Thursday, 27 July 2017

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter | Review

Hi Flamingos, I hope you are all well?
Highlighters are a must have for me when I wear makeup because I just love how bright they make my complexion. I have tried a fair few now over the years from budget to premium and to be honest most work wonderfully especially if you use it with a makeup setting spray. I think I have about 5 highlighters in my makeup collection and I knew it was time to get another so went to Superdrug to see if any of the affordable highlighters caught my eye and OMG the choices was so extensive! I wanted them all but I ended up going for this Rainbow Highlighter from Makeup Revolution and it cost me an affordable £4. 

Makeup revolution sell  a vast selection of makeup and are a budget beauty brand with very affordable makeup products such as makeup, brushes etc. I discovered this brand not so long after when it released a few years back and since then they have brought out so many different products and this is a newish product and its inspired by the rainbow and of course our obsession with highlighters at the moment. 
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter
Its simple but perfect in my opinion, it has a chrome effect border and also chrome effect writing on it too. It wasn't so easy to take a picture of because of the chrome but it looks amazing in real life. Its very light and feels good compared to its price but on the plus size the pan is full of product which is brilliant, no areas missed out.

I am not sure if I like the texture of this or not but at first when I put it on my hands it did feel rather chalky but it felt so much softer and more vibrant when applied to the skin.

I love how easily this went onto my skin!! It took very little effort for me to get this on my cheek bones evenly without much fallout at all. I wore this to the wedding last weekend and I couldn't stop applying it because it looks GORGEOUS! Once its on the skin you can see all the lovely pastel shades of the rainbow with a iridescent glow, I would go as far to say it made me feel like a mermaid, I mean really it is a magical product.
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter review
Thankfully this had barely a scent to it at all which is brilliant because I am not a fan of makeup if it has too much of a fragrance as it puts me right off wearing it.

Does it last?
Well it sure does if you apply a makeup setting spray which I do everyday now in the summer over wise my makeup wouldn't last long at all.

My Thoughts 
I love everything about this product and there isn't anything I can falter about it to be honest, I love it so much that if this ever runs out I would defiantly consider buying this again because it is a lovely show stopping highlighter for a bargain price.
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter
makeup revolution rainbow highlighter
(omg so sparkly isn't it)
Price and Where to Buy 
This is a very affordable and purse friendly price of £4 and is available at superdrug stores and online too at their website and also TAM Beauty too.

Link for more info

What is your favourite highlighter at the moment?

Melissa x 
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Elegant Touch Nails | First Impressions

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
I am sure some of you all know that I recently went to two wedding parties on the weekend and omg they were amazing! I will go into details about them both on my blog in the next week or 2 but for now I will be telling you all about my nails that I wore for those 2 very special days of Bisma's and Atif's wedding. I don't usually wear fake nails because sometimes they can be a nightmare to take off and some can be so expensive. 

I decided I wanted to do my nails myself for the events and I ended up choosing Elegant Touch French kiss nails which are a very on trend nail which and almond shape nail with a nude shade and metallic tip. I thought they would go perfectly with my outfits for the day and work with the henna I was getting too. 
elegant touch nails french kiss
  1. Make sure nails are clean and have no polish on them, if you do remove with nail polish remover.
  2. Once you have done the above buff your nails as it makes it much easier to apply the nails. This set includes a nail buffer which is very handy.
  3. Choose correct size for each nail before applying, the box has 24 nails inside so they is a variety of different sizes. 
  4. Once you have choose the correct sizes apply glue to nail then push the nail from the cuticle upwards to get an even finish and press down for a few moments. 
  5. Repeat process for each nail until you have finished and voila they look perfect.

I would recommend giving yourself 20 minutes to do this and I wouldn't rush through it either just so you can get them as perfect as possible.

elegant touch french kiss nails

Removing them was a little upsetting because I didn't want to take them off but with that being said they were very easy to remove unlike conventional nails that you would get at a nail bar, they need to be taken off professional. These can be taken off in the comfort of your own home in very little time.

All you need to do is buff the nail and  remove with cotton wool and foil, one they are removed the residue is easily wiped off with a wipe or simply washing hands.
elegant touch nails review
My Thoughts
I loved these nails, they have an amazing shape and look amazing too. I applied these last Wednesday and it took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to put on these nails. When I first applied them I thought they were a little longer than what I would usually go for but I got used to them in no time at all and believe it or not they actually felt like my real nails rather than something stuck on. I wore these on the night I got my henna at my partners aunties house were lots of family and friends were and I got so many compliments from so many people and they were surprised when I told them all I did them myself and the price of them too. 

During the Menhdi party and the reception they felt great too and didn't restrict any of my actives such as eating or drinking. On those days I got more compliments and on that note I have changed my mind completely on wearing fake nails, I am looking forward to trying more out in the future because of how simple to use these were. 

I lost one nail during one party and I had no idea were it went but I didn't feel it come off, I just looked at my hand and it wasn't their. I wasn't disappointed because its pretty simple to reapply them again especially when they are so many nails in the packet. 

For more info, check out their website

Have you tried press on nails before?

Melissa x
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

July Birchbox | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
Last month in the June Birchbox it had a gorgeous box design and this month is no different its inspired by the summer and this months box theme is Summer Daze. I love the fact that the box is actually a draw too so it can be reused for something else, I have used others to store my lipsticks as they are the perfect size. This months box has 6 products rather than the usual 5 and are inspired by the summer and going on holiday ( which reminds me I need a holiday!!)

I have had this subscription box for 6 months now and that means the products in the Birchbox shop are 15% off for me now which is a pretty good discount if you ask me. If you are new to bircbox you get 10% discount on the full size products in that months box and also you get a free gift and this months free gift is a 3 benefit trio. 
Inside Julys Birchbox
Benefit Cosmetics ChaChaTint or Gogotint Lip & Cheek Stain | RRP £22.50 (Sample)
I am a bit unsure about lip or cheek stains as I much prefer using my powder/cream blushers or lipsticks but I am sure I will use this eventually for days when I want to use something quick. The sample size is ok and works well.

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water | RRP £16 (Sample)
I actually wish this was the full size version because it has the most lovely scent and works wonders at removing my makeup. It is 99% natural and has soothing chamomile and mandarin oil to help leave skin feeling glowing. I use this with a cotton wool pad and remove my eye makeup first then get another pad to remove the rest of my makeup on my face.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery | RRP £20 ( Sample)
This is meant to transform hair while you sleep and once you wake up you wash your hair. This product hydrates hair while you sleep so your hair will be shiny and it also helps fight frizz. I have not tried this product as yet but will be soon fingers crossed and it was be on my Instagram stories.

Native Unearthed Natural Mineral Deodorant | RRP £7.99 ( Sample)
As much as I wanted to love this product I could not 100% love it unfortunately. I love the scent with this as it smells so natural and sweet and applying it is quite simple too, its kinda like coconut oil in consistency. I applied this after a shower and also whenever I needed it, the coconut oil is antibacterial and the arrow root helps to keep fresh all day. For me it didn't help keep bo away very well but regardless of that it could work for someone else.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat | RRP £9 ( Full Size) 
I actually needed a new top coat so this came just in time for me 'woohoo'. I have never tried anything from this brand before but I have had a little look on the brand online to see more about it and it looks positive. This is meant to help you get your freshly manicured nails dry faster and also keeps your manicure for longer, il be the judge of that anyways 

Catherine Malandrino Romance De Provence Eau De Parfum | RRP £53 ( Sample)
This is a little sample of a very nice smelling perfume, it is very floral and fruity at the same time! It has jasmine, orange flower, rose, violet and lily. The combination of all of them is just perfection and I am so tempted to get the full size version of this.

My Thoughts
I am a little unsure if I will conitue with this subscription because its been a bit too much samples as late. I will be giving the box another chance though seeing as I have enjoyed most of their boxes.

Next months box has a spectrum makeup brush and I can't wait to try it out because I have 2 of their makeup brushes so far and I love them

Do you get subscription boxes? if so which ones?

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

July | Wish List

Hi Flamingos, I hope you are all well?
I haven't done a blog posts as much as I have wanted to lately and for people who follow me on twitter and Instagram will know why, but I don't want to go on about it just yet, because I'm still upset about it to be honest. Anyway's todays post is a little bit later than I wanted it to be but its better late than never right? Its all the things I would love to get this month, and fingers crossed I will get one or two of these items since it isn't too long till my birthday.

I first got ideas from my wish list from the Loccitane website at the gifts for her because I seen their shop in central Glasgow and I just love the bottles their products are in, they are so retro looking and look gorgeous for displaying too! Other products in my wish list are things I have wanted for a while and also to add to my retro wardrobe too.

My Wish List for July 
Loccitane Roses et Reines Body Care Duo ( RRP £39) 
Does anyone on my lovely readers just want to buy something sometimes that have amazing packaging? Well that is the case for these, the bottles on these look amazing and I am sure the product inside is amazing too since its one of my favourite fragrances rose. This duo includes a shower gel and a body lotion too, so its perfect for using in the shower and also for using after too.

The fragrance for this is delicate and floral as you can imagine with blending grasse, Bulgarian, Moroccan and Turkish Rose essence.

Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom ( Large Jar RRP £23.99)
I usually love the smell of spicy and fresh yankee candles during the autumn and winter but once its spring and summer I am a big fan of floral scents. I have tried a few floral yankee candles such as madagascan orchid and french lavender but I wanted a more fresh and floral scent this time to see if I will like it, which I should because I just love all floral scents usually.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation ( RRP £29)
I just LOVE my urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray as it helps keep my foundation in place all day and it works wonderfully well at keeping my foundation on even in hot weather, yes its actually a miracle product I think! Because I love the setting spray so much I would love to see if the foundation is just as amazing, fingers crossed it is.

Collectif Fancy Flamingo Basket Bags ( on sale £28.35)
I have always loved the products in Collectif because they offer so many retro products from clothes, shoes and of course bags. I have loved Flamingos since I was a child and as you can tell by my blog name too haha! I only have one bag at the moment so fingers crossed this will be added to my collection in the near future.

Morphe 35F 35 Color Fall Into Frost Palette ( RRP £22)
I have a lot of positive things about Morphe eyeshadow palettes for a couple of years now but I still haven't had the chance to try them out yet. This palette is a warm toned matte palette with lots of shimmer to it, its perfect for me with my pinup style makeup. 

What is on your July Wish List?

Melissa x

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Finding Retro/Vintage Fashion on a Budget

Hi Flamingos! I hope you are all well?
I have loved vintage/retro style for as long as I can remember and I have a few reasons on why I love vintage style so much, firstly is Dita Von Teese! She wears the most amazing clothes and her house is a vintages fans heaven. Secondly has to be 40s-60s films and I remember I used watch with my nana, she loves watching musicals and they always wore fabulous costumes and it made me want to wear something similar. Lastly its the fact I love the way the clothes look on me! I bought a retro dress a few years back to see if I would suit it and I haven't looked back since! Vintage style is everything for me. 

As much as I love vintage/retro fashion sometimes it can be rather expensive, don't get me wrong they are worth the money but I love getting bargains regardless. I have a few ways on how I save money on wearing retro clothes and I will share with you all on how I save the pennies when it comes to wearing vintage style fashion. 
1. Shop the sales
 Sometimes the discounts are MASSIVE and I mean they are such bargains! I bought 2 dresses the other day from Lady V London which were the last in my size (Lucky me yay) and both of them cost me the same as the usual price of 1 dress, so basically I got 2 dresses for the price of one. 

I like looking at sales not just online but also in store and recommend looking at both if you can. I usually buy online but sometimes in store has some gems too. 

2. Charity Shops 
 I love going to charity shop as often as possible because you can find not only bargains but unique clothes too! I have found good name brands in charity shops and also some good quality dresses too such as the one I am wearing in these pictures. The dress is originally from quiz and cost me a bargain price of £2, I made it look more vintage my adding a high waisted belt which i think did the trick.

Not only do they have some nice fashion they also have products that you can style vintage style clothes with too such as brooches, earrings and scarves. 

3. Ebay, Gumtree and Selling pages
Another amazing place to find bargains and unique products, you can find branded products such as hell bunny, Collectif and Voodoo Vixen for a fraction of the price. Also on there is unbranded products that can easily made to look more vintage/retro with a few tweaks here and their.

They are many selling pages online and my favourites are on Facebook as they sell some amazing branded products. 
vintage style uk
4. Tweak clothes you already own
  I do this very often with the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, it would cost me far too much to replace everything so I usually just wear trousers with a plain t-shirt or jumper and put on my high waist belt and style my hair vintage and it automatically makes an outfit look vintage. You can also add a brooch for an extra finishing touch.

5. Car boot Sales and Fairs
Not only are these places amazing for vintage furniture and home decor, they can also be treasure troves for finding affordable vintage fashion. Look in magazines and online for car boots thats are dedicated for vintage/retro style fashion.

Dress- Quiz ( Charity Shop)
Tights ( Marks and Spencer)
Shoes ( Irregular choice) present 3 years ago

I hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I did, I will be adding more and more fashion posts in the not so distant future so keep an eye for them.

Do you have any tips on buying budget vintage fashion?

Melissa x 

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Keeping Lips Hydrated During Summer

Hi Flamingos, how are you all?
Summer is one of those times that I love but I also am not keen at the same time for a few reasons, lets start with the positive... the summer clothes! because I just love how vibrant they are and not just the fact you don't need a big coat ( unless it rains which can happen a lot in the uk no matter the season). 

Before being a blogger my lips during the summer months would become very dry and quite sore as they would flake when they become dry and it was painful, believe me! I didn't actually improve the situation because I used to peal the flaky skin, "Ouch!". Since 2014 I have tried numerous different lip products to combat my dry lips and you know something? I think its darn well worked which is a miracle considering how dry/sore they were before. I have made a wee list of products I have used over the months/years and they have kept my lips feeling smooth and made an amazing base for lipsticks/gloss too.

keeping lips hydrated during summer
Crazy Rumours -  Black Cherry ( RRP £3.97)
Don't we all love a freebie? I sure do and I got this in a magazine a few months back, not sure which one now but hey free lip balm LOL. This is a 15oz tube and is 100% natural and vegan too, the ingredients for this sound very nice and simple with organic ingredients such as olive oil, macadamia seed oil and shea butter. They come in a variety of different scents such as bubble gum, natural and star anise. I like to carry this in my bag as it is a very handy travel size.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub ( RRP £5.75)
This has to be one of my favourite products from lush and I am so glad I started to buy lip scrubs! This is a great way to prep your lips by buffing them before applying your lipstick. The reason this works so well is because it scrubs away dead skin and infuses moisture into the lips. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their lipsticks lasting longer or to stop lips drying out with matte lipsticks. I also like using this on its own even without the makeup as its very moisturising for lips. This lip scrub tastes yummy like candy floss which makes it so much easier to use, there are also 3 other lip scrubs to choose from which are; mint julips, popcorn and honey.

keeping lips hydrated during summer

This is my go to product all year round since it is a heavy duty product that protects from the elements rain or shine! This lip balm is great for ultra dry lips when lips are very dry and need some TLC to help get them back hydrated and moisturised once again. The balm is infused with hemp seed oil which is rich with essential fatty acids and has a very nice delicate scent too. This is fab for wearing on its own as it gives quite a nice glossy sheen. 

This has to be one of my favourite products from 2017 so far! This is a fabulous multitasking product as it not only works for lips but you can use it on dry skin and hair too. This balm is very thick but its natural and has no scent to it which is a nice change and perfect if you don't like fragrances and prefer a more natural product. I use this product in the morning after applying the lush lip scrub, this helps keep my lips hydrated and smooth.

I love all of these products and I am glad that using a variety of different lip products as they have helped reduce how much my lips are dry and also making my lips look smooth which makes apply matte lipsticks much better and more long lasting too. 

Which are your favourite lip products during summer? 

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Yankee Candles Tried and Tested #1

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
Ever since I was 15 I have always liked scented candles and I have no clue how many candles I have had over the years but I can tell you it won't be far off 100 I am sure. Yankee Candle was a brand I found when I started blogging and before I started blogging I thought they were just overpriced candles and just didn't bother trying them but the reviews on them changed my mind on them and I just had to try them out for myself and my first ever Yankee Candle was french lavender which was just heavenly and since then this has to be my favourite brand because the smells is so intense and is so relaxing and very homely too.

I went to Tesco to get these 3 small samplers and 2 of them cost 99p and the fresh apple was a bargain of 20p so I couldn't miss out on that one. I am a bit dubious of the home inspirations by yankee candles because the scents can be a bit of a hit and miss for me but you know me being me I wanted to give them another chance to see how they go.
Exotic Fruits
I was very pleasantly surprised by this one, it smells like a fresh exotic mango with a mixture of solero ice lollies! It took about 20 minutes to smell this candle which is pretty impressive considering that most smaller candles I have tried take ages to have a scent to them. The sampler lasted me about 3/4 days which is about 15 hours.
Rating: 9.5/10

Sweet Petals
I am usually not a big fan of floral fragrances with candles because some can smell quite fake but this one yet again surprised me at how nice it smelled!! It had a very nice scent of fresh roses that you would find in your garden, ugh just heavenly. This one has to be my favourite from the 3 and has changed my mind a little with floral fragrances. As above this lasted about 15 hours too.
Rating: 10/10

Fresh Apple
Honestly this candle needs a new name and my goodness it reminded me so much of Christmas! It had a nice fresh and spicy smell and I kinda wish I had this around December time last year as it just cries out festiveness. I am very surprised it was only 20p but then again I am not complaining because it was a complete bargain and so warming. This one had a bit of a taster burning time of about 12 hours but seeing as it has a lovely scent I really don't mind.
Rating: 9.5/10

I have used all of these candles now and I am not sure what is next on my Yankee Candle list but I am sure it might be a floral or a fresh smell, stay tuned for more candle and other blog posts coming on my blog soon.

What is your favourite candle scent?

Melissa x

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Monday, 3 July 2017

Summer Skincare Saviours

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
For me summer is one of my favourite times of the year because I love the fashion, the longer days ice cream and all of the summer things well all love and enjoy ( as long as its not too hot because you know its either too hot or too cold ahah). Even though I love soaking in the sunshine my skincare is also very important to me and more now that ever because the sun is brighter and warmer in the summer. We all need to use a suncream to prevent sunburn and burns or worse, its very important to get a suncream in the right SPF to guard and protect our skin.

Apart from the obvious suncream I like to add more love and attention to my skin because I notice if I don't pay enough attention to my skin it can get really dry especially my face, hands and my feet so keeping them moisturised is a big priority for me. As you may notice they are 5 products below but I will be writing more than just these 5. 

summer skincare saviours
The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser
Honestly I can't praise this product enough, it has a very refreshing scent and makes me more alert and awake in the mornings. This is a foam and is applied to the skin just as you would a moisturiser and washed off with just plain warm water. I use this most mornings as does my partner as it helps reduce my blemishes and also helps keep pores clear too. I think this is a bargain as I have just under half and I have used this for nearly 6 months now and it cost a very respectable £6. 

oOlution Eye Love
This is one of the reasons I absolutely love getting mostly subscription boxes because otherwise I would never of been able to find this fabulous product. This eye cream is amazing at keeping my under eyes moisturised, reducing dark circles and puffiness. I personally have dark circles and this has helped reduce that and also its been a good base for applying concealer. I got this in my march glossy box and once it has gone I will be repurchasing.

Dr Botanicals Facial Oil
If you asked me about facial oils and serums a few years ago I would of shrugged my shoulders and not had a clue about them but now I have so many of them and they are part of my everyday routine as well as my summer routine. This facial oil feels super luxurious and soft on my skin and only takes 4 drops for my face and neck. It feels very oily for about 5 minutes but once it sinks into the skin after that time my skin feels so much more softer. I also like to use this as a base before applying makeup.
summer skincare saviours

Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 
Any conditioner from lush would do but this is my all time favourite for summer! I know this is a Christmas product but I feel like this more of summer scented product with the 4 key ingredients/scents of cherry fusion, mango butter, cocoa butter and avocado which for me are very summery but you know everyone has a different opinion on that. I usually put this on after having a shower as it keeps my skin feeling soft with a little bit of a sparkle, it kinda makes me feel like a unicorn haha.

Nip and Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser 
I hit the jackpot when I won this and some other products from a competition I won last year! This is very lightweight and has a lovely fresh scent. It contains superfoods of kale,  watercress and almond oil and benefits the skin by soothing and moisturising with aloe vera and shea butter. Not only is it a lovely treat for the skin its also none greasy too, I usually have combination skin and that helps to keep my skin moisturised and a more even base. This costs a fair price of £19.95 which I think is a good price as mine has only just ran out and I've used mine for well over 7 months, so lasting product.

What are your favourite skincare products at the moment?

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Melissa x
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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Photo Memories with Printiki

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
I have always enjoyed taking photos whether they be for my blog, my family or for just the fun of it! For me photography is very therapeutic for me and it is a hobby I have improved over the years and my enjoyment for it has grown too. 

Over the years I have kept photo memories in many different forms from scrapbooks to diaries, each was personal and they are brilliant too look back on especially a few years later, it brings back so many memories and me think of all the happy memories I have had then and also since that time too. When I was a teen to now I have enjoyed making diaries and at random points of the year I like to add photos for special moments. I also made scrapbooks for each of my children to keep my photos memories of them getting to each milestone too and they are all possible to taking photos and printing them and keeping memories in picture form. 
Seeing as I have a Nikon I tend to use that more than my iPhone for my photos but I can use a combination of the 2 of them, it's not always easy carrying a big camera everywhere I go but with my iPhone its very convenient. With both of these I could upload my photos with ease to the Printiki website and it didn't take longer with my Nikon pictures and it was same load time as my iPhone photos. They are lots of different options to choose from on the website including  prints, photo books and posters.
The motto of Printiki is 'you are worth printing' which I think is the perfect motto because making memories is so very important.
I chose 30 retro square photos in the size (4x4) which are great for adding words to and also adding them to photo books or (4x4) frame. The photos are very good quality and are nice and glossy too. 

The website is very use and can be used on many different devices including your phone or laptop. You can also upload photos off your favourite social media including Facebook and Instagram and they also deliver to a range of counties which can found on the printiki shipping page.

For free shipping use code 

Melissa x
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