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Bolsius Aromatic | First Impressions

Bolsius Aromatic
 Hi Lovelies 
I was kindly sent these lovely wax melts and wax burner from Bolsius Aromatic! I am a big Yankee Candle fan and I do have many candles and wax melts because I just love having a variety of different fragrances around my home, especially after a long day in the evenings because for me they help me relax and settle down for the evening, is they any other bloggers/readers out there who loves writing with their favourite fragrance lit in the background? I know I do!

Bolsisus Aromatic is a very new brand to me and I am sure it will be for some of you too so I will give you some facts and info about the company because we all like to know what we are buying don't we? The wax melts come 8 different fragrances ( I got mango and cranberry) and they have a burn time of up too 25 hours per wax melt which is quite impressive. The company is family owned since 1870 and has over 1000 employees. These candles come is many varieties and are shipped to 50 countries over the world.

Bolsius aromatic first impressions
Bolsius Wax Melts Fragrances available 
(Fresh Linen, Magnolia, Wild Cranberry, Baked Apple, Vanilla, French Lavender and Sugar and Spice. )

First Impressions
I like the shape of the wax melts they are very different to other wax melts that I have used before. The wax melts can be broken and mixed with other fragrances to make your own unique fragrances just like a cocktail. The wax burner is a bits smaller than my yankee candle wax burner but I love its oval shape and its still a very nice design. 

Wax Melts 
This is my favourite of the two fragrances because it reminds me of one of my favourite drinks Rubicon, have any of you tried it?  It has a very nice tropical scent and is very sweeting smelling too.I put one wax melt into the wax burner and it melted much quicker than my yankee candle wax melt, with the faster burning time that also meant you could smell the fragrance much faster. 

Wild Cranberry
This had a very nice fragrance too, I cant say its 100% like cranberry ( well at least the ones I have tried) It smells very fruity and quite pleasant, but not my favourite unfortunately. 

My Thoughts
These are a very nice change to Yankee Candle with very nice fragrances too. They are affordable too with a price I found on Amazon at £4.99 a packet. Finding where they sell them isn't easy but I would defiantly say they are worth it if you love candles like me, I will post a link below of where to buy some of these. 

I have a link below of wax melts on Amazon, they are also available on other independent candle websites.
Here x
More info on Bolsius
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What are your favourite wax melts? 

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