Thursday, 14 December 2017

Pure Freeze Dried Recipes | Review

My cats just love food so when I got contacted by the lovely people at Pure to try their new freeze dried cat food I thought why the heck not? My cats love their food and always wake us up bright and early in the morning for their breakfast; who needs alarm clocks when you have cats?

Pure was founded back in 2012 by childhood friends Dan and Matt who researched pet foods on the market but found a lot of them were highly processed and very minimal nutritional content and they thought why shouldn't out pets be getting the most out of their diet like we do? and so PURE was born. They freeze dry their food which preserves the meat without any exposure to heat and pressure. The food also has no preservatives, just natural raw food. 
I was kindly sent two boxes of cat food to review 'Surf & Turf' and 'Whisker Lickin Chicken' and each box was 200g of product and that may not sound like much but that 200g actually makes 800g of food! On each packet it tells you how many scoops of product you need via the cats weight and also how much water to add to the product. 

Even though these products are freeze dried there is no need to add them to the freezer. All you need to do once you are done is add a clip included to the bag and its ready to go until your cats next feeding time. 

They have a unique process in which you need to add warm water to the product to activate the product and also to make the product to double in size. The benefits of this cat food are is its like both wet food and dry food too. 

The food is extremely good quality as they are made from 100% pure human quality ingredients and are regulated by human and animal authorities alike. They also contain no grains or gluten and high protein so you know your cat has a good varied diet. 

Surf and Turf 
This is chicken and whitefish with added super food ingredients and is suitable for cats and kittens. As soon as I opened the bag for this I could smell the fish which smelt extremely fresh and honestly this has to be the most fresh and most beneficial cat food I have ever seen. Once I put this in a bowl my cats could smell it and started to meow like crazy and run to it as soon as I put it on the floor. This has to be Bella's favourite cat food so far. 

Whisker Lickin Chicken 
This is 100% chicken with added super food ingredients and is perfect for cats and kittens alike. This one smelt much more pleasant than the one above and both of my cats enjoyed this one very much. 

Surf and Turf - from £11.99 to £84.99
Whisker Lickin Chicken from £10.99 to £80.99

Sizes come in 200g to 2 1kg bags 

If you would like to know more about Pure pet foods then I defiantly recommend checking out their website especially if you have a cat or a dog who is a fussy eater or has other eating problems.

Pure website

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