Monday, 27 November 2017

NYX Pore Filler | Review

nyx pore filler
NYX is a brand I have loved for a while now and the first place I heard of the brand was on the first season of RuPauls Dragrace and I thought to myself at the time PLEASE come to the UK and thankfully my prayers were answered and the brand is available in Boots, Debenhams and online

NYX has a lot of makeup products including lipsticks, foundations things like that and I have reviews of them on my blog, you can find them by typing NYX in my sidebar search-bar ๐Ÿ˜˜. I have never tried their primer before so I was very happy to give this a whirl because it costs so much less at £11 than my usual £24 Kat Von D primer.
NYX pore filler review
The packaging of the primer is nice and simple with all the info you need to know on the outer packaging and also the inner packaging too. It has a screw top that is easy to open and also very secure once its closed. For £11 you get 20 ml of product which is quite fairly priced since I have used it so many times now that I have lost count and there is still plenty of product left.

In the description on the NYX website it says that this 'Reduces appearance of pores and that it's a 'Perfect pre-foundation base coat'. Its formula is talc-free and oil-free and also helps smooth and enhance skin. 

Application of this is quite simple and for me personally I applied a generous amount between my hands and evenly applied to my skin. The primer is so soft and silky that you can feel such a difference once on the skin. I could see that the pores on my nose and cheeks were reduced and a good base for my foundation. 

My Thoughts
I love that this product works to well for me and for the money it's just amazing. I can really see why its always nearly sold out on the Nyx website because its that good. Even though I love this product  I don't think its as good as my Kat Von D primer and it won't be replacing my primer of choice but I will definably keep using it. The reason I would say its not as good is because I didn't make my foundation last all day as the premium product did even though it did for a good 6 hours at least. I am looking forward to trying more products in the future. 

How much is it?
Where can I buy it?
NYX Counters; Boots or Debenhams and also on various online shops. 

More Info

Do you have a favourite Primer?

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Grab some sunshine with Atkins Harvest Bars

atkins harvest bars review
Hi Darlings!

I hope you are all well? It has been ages since my last fitness post but I am most defiantly still on a fitness journey. I have lost nearly a stone since September and hopefully I will continue loosing weight by loosing it a way that works well for me which is by balancing exercise and diet.

I love to snack so I was very excited when I got these Harvest Bars by the kind people at Atkins! These are a new product from Atkins and come in 3 exciting and tasty flavours; Mixed Nuts and Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt and also Apricot Almond and Coconut Bar.
atkin harvest bars
Atkins wanted to create a low carb but yet a tasty snack bar and thats why they come up with these  guilt free snack bars. Inside each bar they are packed with natural ingredients; nuts, seeds and fruit. Each bar contains less than 9g of carbs and also they have more than 7.5 gram of fibre.

3 Flavours
Mixed Nuts & Chocolate Bar ( My Personal Favourite ๐Ÿ‘€  )
Protein 7.3g  | Sugars 4.8 g | Fibre 7.6 g |  Carbs 8.6g
Packed with peanuts, almonds and cashews dipped in a delicious layer of creamy milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel Bar 
Protein 7.5g | Sugars 4.3g | Fibre 8.3g | Carbs 7.9g
Luxurious dark chocolate with an assortment of nuts, sea salt with a hint of caramel

Apricot Almond & Coconut Bar 
Protein 6g  | Sugars 4.6g  | Fibre 10g  | Carbs 7.4g
A fruity blend of sweet apricot, crunchy almonds and coconut
atkins harvest bars
My Thoughts 
These bars are so delicious, I am super surprised that they are so low carb! It's not always finding a low carb snack option so these are brilliant. I love the texture of these bars, they are chewy with the fruit and chocolate and lovely and crunchy with the nuts. The flavour selection is divine and I will defiantly be getting more of these in the future.

How much are they?
£1.85 each 

Where can I buy Atkins Harvest Bars?
Tesco, Avidlite,, Superdrug 

More Info on the Atkins Harvest Bars

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette | Review

Hi Darlings! 
I just love shopping at TK Maxx because you never know what bargain you can find, my ultimate favourite finds has to be the homeware like candles and also heavily discounted premium makeup. The only slight problem with TK Maxx is sometimes the beauty products are opened and/or broken unfortunately, there has been a few times in which I have found something I would like only for it to be ruined "boo!" 

Finding Too Faced makeup was just brilliant and it was even better because it has just been out recently as most of the makeup was just put they're neatly. I got the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette and also some metallic lipsticks.
too faced cat eyes palette review
First Impressions 
I just love the outer packaging of this, its sturdy and very nicely designed with the too faced writing and also the jaguar print. The palette tin is equally as beautiful and is completely covered in jaguar print "meow". Inside the palette there is a little leaflet with 3 looks you can create with the palette along with nine eyeshadows 3 of which you can make wet to use an eyeliner.

The shadows are very intense and look very pigmented effortlessly, I  use them to make a glam look and my favourite shades in the palette are; fashion, pussycat and panther.
too faced cat eyes palette review
My Thoughts
I love everything about this palette and I still can't believe I got this for the bargain price of £10! The shadows are very pigmented and they are very long lasting too. Blending these shadows is a breeze and they all create some amazing glam looks. I love the packaging with the leopard print palette and honestly I can't fault anything about this palette at all, its perfect for me.
too faced cat eyes palette
  • Nine shadows, three of which that can be used wet ( eyeliners)
  • Vivid and long wearing 
  • Weightless sparkle finish and velvety matte finish
  • Includes a glamour guide with 3 looks
  • Cruelty Free

  • None

How much is it? 
Well, I got mine for £10 in TK Maxx but it retails for £32.40 on the Too Faced official website.

Where can I buy this?
It's available on the Too Faced website

What is your favourite Too Faced product?

Melissa x 
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Monday, 20 November 2017

Jamie's Italian | Glasgow

Jamie's Italian Glasgow
Hi Darlings!

I love going out for food and even more since I moved to Glasgow 3 years ago! Glasgow has many amazing cafes, food markets and restaurants to visit  so I was so thankful when Jamie's Italian invited me to try their 'Quick and Easy Menu' at the restaurant on George's Square. 

Jamie's Italian has 2 Quick and Easy Menu's; one which is for lunch and another of course which is for dinner. All of the items in those menus can be found in Jamie Oliver's NEW book called 5 Ingredients - Quick and Easy Food.  We decided to try food from both of the menus and also the main menu for the restaurant to give a proper review on everything at the restaurant.
Jamie's Italian Glasgow
When we first arrived at the restaurant we were quickly taken by a friendly waiter to a table; the table itself was lovely, it had cutlery in big bowl that was squeaky clean and also a lovely candle lit on the table which set the mood for me and my partner. We asked for the menus and soon after we ordered drinks. My partner got himself a cola and I was a bit naughty and got myself a Jamie's Mojito.

While waiting for drinks we looked at the menus to see what we would like too eat and my goodness the choices all looked delicious and it wasn't easy too choose so we ordered a starters and mains together...eventually. Our drinks came very soon after we ordered our food and I was so impressed with how nicely displayed my cocktail was! It was a barcardi rum & martini bianco with lime juice, sugar syrup topped off with Jamie's processco.

 I ordered Pappa Al Pomodoro Soup which is an Italian red pepper, tomato, garlic and bread soup topped with veggie parmesan, basil and extra virgin olive oil and OMG it was the most delicious soup  I have ever tried in my life, the tangy tomato complimented the parmesan perfectly and bread in the soup was so comforting.  My partner ordered fried fish and smashed avo; it was basically a fried sustainable fish with smashed fiery avocado for dunking. It was quite nice and light that we enjoyed sharing it. 
Jamie's Italian quick and easy
For mains I ordered sizzling steak which was prime British skirt beef with garlic cherry tomatoes, aubergine and basil fries. I would love to say I enjoyed this but for me it was a little fatty for my palette but it was cooked the way I liked it (medium) I also wasn't overly keen on the aubergine as it was a little cold. My partner ordered oxtail lasagne which is a herby 12-hour slow-cooked oxtail & chianti rags layered with pasta, bรฉchamel, mozzarella and parmesan. Once his food came to the table the waiter asked if he wanted grated parmesan on his food and he was quick to answer yes with a smile on his face. He ate his lasagne so quickly and rubbed his tummy with a smile and said it was one of the best lasagnes he's ever had. 
Jamie's Italian review
We didn't think we had any more room for dessert but we decided to get one while we were their to get the whole experience but instead of getting 2 desserts we opted just to share 1. We decided to get the baked vanilla cheesecake which has spiced caramelised orange, smashed honeycomb and pomegranate. We ate it with 2 spoons in next to no time at all! It was heaven on a plate! The fruit complimented the vanilla and honeycomb so well and not only that the cheesecake was so soft it was a luxury in my mouth.
Jamie's Italian Glasgow

Again I would love to thank Jamie's Italian for inviting us to try the food! We had an amazing night as the atmosphere was tranquil and the food was just amazing. I love the fact that the quick and easy foods are in the cookbook, I am so tempted to get it for myself now. 

There are Jamie's Italian restaurants up and down the UK 

Where is Jamie's Italian in Glasgow? 
7 George Square 
G2 1DY

0141 4042690

More Info

Melissa x
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Saturday, 18 November 2017

My Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

Hi Darlings! 
I hope everyone is well! Following on from my last post on my last lipstick post which was my favourite red lipsticks I thought it would be fitting to compliment it with a post on my favourite nude lipsticks (for now that is ๐Ÿ˜›) Nude lipsticks didn't used to be prominent in my lipstick collection as I usually went for the more brighter lipstick shades such as reds and bright shades but since then the way I wear makeup has changed a little, I tend to go for a more natural makeup look most of the time. 

I think I decided to try more nude shade lipsticks because I got inspiration of celebs like Kim Kardashian because she looks amazing with her nude lipsticks so I decided to try nude lipsticks for myself and I'm so glad I did because I have a fair few in my collection and I have no intention of stopping buying them either. 
my top 5 nude lipsticks
My Top 5 nude lipsticks

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick - Celebrity Skin 
Like omg this is the lipstick that got me to LOVE nude lipsticks! Its just perfect in every way and my goodness I've had so many compliments wearing it, I am so thankful that my mum bought me it for Christmas last year "Thanks mum". Celebrity skin is a pink toned brown and even though its matte lipstick it is not drying at all. I use a lip scrub before applying this and it honestly lasts me all day which is so surprising with the amount of coffee I love to have haha. 
Where to buy? Beauty Bay 
How Much? £16 

NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie - Exotic 
I seen the hype last year with bloggers for the lip lingerie but it wasn't until recently I got round to trying one for myself and falling in-love with it! The lip lingeries come in a range of colour-kissed nudes and it also is a silky soft matte finish. I love the applicator for this as its quite long compared to other liquid lipsticks and its easy to apply to the curves of you lips. Exotic is a beautifully stunning warm mahogany red.
Where to Buy? Debenhams, Boots and NYX online
How Much? £7 

Illamasqua Glamour Lipsticks - Starkers
I never heard of Illamasqua before blogging so I am so glad that I started and since then it is defiantly one of my favourite brands. I have a few Illamasqua lipsticks but starkers has to be my favourite out of them all. Its intense nude lipstick with a long lasting satin finish, it feels very smooth and comfortable on the lips and feels more like a balm then a lipstick. 
Where to Buy? Debenhams, Illamasqua online
How Much? £20 
top 5 nude lipsticks
Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick - Hey Nude!
I was kindly sent the entire collection of rouge velvet lipsticks and I just love them all! Hey Nude! is a beige nude and like the rest of the collection its in a matte finish. The lipstick has lovely packaging that matches the shade of the lipstick and lipstick itself is in a tear drop shape that helps to get precise application.
Where to Buy? Boots, Superdrug
How Much? £8.99

Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon - Notorious Nude 
I got this a beauty box a few months back and I just love it! It helps plump my pout with tingling sensation (not for long) and it enhances the appearance of lips helping them look more fuller,  which is good for me as I am not wanting to get lip fillers just yet even though I am tempted sometimes. This comes in a lovely nude creamy finish.
Where to Buy? Superdrug, Sleek Online 
How Much? £5.50

my top 5 nude lipsticks swatches
Even though I have a few lipsticks, there are a few I would love to add to my collection and here are some of them I am hoping of adding very soon!
Nude Lipstick Wish Lipstick 
Charlotte Tillbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G in Bitch Perfect 
RRP | £24 
I have never tried anything from this brand before but I have wanted too for ages now and this is the product I want to try first. Bitch Perfect is a peach toned nude that comes in a creamy finish. 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita 
RRP | £17 
I love my Kat Von D lipstick in Nosferatu so adding to my collection just makes sense to me. Lolita is a chestnut rose shade and its matte. 

What is your favourite nude lipstick? 

Melissa x
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Friday, 17 November 2017

November Glossy Box | Review

Hi Darlings!

Hope you are all well? I was super excited to get this months Glossy Box because I was very impressed with lasts months Glossy Box and everything has been used or gifted to friends/family. I always seem to miss the postman/woman in the morning when my glossy box comes so I end up needing to go to the post office to pick it up but the times of the post office opening isn't brilliant so I always tend to get it like 4 days late. 

Unlike last months box which had a mermaid theme this months theme is the usual pink and black glossy box theme. I do love the boxes as they are useful to store make-up, jewellery or even use as a gift box. 

november glossy box review
Whats in the box? 

Greenfrog Botanic Natural Bodywash - Relaxing Geranium & Peppermint | £8.95 ( Sample) ๐Ÿ‘Œ
OMG this actually smells amazing! It has a beautiful floral/minty scent and if you guys know what Aveda hair products smell like then you will know how lovely this body wash smells because they smell so similar, I actually thought it was Aveda before I read. 

BeautyUK Cosmetics - Contour/Powder Brush | £6.99 ( Full Size ) ๐Ÿ˜
Is they such thing as too many makeup brushes? Well in my book they aren't because every brush is unique and they all have different jobs. I have tried this makeup brush a few times now and I just love it as a blusher/highlighter brush, it gives precise strokes effortlessly.

Sportfx - Candy Floss Moisturising Lip Balm | £4.99 ( Full Size) ๐Ÿ˜
I just love lip balms and even more so in the winter months because my lips can get so dry if I don't use a balm. I love this balm as its easy to apply with its circular dome shape and not only that its packed with vitamins, anti -oxidants and SPF 15 to protect against the sun. 
whats in the november glossy box
Collection Cosmetics - Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder - Blonde | £4.19 ( Full Size) ๐Ÿ˜
I just love a good brow product so I am very excited to giving this a go, But with that being said I do wish we had a choice in what we wanted though because my hair is red and I like to use brunette brow shades because I like a more defined look. 

Boots Charcoal and Willow Bark Sheet Mask | £2.50 ( Full Size) ๐Ÿ˜
Me and my partner just love using face masks so we were excited to give this a whirl. He tried this face mask while I tried my Garnier moisture bomb face mask. He left this on his face for 15 minutes and not one minute went by without him complaining; firstly he's not a fan of sheet masks but secondly he said this made his skin quite sensitive so he took it off which is a shame that he didn't like it but with that being said it could work so well for others. 

November glossy box review
Products worth £23.17 
I rounded the sample price in half to give a total of how much all the products in the box are worth.

Next month's teaser 
Who doesn't love good teaser? Well next month Glossy Box promise us a liquid eyeliner from Steve Laurent which comes in the most beautiful rose gold packaging. 

My Thoughts
I do like this months box but I would go as far to say it's my favourite but there are a few products I love in this box including the makeup brush, lip balm  and the body wash. I am super excited to get next months box to see what Christmas themed products they will be.

Glossy Box costs 
£10 a month plus £3.95 P&P

20% Discount Code 

Do you get subscription boxes? What is your favourite?
Melissa x
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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Water | Review

Hi Darlings!

When I think of gold I don't necessarily think of the precious metal, I tend to think more of the song by Spandau Ballet 'Gold' and every time I think of that song I can't help but sing out the words...

"Gold, Always believe in your soul, You've got the power to know you're indestructible  
always believe in because you are GOLD." 

Anyways less of me singing more of this product. I was kindly sent this gold water from the lovely people from Bio-essence. This water is finishing product for after you have applied all of your prior skincare products and once applied it helps seal in moisture and also give your skin a lovely radiant glow 

Bio-essence 24k bio-gold water review
This 24k bio gold water has a light-weight texture that adheres perfectly to the skin and once on your skin you can't feel it as it's so light weight, it says you can also apply another layer of toner ontop of this without feeling heavy on the skin. It has a nice scent which is quite strong but it doesn't linger and goes away quite quickly and applying to the skin couldn't be easy, pour a few drops onto your hands and apply like you would with any of your moisturisers. 

Benefits of 24k Bio-Gold Water 
  • Seals in prior moisturisers nutrients and reduces loss of moisture
  • Protects skin against makeup and pollutants 
  • Gives smooth, matte flawless finish 
  • Forms a protective shield against radical ageing 
  • Visably reduces pores and fine wrinkles. 
My Thoughts 
I love the packaging for this as it comes a golden sparkly box and the water itself is very pleasing to the eye with the gold flakes in the water.  The product opens with a screw top that has seal on it and I would recommend putting it back on after as it can leak without it. 

I use this every morning after I put my moisturisers on and I love how radiant my skin feels after it, I would defiantly repurchase in the future as it does what it says on the packet. Even though I love the product the smell is a little strong for my taste but it doesn't effect the product at all thankfully. 

How much and where can I buy Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold water?
This costs £16.99 but its on offer at the moment at Superdrug for £11.29

Have you tried a product like this before?

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

What The Fudge Desserts | Glasgow

what the fudge glasgow review
Hi Darlings!

During the week I tend to eat as healthy as possible and when it comes to the weekend I like to have myself a little treat and myself and my partner tend to go out for food or dessert and this week we decided to go to 'What the Fudge Desserts' which is a dessert place that sells lots of different desserts and cold/hot drinks.

What the Fudge has lots of different ice cream and desserts too choose from and as soon as you go inside the shop you will fall in-love. The shop has a beautiful layout with comfortable booths to sit at with friends, family or your other half. The choices of dessert is on the wall above the counter where all of the ice-creams are displayed and its very easy to read and is also very clear. You can either sit down to enjoy your dessert or order it as a takeaway, me and my partner have done both options in the past.

what the fudge desserts glasgow
Once inside the shop we found ourselves a tables and looked through the menu until we decided on what we wanted and we both decided. I ordered 'Marshmallow Cookie Dough' and my partner ordered his usual of 'Strawberry Waffles' we also ordered a hot chocolate because it was super chilly outside and we were about to go to the firework display afterward. 

Our food took about 15 minutes to get to us which is about usual for here as they make the cookie dough and waffles themselves. The food was displayed beautifully and my hot chocolate look amazing and something Willy Wonka would be proud of as it was full of cream and dripping chocolate from the sides of the cup. 

The portions were a good size and they cost under £6 each which I think is a very good price because the amount of product you get and also how its displayed. I was struggling to finish my dessert because it was rather big but my partner helped me finish it off. I love going here and would defiantly come back here. 

504 Victoria Road
G42 8PQ

+44 141 423 3344


What is your favourite dessert?
Melissa x
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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lush Christmas Haul

Hi Darlings
Lush has been a favourite shop of mine now for a fair few years now but over the past few months I fell out of love with going to the Lush stores as much as I used too but my mind changed completely when I seen the whole lush Christmas range online, that spurred me on to get myself down town to see the Christmas range for myself!

Lush has an amazing Christmas collection this year with lots of new products including shower gels without the bottle, new bath bombs and so much more. I loved last years Christmas Haul and this year it's not different. I have been  getting Lush hauls for last 3 years now and shopping for festive themed products never gets old for me and I want to get more of the Christmas products eventually but heres the ones I bought recently on my trip to town. 
Lush Christmas Haul
Snow Fairy - Shower Gel 500g | RRP £13.95 
This was guaranteed to go in my basket as this is my favourite shower gel ever, I just love the scent of this as its so sweet and the gel itself gives an amazing and smooth lather. Not only is it a favourite of mine, my partner also loves it too. They have quite a few products that have the snow fairy scent this year including a shower gel thats solid with no packaging.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb | RRP £4.95 
After trying my first jelly bomb 'Secret Arts' I was tempted to try another jelly bomb to see how they compared and because I just love the scent of snow fairy I just had to give this a try!

Products with snow fairy scent. 
Body Conditioner  
Cold Pressed Soap 
Naked Shower Gel 
Sparkle Jar 
Body Conditioner

Previous Snow Fairy Shower Gel Review 
Snow Fairy Shows Gel Review '2015'
I will doing an updated review in the next few weeks.
Lush Christmas
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb | RRP £4.50
I tried this a couple of years back now and from what I remember it smelt lovely! It has relaxing ingredients like lavender so I will be giving this a try just before bedtime to  see if it helps me get a good nights sleep. 

Previous Luxury Lush Pud Review

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb | £4.50 
I am not sure if this is a new bath bomb to the range in 2017 but its defiantly a bath bomb I haven't tried before and I am exited to trying it. This has a very spicy cinnamon smell and defiantly reminds me of Christmas. 

I will defiantly be getting more Christmas themed Lush products in the very near future because it has to be my favourite time of the year. I have a fair few products that are on my wish-list including the naked body conditioners and the shower gels too since they are planet friendly without the packaging. I hope you all love this post and if you can is it possible to click the video and if you like it subscribe to my channel?

Have you been to Lush lately? 

Melissa x
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Monday, 13 November 2017

November Primark Haul

Hi Darlings

This past week has been super busy and on the weekend it was jam packed with wedding parties, dinners and birthdays. On Friday I decided to talk a walk to town to see what I could get for gifts and also for myself too because it has been ages since I last went to town and it is a first I have been to Glasgow town on my own since moving here nearly 2 years ago so that was new experience for me but wow I enjoyed it so much and will be doing it more often for sure. 

Primark has to be one of my favourite shops for as few reasons; first being the clothes are affordable and very good quality. Secondly they have a good selection of homeware such as candles, duvets and cushions and also I love the accessories like the hats, makeup and slippers. I went into the shop only wanting to get a few bits and ended up coming out with a Primark haul, typical of me LOL. 
november primark haul
For myself 
I didn't buy much for myself this time but I did treat myself to a khaki beanie hat with a fluffy pompom on it, I have many hats but you can never have too many right? I also got myself a pair of tartan slippers which have a bow on them that cost me £4 which I think is such a bargain considering I was going to get myself a of Disney slippers and they cost nearly £15 and they weren't as good quality as the ones I got here. 

For my kids
I got my kids some outfits for the wedding party that we went on Friday. I got 2 matching plaid red shirts for the girls with thick nicely designed leggings while I got my son a red plaid shirt so his outfits matched the girls. I also got the girls flower headbands which matched. 

For presents
Finding presents can be a pain but Primark made it a little bit easier for me. I bought a marvel t-shirt and also 2 candles which cost a bargain price of £1 each, I was reluctant to give them away because they smelt amazing.
primark haul

Have you been to Primark lately?

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Vieve Protein Water

Vieve protein water
 Hello Darlings!

Since September I have lost 11 pounds which I know doesn't sound like a lot but to me it is a major amount because I have struggled to loose weight over the past couple of years because of PCOS so to see results is a big thing for me and I can honestly say I feel like I am on the right path. I have changed many of my eating habits one being eating less junk food and also snacking less because to be honest that was my downfall I love snacking; especially on chocolate, crisps and anything in the cupboard to be honest.

I was kindly sent Vieve Protein waters which come in 3 delicious flavours and I was so excited about trying them all. I have upped my protein intake and reduced the amount of carbs I have so since this drink has protein in it is amazing because to be honest I am not a fan of protein shakes as most of the time they are chalky or clumpy which makes me want to spit it out most of the time.

vieve protein water review
Why Choose Vieve Protein Waters?
  • 20g of protein! ( Easy protein!)
  • Sugar Free
  • Zero Carbs
  • Lactose Free
  • Fat Free
  • Low Calorie 
  • Essential Amino Acids
Strawberry and Rhubarb 
A delicious combination of wild fruit that is very refreshing 
90kcal per bottle 

Citrus, Apple and Mint
A very refreshing but edgy mix that reminds me of a Mojito 
90kcal per bottle

Coconut & Honey 
100% like an alcohol free Malibu or coconut water! So darn refreshing

My Thoughts
Myself and my partner enjoyed these so much! They are a very convenient way of getting protein quickly and efficiently without the need of making protein shakes. My partner took one of them to work and he said it was very refreshing and so much easier to drink than it is to drink a thick protein shake, he also said the flavours were delicious and he would 100% buy the citrus, apple and mint again. I personally loved them too as they are so simple to drink and honestly if you have them straight out of the fridge they are smooth and tasty to drink.

How Much?
Currently as of Nov'17 they are £8 for 6 bottles.

Free Sample 
They are currently offering a free sample all you have to do is pay for
p&p of £2.49.

Where to buy?

Melissa x
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*Products sent for review, 100% my honest opinions*

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

My Favourite Red Lipsticks

my favourite red lipsticks
 Hi Darlings!

As we all know red lipstick is very iconic and a classic! We all know of celebrities who have rocked a red lip including; Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera and Grace Jones. I myself just love red lipsticks and it has to be my number one lipstick shade in my dressing table and with good reason, it looks sassy, classic and so damn chic...MWAH!!

It has been over 2 years since my last blog post on my top 5 red lipsticks so I thought it was about time that I made a newer updated post and here we are. When it comes to red lipsticks I am not picky in what they look like; matte, glossy or metallic. They all look wonderful to me and I think below my choices show a bit of variation and choice.
my favourite red lipsticks
 As with my last blog post I have chosen 5 red lipsticks that I am loving right now and one remarkably is on the previous list as well as this one.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Reds In Blake | RRP £6.99
This lipstick was on the previous list and it is a lipstick I still love now. Blake is a beautiful intense matte classic red shade and is so very long lasting too lasting 6 hours even with coffee breaks! Another thing I love about is that even though it is a matte lipsticks its not drying or flaky at all. This lipstick is enriched with velvet spheres, pure pigments jojoba oil which helps to keep lips hydrated.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in Rubis Cute | RRP £8.99
An intense yet timeless red shade in a lovely matte finish. This lipstick is very bright and so pigmented, it looks beautiful with any outfit and I like to wear it with a faux fur collar winter coat, I think it compliments it perfectly. The secret of these lipsticks to keep lips hydrated is the formula of hydrating waxes, light oils and rich pigments for the intense pigmentation.

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Nosferatu | RRP £17.00
One of the most expensive of the bunch but defiantly worth the price for me! It is a gorgeous gothic red shade and wow it's so damn intense it makes my look pop! It is very easy to apply with the applicator and the packaging is just divine too with its gothic/inked design. I think there is a theme going on with my choices but this is a matte lipstick too. The everlasting lipsticks are packed with natural moisturisers including vitamin E and Sunflower seed wax.
favourite red lipsticks swatches
NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Cherry Skies | RRP £7.00
Ever since NYX Cosmetics was so much easier to buy in the UK I have been hooked with the brand! I have a fair few NYX lipsticks now and wow the quality of them is amazing and Cherry Skies is my favourite out of all them! It is a deep wine red and yes as you guessed it is also a matte finish but the thing is even though its matte it feels so darn velvety. 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lip Lipstick in Helene | RRP £18
The most expensive of the group but wow its such a stunning lipstick that its worth the price! Helene is a luscious red cream with blue undertones and with that being said the only one of the bunch that is a creamy finish haha. This lipstick  has been tested and proven to improve lips hydration levels after 30 days and I can agree as it feels so silky on the lips. 

What is your favourite red lipstick?

Melissa x 
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Monday, 6 November 2017

Getting My Hair Red With Manic Panic Vampire's Kiss

Hi Darlings

I have dyed my hair far to many times this year but I have always missed having my hair red even though it's a right pain in the ass to keep vibrant, but for me I find it worth it even though it can be a lot of work. Last year I dyed my hair 'Manic Panic Vampire Red' and I just loved it and I got so many nice compliments about my hair when I had it red so thats one of the reasons I wanted to give it a try again and not only that I also love the way it looks on me. 

Finding Manic Panic hair dyes can be a pain and I can only find them online and I got mine off Blue banana which is an alternative website. I got this for £9.99 which many sound steep but it really isn't because you get lots in the tub, I managed to use half on my hair so it will do me another time and if you think about it hughstreet dyes will cost roughly the same because you need 2 bottles most of the time because they only give you a ridiculously small amount. 
dying hair red with manic panic vampires kiss
(Honestly it's so important to do these because the last thing you want is this on your clothes etc, I've learnt the hard way in the past haha)

  • Manic Panic Vampire's Kiss x1 ( 2 if you have very long hair)
  • Old towel 
  • Plastic gloves
  • Hair cap
  • Tinting bowl and brush
My hair before putting the hair dye on was a light brown with a little bit of red tint to it and the reason my hair was like that was because I previously put on Colourless Hair Colour Remover Max Condition which took the previous hair dye out of my hair.  They do say to put Manic Panic hair dyes on previously bleached hair or light blonde hair but I found this works well for me and I really don't want to bleach my hair any more as my hair has been enough this year. 
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I usually get my partner to help dye my hair but he's been working long hours lately so I deiced to brave it and do it myself ( I would recommend getting a friend to help as its much easier) I put my hair into sections with a clip and applied the hair dye with the tinting bowl and brush and it took me about 30 minutes to completely cover my hair, I made sure my entire hair was covered by using a mirror every now and again looking at every section of my hair. 

I kept this on my hair for around 40 minutes even though it says 30 minutes but I wanted to make sure it was an intense red shade so I was prepared to wait. The dye wasn't like a usual dye it was more like a thick conditioner so I would say its easier to apply. Once it was in my hair I used a wide toothed comb to make sure all the hair dye was even. 

Once it came to washing it out I used cooler water than usual as red hair dye comes out sooooo easily believe me. I washed it till the water run into a light pink and then applied a conditioner to my hair, it's not stated on the tub but I find it keeps the dye in the hair for longer. I styled my hair as usual after coming out of the shower and I was soooo happy with it. 

manic panic vampires kiss
My Thoughts 
I'm involve! So glad that I deiced to dye my hair red again. Manic Panic you have done it again, you have made my hair a beautiful vibrant red, just like I wanted. I will defiantly keeping my hair red now and I will be re-purchasing this again in the very near future. I love how easy it is to apply and also the fact it doesn't have a scent, not a fan of overpowering hair dye smells. 

 As with any red hair dye then can bleed a little so defiantly use old towels after washing your hair and also tie hair up and apply a nightcap or use an old pillowcase. 

Things I love about Manic Panic
  • Lots of shades to choose from 
  • Also sell haircare 
  • All the dyes are semi-permanent 
  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Fab motto 'live fast dye your hair'
Check out more info on manic panic

Melissa x
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