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Lush Christmas Sweater | Review

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It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas isn't it? I can't believe its only 10 days till Christmas and 17 days until 2018. I think this year has gone by remarkably fast that its almost shocking. I have had a bitter sweet kinda year but you know I am looking up and fingers crossed I will be having an amazing 2018 because parts of 2017 really sucked. 

I recently fell back in-love with Lush after a few months of not stepping into the shop for reasons I don't know but I think its because I love their holiday products mostly and I got round to using most of their all-year round products and I kinda got bored of going. Another thing that I am still unsure about Lush is the price of the products, it seems the prices have raised so much don't you think?

Lush Christmas sweater
lush christmas sweater uk
 Lush Christmas Sweater 
Cruelty Free

Ginger powder
Clove bud oil
Mustard powder
Coriander seed oil

First Impressions
When I seen this in Lush I noticed that I had never tried it before and I just love the quirky name "Christmas Sweater" I also love the reindeer design on front of the bath bomb. It is a Christmas red colour with a snow white reindeer design on it.

As soon as I picked it up in the shop I could smell spice and specifically I could smell the ginger and the clove. It sure has a festive smell to it and I was super excited to giving it a try even though I was a little dubious buying it at £4.50!
Lush christmas sweater review
 My Thoughts
Described on Lush as the perfect way to relax after long day at work or Christmas shopping. The Sicilian lemon oil with the mustard powder ease muscles and warm your soul. Looking at that description I would 100% agree with it. I loved this bath bomb so much, it exceeded my expectations and much more.

As soon as I put this in the bath it started fizzing away making a gorgeous swirl of white and red. After a minute or two orange started to come out of the middle and made the bath art much more intense. The scent of this bath bomb in the water was just heavenly and I could just feel myself relaxing even before I got into the bath.

In the bath I felt so relaxed especially in the hot water. The scent combination was just perfect and I haven't been that relaxed in a long time. After being in the bath the water was more of an orange colour and it looked lovely because it had glitter in it which looked like snow.

After getting out of the bath my skin felt super moisturised and I didn't feel the need to add more moisturiser which is fab as it saves my skincare product and also makes this bath bomb more of a double product in my book.
lush christmas sweater in bath
lush christmas sweater

  • Makes gorgeous bath art
  • Lovely spicy scent
  • Helps you relax
  • Nice Christmas design
  • Soft on skin
  • A little on the expensive side. 
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