Friday, 29 September 2017

Aldi Candle's - Are they a Jo Malone Dupe?

jo malone dupe aldi
 Hi Darlings!

If you ever visited my flat you would notice how many candles I have, I actually have run out of space on my fire place and window because of them ahah! Anyway's I am sure we have all heard about Aldi Candles and how they are meant to be a Jo Malone dupe and me being me I was one of those people who jumped on the bandwagon to see what all of the fuss was about. I went to my local Aldi as soon as possible and tried to get all 3 scents but unfortunately they only had number 2 left so I just bought that one which is called 'No2 Blackberry Bay' and it cost me a purse friendly £3.99.  

Aldi Candle's jo malone dupe
As we all know Jo Malone is a luxury brand that sell many different products including candles, cologne and so much more fragrance inspired products. The products are quite expensive and honestly I wish I could try their products one day because I have heard so many positives about how luxurious the scents of the perfumes and candles are so whatever my thoughts on this candle were initially it still wouldn't change my mind about having Jo Malone products on my wish list later on if I find a better job or earn more blogging.  

I just love Aldi and one of the biggest reason I love Aldi is because it saves me saves me so much money a week on my weekly shopping, it's actually reduced how I spend by at least £30! So when they brought out this candle I was super excited to try a luxury inspired product thats suitable for a budget. 
aldi candles jo malone dupe
My first impressions of this candles were very positive because it looks very nice and is also a very big candle for the price of £3.99. It has a silver effect lid and the candle itself has 2 wicks inside seeing as it's such a big candle. The jar looks very stylish and very similar to the Jo Malone jar with the name of the scent and the number on it  I lit this as soon as my kids went to sleep and I put on the kettle and made myself a large cup of tea ready for blogging and honestly as soon as I came back I could instantly smell blackberries! Its got such a lovely smell and I was surprised at how fresh and floral it smells for the price. 

I am not comparing it to the Jo Malone candle but for the price it's a bloody good bargain and if I am honest I would defiantly say it is as good as a Yankee Candle and I hope to try out the other scents in the near future because I am very impressed with 'Blackberry Bay' So if you are thinking of grabbing one of these candles in Aldi I would say go for it they are so worth it!

Melissa x

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick | Review

bourjois velvet the lipstick
Hi Darlings!

If you are a follower of my blog you might know how much I love lipsticks ( I have lost count, whoops). I was so bloody excited when I got chosen to review a vox box by Bourjois! It is the first time I have been give so many lipsticks at once but trust me lovelies, I almost screamed with excitement when I got these 12 lipsticks in the mail, I didn't know where to start because don't they all just look so darn beautiful.

bourjois velvet the lipstick
The lipsticks come in a variety of different shades from nudes to a dark brow shade. I just love the formulation of these because they apply like a super soft lip balm but dry like a matte lipstick which is brilliant considering so many matte lipsticks are a pain in the ass to apply, its like dragging an eraser half of the time with most matte lipsticks. This dries within moments of applying and once it does it stays in place ALL DAY which is pretty impressive since they only cost £8.99 each. 

Even though I love these lipsticks sometimes they can feel a little drying so I like to apply a lip scrub beforehand so my lips are soft and ready for a lipstick.
bourjois velvet the lipstick review
They are 12 lipsticks as I said above and they come in a lovely selection of shades which I will tell you more about below with some swatches

Hey Nude! - I am not a fan of nude lipsticks but this one looks very nice and very wearable for everyday wear.

Flaming Rose - This is similar to the above shade but with a more pinkish hue but as I said above not a fan of nudes.

Hyppink Chic - One of my favourites; this is lovely deep pink

Hip Hip Pink - Haha I love the name of this one! This is a beautiful coral red shade and I just love it personally.

bourjois velvet the lipstick swatches

Brique-A-Brac - This is such a nice reddish brown shade, I could defiantly wear this most days

Abrico-Dabrail - A fresh and sweet peach shade that helps brighten up a look, I love this when I wear pink it goes so well.

Joli-Carmin-ois - A lovely red with orange undertones, perfect to brighten a makeup look simply and quickly

Rubi's Cute - A timeless and a very retro red! has to be a favourite because I wear red lipstick most days.

Fuschia Botte - A beautiful fuchsia shade with blue tones that is perfect for all year round

Magni Fig - A divine deep and intense deep purple, I just love how bright and beautiful this shade actually is.

Berry Formidable - A deep burgundy shade which I am wearing in the above picture, it has to be one of the faves because its just perfect for autumn.

Brunette - A dark brown with red undertones, this is just beautiful and a new shade thats been added to my collection.

I just love this collection of lipsticks from Bourjois and I am so glad that I was lucky enough to try them all. I would recommend to anyone who love matte lipsticks and are also looking for sometime that is long lasting and very purse friendly too.

You can buy the rouge velvet lipsticks at either Superdrug or Boots and they
 cost around £8.99 each

Have you tried these yet?

Melissa x
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* products complimentary. thoughts are my own*

Friday, 15 September 2017

Australian Bodycare Skin wash | Review

Skincare is super important to me and I just love trying out different skincare products and 'Australian Bodycare' is a new brand to me and I was very happy to give this a whirl.  This product contains tea tree oil which has to be on of my favourite ingredients as it smells gorgeous and it has brilliant properties such as it deep cleans the skin and kills bacteria. 

I have tried other tea tree oil products before such as the body shops tea tree foam cleanser and I just loved it as it refreshed and cleansed my skin beautifully. I first remember using tea tree oil when I got my belly button pierced many years ago now haha.
austrialian bodycare review
 Australian Bodycare has been a leader in tea tree oil products since 1992 and has a variety of high quality different products including; lotions, creams and balms. I contacted them to see if they were cruelty free and vegan and they confirmed via tweet that they were both, happy days! 🌱🐇

The packing of this is nice and simple with a lovely blue background and bold writing with the name of the brand and also the info of the product. Since this is a daily facial wash I like to use this in the morning to refresh my skin and oh my goodness the scent of the tea tree is just out their and clears the air and helps wake me up. The texture is quite thick but its very easy to apply and I just apply it like my usual skincare products.

Australian body care skin wash review
I really like this skin wash as it helps keep my skin clearer especially round my nose as thats the area my of my face that I tend to get spots but since using this its reduced the amount I have. My partner enjoys using this too as he works in the gym so he likes to have his face looking fresh and clean, he actually wants me to repurchase this as he finds it non drying and very long lasting too. 

Prices for this start at £8.25 for 100ml and comes in various different sizes, for more info on this product and more products from 'Australian Bodycare' click here.

Melissa x 
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*product sent for review, 100% my own opionions*

Thursday, 14 September 2017

First Impressions | Healthista Products

I was kindly emailed a couple of months ago by 'Healthista' but unfortunately for me it was held in London and I can't really travel that far especially with short notice but the kind people at 'Healthista' decided to send me some of their products to try out to see what I thought of them and me being on a fitness journey I just jumped on the opportunity. 

I will give you all a little insight on what Healthista is all about and basically a feel good website that has info on various subjects including; health, happiness, fitness, sex + love and also looks. On the website they also have a shop which has lots off different health food including their own which is protein, supplements and health foods. I was kindly sent the following products but I have only tried two of them because I like to have a vegan/dairy free diet, I gave the other one to my partner. The products include; lean vegan diet chocolate and night food. 
healthista product review
Seeing as this is a first impressions post I will give you a brief destruction of the products and my thoughts on each of the products so far. To see what I think of them fully then the blog post for that will be in a couple of weeks because I want to use all the products up to give them my final verdict. 

healthista lean vegan protein
 Healthista Lean Vegan Chocolate - £24.99 
This is a nutritionally balanced vegan food supplement which can help assist weight-loss. It is made from pea, rice, hemp and sunflower powder. This can be taken as a shake or in food like porridge, smoothie or anything you like really.

I just love how this tastes very nice and how very different from other protein powders that I have tried in the past, it has a nice spicy element to it that kinda reminds me of a gingerbread man/cake. I am not a big fan of drinking protein shakes I prefer to put them on food and this works wonderfully well with soy milk and porridge! Its so warming and I defiantly recommend it.

healthista night food
Healthista Night Food - £18.95 
This is an antioxidant blend with a calming blend of chamomile, lemon balm, cinnamon and ginger. All of these ingredients help support the nervous system, balance blood sugar and  also help promote relaxation. 

This tastes very nice but I can't personally drink it just as it is as it has quite a strong taste for me. I think il try it with my own cereal bars soon. 

I will be posting more and more fitness posts in the near future and also on my Instagram so follow me on their for updates. 

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Barry M Coconut Infusion Flamingo | Review

Flamingos as you can tell by my blog name are something I love and if you came to my house you would understand how much! I have pretty much flamingo everything from cushions, throws to cups; yep flamingos are a big part of my life because I just love them.

It has been many months since I last bought a nail paint because to be honest I didn't wear it as much as I usually do but that all changed when I went shopping. I spotted a Barry M makeup counter and this nail paint stood out to me and can you guess why? Well of course.. its called 'Flamingo'.
barry m coconut infusion flamingo
Flamingo is a beautiful coral pink shade and its also got a lovely glossy effect to it too. The coconut infusion is defiantly something worth mentioning; its enriched with anti-oxidising  properties with strengthening benefits of hexanal and also vitamins A and C which help repair and replenish nails.

I applied two coats of 'Flamingo' to give it this opaque effect but it did look enough at one coat but me being me, I like to be sure. I did not apply a top coat to this because they look beautifully glossy without it but if you want them to last a little extra I would recommend using a glossy top coat.
barry m coconut infusion flamingo
They are 19 shades to choose from in the coconut infusion range and this is the second one I have bought and each of them I have loved. They are long lasting and are lovely and glossy as well. I am so tempted to get  the rest of them in the range because they all look fab. These cost £5 each and I think they are great value as the above points above. 

Barry M is Cruelty Free and this nail paint is also Vegan too. 🐇🌱

More info on the coconut infusion range

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cafe Strange Brew, Glasgow

Since moving to Glasgow I have been to many cafes and restaurants! The amount of Vegan options available here is just amazing. Not only does Glasgow have vegan themed restaurants/cafes other restaurants and cafes also cater for vegans so its much easier to go out with friends.

Cafe Strange Brew opened its doors in Shawlands, the Southside of Glasgow in late 2015 and every time me and my partner go past it in the car its always busy, to the point in which there is a queue outift! We wanted to know what all the fuss was about and to see if they had any vegan options and if they were actually anything Strange...... 
cafe strange brew glasgow
I walked to the cafe which was simple to get to if you know Shawlands well, its literally next door to the coop. Parking is literately behind the shop or in the Shawlands arcade which has 2 hours free parking. Inside the cafe it has a good amount of tables to choose from and also a clipboard menu with all the food options on it.

The staff were honestly some of the best staff we have seen at any cafe, they were helpful and made you feel at home. While sitting down we were very impressed by the menu as it has many things that many cafes don't offer, it also has Vegan options, " Hallelujah" and not just salad, lots of yummy food and drinks. It took us ages too actually choose what we wanted because everything sounded lovely. 
cafe strange brew glasgow
When I finally chose i went up to order our food and drinks which were; soya matcha latte, vegan strawberry and peppercorn cake and also leek and potato soup. It took about 10 minutes for all of our food and drinks to arrive and when it did we were so bloody impressed! EVERYTHING looks amazing and almost too good to eat and drink. The soya matcha tea was perfect and it had a tea cup design on it, 'how cool is that?'. The cake was spicy and omg it was just delicous with the matcha latte.

I very impressed with Cafe Strange Brew and we defiantly understand why sometimes they are queues! Its because they are so darn BRILL! We will be returning thats for sure and would recommend it to anyone visiting Glasgow, Southside.

Cafe Strange Brew
1109 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow
G41 3YG

Melissa x
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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Too Faced Melted Metals Lipsticks | Review

too faced melted metals lipsticks
I just love lipsticks without a shadow of a doubt but finding a premium cruelty free lipstick can be a bit of a pain if you haven't done your homework beforehand. I have done some digging and found out that lots of different products from Too Faced are not only cruelty free, they are also vegan too. With those thing in mind I couldn't believe my luck when I seen a bunch of different products from too faced in my local TK Maxx including these Melted Metal Lipsticks! I couldn't believe my luck when I found a variety of different shades and I managed to get; Jelly and Bunny.

Too Faced is  Cruelty Free company, for more info click here 
These lipsticks are also vegan friendly 🐇🌱

Sometimes when you go to TK Maxx a lot of the products boxes have been broken or the products themselves have been swatched, which is a real shame. I was lucky because by the looks of things I got their just after they put out new stock so the boxes were in perfect condition and were exactly as you would if you bought them out of Debenhams.
too faced melted metals vegan
For me they are more like a lipgloss rather than a lipstick but they are very pigmented. They aren't sticky and are very smooth once on the lips.

These had a delicate and sweet smell which isn't overpowering. I think its quite pleasant but i don't think it will be everyones cup of tea.
too faced melted metals review
How long they last?
To be honest they did last for as long as I was expecting, I think they lasted about 2 hours. I know 2 hours doesn't seem long but the main thing for me is that they didn't go drying or patchy and reapplication is a breeze.

My thoughts
Even though they didn't last too long I still love both of these lipsticks! Firstly because they are beautifully pigmented and shiny and they also have a nice scent to them too. I do think they are a little overpriced at £19.50 but I am glad I got them for an affordable price in TK Maxx.


  • Beautifully pigmented 
  • Lots of different shades to choose from 
  • Easy application
  • Nice scent 
  • Gorgeous packaging 
  • Don't last long
Price and Where to Buy
Prices for this, I personally got these for £4.99 each in TK Maxx. They are also available in Debenhams for £19.50 in the link here. 

Melissa x
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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why I Love Lush Lip Scrubs

why i love lip scrubs
Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well! Now you might be wondering why on earth does Melissa love lip scrubs so much? Well to be honest there are a few reasons why I love using them and I will explain them all in this post. I first started using lip scrubs when Jeffree Star recommend using them before applying a lip scrub before applying a liquid/matte lipstick as it helps keep a liquid lipstick on that extra bit longer.

Now my favourite lip scrubs have to be Lush lip scrubs because they have so many nice flavours to choose from and they are all cruelty free and vegan. Not only do they taste nice, they also last for ages too as Ive had the bubblegum lip scrub now for over a year and its still going strong.
why I love lush lip scrubs
Buffs & Exfoliates
The sugar in the lip scrubs helps remove any dead or cracked skin cells, in turn giving the lips a much a much smoother base for any products. The Jojoba oil helps put the moisture back into the lips giving the lips a smooth finish. 

One you used this you can simply lick it off because its just sugar with very little other ingredients too it or you can wipe it off, whichever you like. Putting lipstick on the lips after this is so much easier and helps the lipstick last much longer too. 

Benefits of lip scrubs 
  • Helps keep lips smooth; in winter I don't get dry or cracked lips anymore thanks to using this and more lip care products! This keeps my lips moist
  • Helps lipstick last longer;  since the lips have a smoother base and the lips are nourished I have found lipstick last so much longer. 

My favourites 
This tastes lovely and is amazing at keeping my lips nourished. I have had this for well over a year and its been used a fair amount of times too. This scrub has only 6 ingredients and is vegan friendly too.

More info at Lush

Since I have been using my bubble gum lip scrub so much I decided to try another flavour and mint julips stood out for me. This tastes like mint chocolate and is very refreshing  as well. This one lasts just as long and is vegan friendly too. 

More info at Lush

Lush info on against animal  testing and all products being vegetarian 
more info here 🐇

Do you use lip scrubs? If so what is your favourite? 

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

NYX Cosmetics are coming to Debenhams!

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well. NYX Cosmetics is one of my all time favourite cruelty free and budget makeup brands and thankfully its just go easier to buy their makeup because are launching at Debenhams on September 11th - WOOHOO! To celebrate their new arrival to the store they also have a new and exclusive contour intuitive palette. I will be blogging about all of the products separately in the future but I will give you an idea below on my thoughts on the above products.

NYX Cosmetics is Cruelty Free, more info on Peta here   🐇

I was kindly sent a variety of NYX Cosmetics products to try to see what I thought of them and me being such a big makeup fan I couldn't resist! 
Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette : £16 - Highlighters are so very popular at the moment and I cannot complain because I have a fair few of them myself. This palette has seven velvety smooth highlighter inside and each one had some serious levels of illumination! I can't wait to try this palette out some more and try out some more different looks too.
NYX lipsticks swatches
Variety of liquid lipsticks and Gloss prices from £6 each - I got a few different lip products to try, some of which I have tried before and loved with some new that I haven't tried too. I thought it would be more fair to do a post separately on them since they are different products. I will say this though, they all look fab!
NYX ultimate shadow palette
Ultimate Shadow Palette - Cool Neutrals : £16 - I love a good eyeshadow palette and this palette looks very promising! I have swatched this palette and have used this palette for a few makeup looks and it has performed very well so far.
nyx pore filler
Pore Filler Primer : £11 - I love a good primer as they keep makeup on longer and also give a good base for makeup too. I currently love my Kat Von D primer but I will be using this in-between to see how it goes. I have used this a couple of times now and it works well and feels like velvet when you put it on the skin.

For more info on the upcoming launch of NYX Cosmetics check out the website I will posting below, it has info on the brand and also on the exclusive Debenhams NYX palette.

More Info
Launch - September 11th!! 

Melissa x
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