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What I Got For Christmas 2017

I've been debating whether or not to do a 'What I Got For Christmas' post because they can be a bit like marmite, you love em, or hate them. I happen to love them so I decided to post what I got this year and surprisingly enough it is the first time on my blog that I have done this kind of post so it is a nice change for me and my blog. 

Usually, we spend Christmas at my mum's house but this year it was different. We decided to spend Christmas at home for the first time ever so present giving was completely different this time. My partner and I don't tend to go crazy with buying presents as we usually buy more gifts during Eid and Birthdays but we wanted to have a little change this year as it was our first Christmas together with just us and our 3 kids. 

I was remarkably organised and got all my presents sorted for my family by the end of November so my stress levels were low for December. My partner, on the other hand, likes to keep what he's got close to his chest so I had no idea what he bought me this year which made waiting for Christmas that extra bit exciting. 
What I Got For Christmas
 After my kids opened their presents and we got all of their toys out of their boxes so they could play with their new toys I finally opened my presents along with my partner who opened his. I got partner a blue PlayStation controller, 2 PlayStation games including W2K 2018 and also so clothes. My partner was a diamond and bought me things that I have wanted for ages and he never forgot, he's honestly a lovely person to me. I also got a present of my partners family who I've got closer to this year which is amazing. 

So what did I get you ask?

Here is what I got for Christmas 2017!

Mugler Alien Eau De Toilette 30ml  
I have wanted this perfume for the entire 2017 and when I got it for Christmas I cried. I know it sounds daft but I was just so happy because I just love the design of the bottle and the fragrance is just beautiful. The perfume is described as refreshing, sparkly and feminine. It has radiant notes of mandarin essence for a zesty twist with cashmeran wood and white amber which give a hint of sensuality and Moroccan jasmine for luminosity.

Swarovski Crystaldust Cuff in Green
For many years I have loved products from Swarovski and this cuff has been on my wish-list for just over a year now. I just love the design and colour of this and can't wait to wear it out next time I got out to a party/dinner.
what i got for christmas 2017
Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Show Gel 
I have heard of Molton Brown products for years but I never actually got going round to going into their shops until the spring of 2017 and the thing that drew me into the shop was the advertising of the Russian leather scented products. While inside I was mesmerised by the scent of all the different products including the shower gels, candles and skincare. This shower gel smells delicious and is eerily like Lush Rose Jam. 

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion
My partner has known that I have wanted this for ages because he hears me talking about it all the time LOL! I have seen all the positive reviews about this product so I had my hopes set on this lotion and thankfully I got it. This lotion is supposed to help you sleep so hopefully, this will work for me, look out in the future for updates on this.

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing about it, I kinda wish I did more Christmas themed posts in 2017 but its something I am looking to do this year for sure. If you have a what I got for a Christmas post I would love to read it, post your link below so I can comment on it. 

What did you get for Christmas this year? 

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