teeth perfectly and they were very flexible too so I think they might of fit my teeth too. He kept them on his teeth for the prescribed 35 minutes and he said it felt comfortable with it in apart from not being able to talk much. Once he took it off we could both see the difference the product gave to his teeth. 

These can whiten teeth by 3.6 shades with one application and if you use it for 5 days straight as the box suggests it can whiten teeth by a whopping 7 shades which is pretty impressive. These cost £30 which is pretty darn amazing for a product that whitens teeth so much.

Me and my partner loved both of these products and we continue to still use both because we both enjoy using them. We will be repurchasing the whitening trays again for next month as we are going to a family wedding and we want to have the brightest smile as we can and with Janina I think that is very possible.

If you want to know more about the Janina brand click below

Melissa x
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*I was kindly sent these to review, opinions are 100% honest*

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Glossy Box June 2017 *Spoilers*

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
I am very used to getting beauty boxes now and I can't say I have been disappointed by either 'Birchbox' or 'Glossy Box' because they have both so far delivered me amazing products so far, fingers crossed it will stay that way. 

This months box has an extra product rather than the usual 5 beauty products Glossy Box has treated us to a 6th product which is just fabulous! I don't want to give much away just yet but this box focuses a lot on skincare which is great because during the warmer months our skincare regime needs to be enough to protected with an SPF suncream and also a good moisturiser to keep our skin feeling soft and moisturised.  

**Spoiler Alert** 
glossy box june review
Inside Junes Glossy Box
 Beauty Pro Black Diamond Peel Mask (RRP £4.95 for 3) Sample 
I have actually lost count of how many youtube videos I have seen of people pulling off these face masks and usually they aren't the most comfortable for the user. My partner wanted to try this so I put this on his face and left it on for 20 minutes, during that time it dried and I pealed it off for him. He said it only got painful around the nose but it was only for a spilt second. We did notice that it did clear some blackheads from his nose which he was very chuffed about.

111 Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel ( RRP £110) Sample 
Eye creams are one of my favourite parts on my skincare regime as it helps my dark circles and puffiness too. I am very excited to give this premium eye cream out and fingers crossed I love this but then again I hope I don't because £110 seems so much for an eye cream.

Sleek Makeup Power Plum Lip Crayon ( RRP £5.50) Full Size 
I tried this  before without realising this was a lip plumper that makes lip tingle, It didn't feel amazing to be honest and can't say made a drastic difference to my lips. It is a lovely nude shade and think I might give this a chance again.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash ( RRP £3.29)  Sample
This sounds the perfect product to wash your face with as it contains Neem which has been hailed by the world as a wonder herd and not only that it has antibacterial properties too to help cleanse the skin. I am looking forward to giving this a whirl.

Batiste Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray ( RRP £4.29) Full Size 
Batiste is a brand I have known of for a while now, it has the best dry shampoo range in my opinion and they all smell wonderful too. I usually use dry shampoos when I don't have time to wash my hair or just to add some extra oomph to my hair. I have not tried this yet but I am excited to give this a try because I just love adding volume to my hair.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo ( RRP £22.50)  Sample
This is for adding a dewy look to foundation for adding a highlight to the cheekbones. I have tired this a few times now and think it works very well mixed with your favourite foundation.

glossy box june 2017

My Thoughts 
I just loved this months box and I really do think its great value for money for the amount of products you get inside a box. This months box had 2 full size products and also 4 good sized samples which are big enough to try more that once apart from the face mask. My favourite product from this months box has to be coin flip with the face mask and the batiste xxl spray. Next month they have a sneak peak and its a spectrum collections brush which is amazing and I can't wait to get it as they are so colourful and match me. 

For more info on Glossy Box click below 
Do you like getting subscription boxes?

Melissa x 
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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Lush Metamorphosis | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
For me bath times are more of a hobby rather than to get clean because me and my partner just love lush baths and I have explained why in a recent post. I have tried many different bath products over the years and I think it is the novelty of it that makes me buy them and the reason I say that is because I love watching them create different effects, colours and smells in my bath. 

I recently got myself a mini haul of bath products I haven't tried before and they are 'Yellow Submarine' and the one this post is about it 'Metamorphosis' and they are both quirky and nice to look at bath bombs so lets see how they got on shall we?

lush metamorphosis bath bomb
This is a very unique looking bath bomb and it totally reminds me of the death star wars, anyone else thing it does? I had some very big expectations of Metamorphosis because it looks very different from the usual bath products from lush and it had a lovely scent too, so as you can guess I was super duper excited to give this a whirl. 

Key Ingredients 
Black Pepper Oil 
Cinnamon Leaf Oil 
Myrrh Resinoid  

lush metamorphosis bath bomb
I was very keen to fill my bath up with warm water because I was so excited to finally put this in my bath because I was hoping it would be super colourful inside giving a lovely display but sadly for me personally it was a bit of a let down, if you click on my youtube video below you will understand why because to be honest it doesn't look nice at all and not only that it makes such a big mess of the bath after you finished with it too and its not exactly the easiest to clean off either unfortunately.

I was excited to try it but wow it surprised me at how disappointing it was for me and my partner, it wasn't as fragrant as we were expecting and the display wasn't what we were expecting either so this has to be our most disappointing product we have tried so far. I don't like being negative at all but you know I like to be honest with you all because thats me I like to be honest and I would rather know if someone felt the same way about a product that wasn't up to scratch. 

Even though this looked amazing, I can't deny that, I can't see myself buying this again especially as it cost an eye watering £4.25. I am looking forward to trying more lush products in the future though.

Lush or Leave?
sadly it has to be leave

2 / 10 

for more info on the ingredients and Metamorphosis check the lush website below

What have you bought in Lush lately?
Melissa x 
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Birchbox June 2017 | *Spoilers*

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
I cant believe how fast June is going by and not only that how fast Ramadan is going too, it's nearly finished already which means time to think about what to do for Eid, we are excited. I am really enjoying getting subscription boxes at the moment because its like a mini Christmas present opting every month and its great because you never know whats inside and it could be something you have been wanting for ages and also something you never knew you wanted but so glad you got anyway, this has happened to me a lot and I have new favourite products all the time. 

 Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends out a variety of different beauty products from hair, makeup to skincare. The brands are random and it is a great way to try new products and find new brands to try. Birchbox is also great because they have a point system in which you can make money back by writing reviews on their website and also if you have been a subscriber for 6 months you become a birchbox VIP. This months Birchbox theme is 'Daytripping' and its all about celebrating homegrown holiday destinations in the UK. 

birchbox june 2017 review
Inside Junes Birchbox

MeechNMia Brow Liner ( RRP £12.99) Full Size 
Brow liners are brilliant to have in your makeup collection because they help arch out the shape of the brows or if you have brows like mine they are brilliant for filling in missing patches ( I overused the tweezers when I was younger). I haven't heard of this brand before but its cruelty free and I am looking forward to giving this product a whirl.

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Set ( RRP £6.99) Full Size
I have tried Eco Tools brushes before and I actually wrote a blog post about them too because I loved them that much. The brushes are cruelty free and vegan and are perfect for everyday use and for traveling with too. I like the fact that these are double ended so you can use both sides and when you travel you will take less brushes too which is always a bonus.

Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream ( RRP £8) Full Size 
Another full size product this month which is fabulous and it is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while because I just love the name of the brand and how quirky the product names are tool. This has essential oils and I have used it a few times already and it smells lovely like coriander and grapefruit which is very refreshing.

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub ( from £11.95)
As much as I love coffee I am not a massive fan on coffee scrubs but regardless I will be giving this a try to see what its like. This is 100% natural and helps to hydrate skin, I recommend using this in the shower because it can be a messy product

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream ( RRP £46)
I have being looking for an eye cream for a little while now so this came just in time for me as I was getting a bit bored looking haha. I haven't tried this brand before but hopefully this will work out well for me.
birchbox june 2017 spoilers
My Thoughts
A very good value box as it had 3 full size products and all the products exceeded the price of the box so I feel like I nabbed a bargain this month. My favourite product in this months box has to be a coin flip between the ecotools brushes and the cow shed hand cream. I am looking forward to trying everything in the box and will be posting more about them on my social media so give me a follow on them to see more about them. 

For more information on birchbox check out the link below 
For £5 off your first Birchbox click the referral code below
referral to Birchbox

Do you like getting subscription boxes? Which is your favourite?

Melissa x
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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Mini Lush Haul and Why I love baths with my Boyfriend

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all doing well?  
I know it hasn't been long since my last Lush blog post but you know sometimes I can't help myself and visit the shop randomly too. I defiantly don't think me and my boyfriend are the only ones who get drawn into the shop by walking near it and all of a sudden you smell a sea of beautiful fragrances and we can't resit to go inside to see whats new inside the shop. We were very lucky because this time they were new products we haven't tried before but I have seen them on them online on the lush website but never in-store before. 

mini lush haul and why I love baths with my boyfriend
What we bought 
Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb ( £3.95) Vegan 
For anyone who likes The Beatles this will 100% remind you of the song and the movie yellow submarine ( it has been in my head for a few days now LOL) If you love quirky designed bath products that are different from the usual circular shape then this one is defiantly worth a try. It is mostly bright yellow with a little bit of pink detailing, the scent is very citrusy with Brazilian Orange Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

Metamorphosis Bath Bomb ( £4.25) Kitchen Exclusive // Vegan
This one totally reminds me of the Death Star in the star wars movies does it make you think the same? We totally loved this when we first seen it and it is the one we are going to be trying first. It is a granite shade with lots of sparkles and has a spicy scent with key ingredients of Black Pepper Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Myrrh.

mini lush haul
Why we LOVE sharing Baths
We don't share a bath very often, maybe once every week or every two weeks its one of those things that depends on how much time we have in the evenings or if he is working or not. With all my Lush products I have tried almost always shared them with my boyfriend because he enjoys them just as much as I do and that has benefits because it makes bath times twice as fun. 

  • Sharing time together
  • Time to talk 
  • Helps us sleep
  • Relaxing together 

What have you bought in Lush lately?

Melissa x
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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Dressing my curves with confidence

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all well?
I LOVE MY body, yes you read that correctly I love the way I look ( I am not trying to sound vain 😜). I am plus size/curvy and for me the image perfect is in your eyes only not in what the media or what others say. I have heard so much CRAP about getting your perfect beach body in time for summer... I mean really what is a perfect summer body? I am a size 16 and for me I am so ready for the summer no matter the size of my clothes or the weight on the scales.
Over the last 2-3 years I have gained quite a bit of weight but with a lot of hard work and exercise I have kept my weight the same for nearly a year now "yay!!!"(happy dance...) I still enjoy my food but tend to exercise a lot more now and also drink lots of water too. For me, personally, diets don't work because I get very easily bored of them and I don't like having a  set routine of what to eat if you know what I mean. Eating good things in moderation is the way to go

I have always loved to wear pretty dresses especially if they are in the rockabilly style because I am a retro girl at heart but with the weight gain I haven't been 100% confident to wear dresses for a long time because of the way my body has changed with PCOS. I wore joggers/leggings all the time because they were so comfy and to be honest I just love wearing them but back to then thats all I wore at one point until one day I went out of my comfort zone  and I ordered some dresses on Lindy Bop because the retro girl at heart was calling out to me to give the dresses a try. 
Over the least few months I have got myself some lovely dresses and skirts and I actually shocked myself how lovely they looked,  including this dress from Lindy bop which fits me perfectly and also looks amazing. I have worn dresses outside so many times too and I love to get dressed up every now and again as its one of those things that help give me a confidence boost. I still love to wear leggings and joggers too from time to time because you know they are so darn comfy and they kinda feel like a hug. 

Getting these retro dresses has been a great for me and has given me the confidence to go out and wear what makeup and clothes I want because you know something everyone... if it makes you happy than thats all that matters! I will continue looking amazing in my retro vixen clothes because they make me feel good.
I know dresses aren't everyones cup of tea but I love them and I think we should all wear what we all find comfortable even if that means not everyone agreeing with you because no matter what,  people like to complain about little things and the way we want to dress is one of them. So from now on I am going to dress how I want and feel most comfortable with and in the end isn't that all that matters?

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

May Beauty Favourites

Hi Lovelies, how are you all?
May for me was an amazing month and one of the top reasons was the return of the warm sunny weather! I had missed it so much because it's usually always cloudy or rainy in Glasgow. My beauty routine slightly changes a little bit in the warmer months because I like to keep my skin more hydrated and also a slight change to keep my makeup in place all day in the warmer weather.

Its been such a long time since I did a monthly beauty favourite post and I missed doing them, so I am glad I actually got round to making a post about my favourites last months, 'fingers crossed' il being doing this every month and with the youtube video too.
may beauty favourites
My Beauty Favourites 
Eyelure volume 101 Lashes 
Before I tried these I wasn't a fan of lashes because the ones I have tried before were too heavy or I just didn't suit them at all. These are brilliant for me because they are light weight and I think I suit them very well.  They are good price at £5.39 and I got these on a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug because I just love them so much.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin 
This was a Christmas present off my lovely mum! She bought this because she knows how much I love lipsticks and she thought I would suit this and you know something she is 100% right! I have tried a few nude shades before but this has to be my favourite so far as its long lasting and the perfect nude shade.

Lush Lip Scrubs 
I just love lip scrubs because they are amazing at exfoliating my lips and are amazing at prepping my lips before I apply a lipstick or gloss because it helps keep my skin soft and hydrated. They come in a  variety of different flavours and my favourite is bubblegum because its sweet and tastes very nice too.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
This maybe a little on the expensive side at £23 but I have had this for over a year now and I still have just over half a bottle left. This is brilliant for keeping makeup in place during hot days or for when you want your makeup to last longer or going on a night out.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Foam 
I love using this most mornings to wash my face with and so does my boyfriend. It has a very nice smell which helps me awaken more in the morning and it also help cleanse my face ready for my moisturisers and/or my makeup. This cost me £6 and has lots of product inside and lasts me and my boyfriend 3 months.

What were your favourite things about last month? 

Melissa x
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Monday, 5 June 2017

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
In the spring and summer I like to take a little extra care with my skincare because my skin gets quite dry and irritated if I don't take extra care of it, so I try my hardest to keep on top of it and with my lips I tend to wear a balm when needs be and also a lip scrub before lipstick or whenever my lips feel dry and I have loved lip scrubs before including Lush's bubblegum lip scrub which tastes amazing and leaves my lips feel so blooming smooth and moisturised. 

Lush has a variety of different lip scrubs;  Popcorn, Bubblegum, Honey and the one I got in my recent haul from lush is called Mint Julips. Lip scrubs have a variety of different benefits and they are good for exfoliating dry and chapped lips, giving lips an even texture. They cost £5.75 which I think is pretty amazing because I still have mine which I bought at Easter last year and its still going strong and works wonderfully.
lush mint julips lip scrub review
The packaging on the lip scrubs is all the same with the glass and hard plastic top and the only variation that is on holiday editions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day etc can have a different colour of label just like Kiss lip scrub which is a pink label rather than the lush label.

Caster Sugar 
Caster sugar is a very fine sugar and dissolves very quickly on the lips, its perfect as a gentle scrub to remove dead cells and brilliant at moisturising lips.
Organic Jojoba Oil
This is a liquid wax which comes from cold pressing seeds from jojoba scrub, the benefits of this is hydrating the skin.
Vanilla Extract 
This is one of the scents of the lip scrub and we all know how lovely vanilla can smell in cakes, perfumes and other makeup products. Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices after saffron.
Tagetes Oil 
This is from the stems of a plant called the mexican marigold (also known as T.minta) This is a natural preservatives that preserves cosmetics, perfumes and also flavouring foods too.
Peppermint Oil 
Has many benefits and has been used for 10,000 years but not only that it has a beautiful smell which is very refreshing.
This is colourless or a pale yellow and helps uplift fragrances to give them that extra smelling power that we all love from lush.

lush mint julips lip scrub
How to use
Put a generous amount on fingers tips and apply to the lips, I then like the pucker my lips together so my lips are covered in the lip scrub and that way I can feel the caster sugar actually exfoliate my lips. I usually do that for about a minute and either just lick it off (it tastes lovely!) or I just wipe it off with a wipe and it comes off very easily.

Once the lip scrub is off lips are moisturised and exfoliated and you can leave them be or it can be the perfect base for a balm, gloss or a lipstick too.

My thoughts 
I love the minty freshness of this lip scrub and it also has a subtle chocolate taste too which is very pleasant and reminds me of after 8s which reminds me I need to get some more snacks I am quite peckish ahah!! Even though this is amazing and will continue to use this as it is the bees knees at moisturising and exfoliating, the bubblegum one is still firmly my favourite.

More info below
Lush Julips Lip Scrub - £5.75

Have you tried a lip scrub before?

Melissa x
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