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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Review

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I have been meaning to review this urban decay heat palette for well over a month now and I have only just got round to doing it! September was an utter rubbish month for me and October has been upsetting too but inshallah through time it will get better. 

The Urban Decay Heat Palette was on my wish list for a few short days before my partner surprised me and got it for my birthday! I haven't tried an urban decay palette in ages as I usually just buy the foundation and concealer from urban decay so trying this was once change. 
urban decay naked heat palette review uk
 The packaging on the heat palette is just beautiful, even the box the palette comes in is well made and has a very nice design on the box. The palette itself is made out of very hard plastic and has a good size mirror inside and also a double ended makeup brush. It defiantly feels and looks like a premium product so my first impressions of this palette was super impressed. 

Naked Heat has 12 shades inside and they all range from nude to beautiful autumn shades. The texture of most of the shades is very creamy and pigmented but some of the shade hardly showed and were rather chalky on my skin and defiantly needed a little bit of help with a little bit of eyeshadow primer.  The shadows themselves have no scent to them at all which is a bonus because they are a product that you put on your eyes.
urban decay naked heat review
Personally I love the selection of autumn shades in this palette including amber hued neutrals, oranges and autumn reds and I think they all look lovely even though some aren't as pigmented as others. Most of the shades blend together beautifully and I like to use them as eyeshadow and also to define my brows and also to help me define my contour, honestly give it a try they work wonders. Below is swatches of each shade WITHOUT any primer because I like to show what the shadows are like in their true form and as you can see some preform better than others but they all work beautifully with a primer.

Eyeshadow Shades
  • Ounce (Ivory Shimmer) This needs little help with primer and is a little chalky but looks nice.
  • Chaser (Light Nude Matte ) Similar to the above being chalky but blends nicely with ounce.
  • Sauced (Soft Terracotta Matte) One of my favourites! Blends well on lids and under-eyes.
  • Low Blow (Brown Matte) Very similar to sauced but a bit more pigmented, lovely to blend.
  • Lumbre (Copper shimmer with gold pearl) I use this most of the time as I just love the shimmer.
  • He Devil (Burnt Red Matte) Perfect autumn shade that I haven't tried similar too before, the most pigmented I have tried. 
  • Dirty Talk (Metallic burnt red) I found this pretty hard to blend but it did with a little bit of push. 
  • Scorched (Metallic deep red with gold shimmer) Another one I love to use, I love the golden glow with this. 
  • Cayenne (Deep Terracotta Matte) Another shade that took a little bit of work to build pigment but it looked lovely combined with primer. 
  • En Fuego (Burgundy Matte) This took some work to do but I found that making a little wet or using primer helped. The burgundy looks gorgeous combined with ounce and lumbre.
  • Ashes  (Deep Reddish Brown Matte) I love using this a brow powder, its easy to use and doesn't look over the top.
  • Ember (Deep metallic copper-burgundy) Another shade I like to use on my brows and also as a contour, it blends beautiuly. 
urban decay naked heat palette swatches
My Thoughts 
Overall I am very happy I got the Naked Heat palette for my birthday! My partner knows me very well and he knows what makeup brands I love and also the products I would love to have ( yes I am a lucky girl indeed LOL) 


  • Perfect autumn/winter palette
  • pigmented 
  • beautiful packaging 
  • includes useful makeup brush

  • Some are a little chalky
How much and where to buy?
This palette cost my partner £39.50 and is available at urban decay counter and online in Debenhams and also available on the urban decay website.

More info on naked heat palette

Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts?

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