Wednesday, 29 March 2017

10 Things I Love About Spring

10 things I'm loving spring
Is it me or did winter months feel like they lasted for AGES this year?! It may still be a little bit cold here in Glasgow but some days are defiantly starting to feel like spring, just the other day I was walking and I only wore a hoodie and I was still too warm, I think the temperature was 17℃. The clocks have also went forward and now the days are so much longer now. I look forward to sun rising early and the sun setting late too.

As much as I loved winter and all the amazing things about winter such as Christmas, the snow and all of the snuggly clothes its nice to welcome spring.

10 things Im loving about spring
spring time

  1. The LONGER days - I love it when the days are longer because I like seeing the sun shine and also it gives me more of a chance to take blog photos because as a busy mum of 3 it's not always easy finding the time.
  2. Warmer weather -  As much as I love the winter and the fashion that comes along with it I am just excited to start weather t-shirts and maxi dresses.
  3. Fashion - I just love the embroidery thats in fashion right now, I have a big wish list with a few things I want such as the boots and blouses. I also like wearing hoodies too because they are so darn comfortable too. 
  4. Food - I know these foods are available all year round but I seem to enjoy smoothies and ice cream much more in the warmer months. 
  5. Mother's Day - I just Mother's Day because my kids are so lovely and make me cards and always bring me lovely gifts. This year they bought me a box of chocolate and a gorgeous Orchid flower.
  6. Easter -  As a family we just love Easter, my children like choosing their easter eggs and my mum likes to spoil them too when we go  to visit her during the school holidays. I have a few craft things in mind to do this year and also some baking too. 
  7. The Flowers  - It's so nice to see to see daffodils, tulips and crocus it is a very colourful reminder spring is here and it's the first of the many flowers and greenery of the season. 
  8. Running/Jogging - Even though I can run or jog all year round spring has to be my most favourite time of the year to do it because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. I need to keep my motivation to keep at it though. 
  9. Wrestlemania - I love all the wrestling shows from WWE and the independent circuits in the UK but my favourite event of the wrestling calendar has to be wrestlemania. I am most looking forward to the Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker match. 
  10. Amazing new films in cinema - I have not been to the cinema in over 10 years but I am going to have to go soon because I want to see beauty and the beast. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time Disney films so it's exciting to see this version.

What do you love about spring and what is you're favourite season? 

Melissa x
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Saturday, 24 December 2016

My Goals For 2017

Hi Lovelies 
Honestly I can't be the only one who thinks that 2016 was really fast! One minute it was new year, the next the summer holidays and now it is nearly  the blooming new year AGAIN. I can't say 2016 has been my all time favourite year because they have been  a fair few hiccups in it but apart from that its been fine. I can't say I did particularly well with last years goals because I unmotivated myself because of some of the hiccups that happened during the year and not only that I recently discovered I have PCOS, so yes an eventful year but hopefully it will lead onto a brilliant and easier 2017.

My Goals
  1. Control my PCOS: This year has been a bit all over the place because of my hormones and some days have been rubbish with it but I am planning on controlling it better with eating better and also with a bit of luck and motivation loose some weight too ( I have put on 4 stone in 2 years) 
  2. Loose weight: This is following on from the above. I am hoping to keep myself motivated to get myself fitter and stronger for 2017 and honestly motivation is the biggest key for me so hopefully I will find it and keep it always.
  3. Read more books: This year I have read a few books including Harry potter and the philosophers stone, Jackie Collins Thrill and I've also started to read game of thrones and the next harry potter book, I would like to continue reading books because it is so relaxing.
  4. Complete Veganuary and stay vegan: I have been vegan before for around 8 months back in 2014 and since then I have mostly eaten vegan foods but sometimes I have eaten vegetarian foods too. Motivation again is key and also finding places that sell vegan foods and also trying more vegan recipes 

Blog Relatad Goals
  1. Schedule more: At the moment my blog posts are mostly posted at random times, I really only post when I have a spare couple of hours. I hope to get more posts done and make sure they are shared on all my social media to help grow my blog more
  2. Get 500 youtube subscribers: I have 101 at the moment which I am very happy with but hopefully this time next year I get to my goal of 500. Its kinda a thing to show that my youtube is worth doing. 
  3. Have 3000 Instagram followers: At one stage I honestly thought I wouldn't get past 1000 followers but now I have well over 2,500! I think I have pretty well and to be honest I just love my Instagram feed, I love sharing on it.
  4. Keep going: I have been blogging for nearly 3 years now and I love it as much now as I did then. I will continue to do it because I just love it.

I am sure I will be adding more goals thought out of 2017 but these are the ones I can think of right now, so keep a look out in future. 

Thanks for reading ♥

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Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Weekly Update #1

Hi Lovelies 
I have decided instead of having a weekly update on my fitness journal update I will be replacing it with a weekly update post instead. The reasons I decided that is because my blog is about everything that matters to me not just fitness, so Il be writing all about my week and my plans for the upcoming weeks and so on! Any ways you get the idea of what the weekly post will be about. 

Happenings during the week
  1. The kids went back to school again after being on October holidays. We had a little break at my mums house which is 100 miles away, so it was nice for us all to see my family that we don't always get the chance to see as often as we would like. 
  2. I went back to the gym after not being there for almost 2 months. I know its such a long break but I was visiting my mum and it slipped my mind. Fingers crossed I keep myself motivated.
  3. I went shopping with my partner and treat myself to some new lingerie! My old lingerie is getting a bit worn out now so treated myself. I also got myself an amazing low cut top in River Island, honestly it was nice to have some time to treat myself 
  4. I had Autumn Leaf bath bomb with my partner and honestly it was just divine! Its the perfect reflection of autumn in a bath product. 
  5. I Used a colour remover on my hair to get the dark hair dye out of my hair, remarkably it worked very well and I will have a post all about it in the upcoming week fingers crossed.

Plans for next week 
  1. Ive been invited to a Body Shop event on Wednesday! Me and my partner are very excited to go to this, I can't wait to update you all on how this will go.
  2. Me and my partner are hoping to go back to Steak, Cattle and Roll which is situated on Sauchiehall street in Glasgow! This place has the most amazing burgers and milkshakes I have ever seen. I went for my birthday and I've been wanting to go back ever since.
  3. You may not know it by my blog lately but I just love baking! I have plans to make a nut and chocolate cake! I have planned it out so fingers crossed it goes well so I can put it on my blog.
  4. I will hopefully have another blood test to see if my hormones are still on the high side, I haven't been feeling myself in ages and sorry for this *TMI* my monthlies are always 2-5 weeks late which can be uncomfortable.

The Super Duper Good News

  1. Me and my partner have been together for 6 years! The years have go past so quickly and we still love each other more and more, I know it sounds cheesy but we do.

The Darn Right Bad News

  1. Honestly this week has been super tough week because we found out the dog I grew up with, my mums Airedale Terrier Ben (he's 13) has got cancer. Unfortunately they isn't anything that can be done, so my mum and us are going to enjoy him along as possible.

What have you been up to this week?

Thanks for reading ♥

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Friday, 22 January 2016

15 things to do on a lazy weekend

15 things to do on a lazy weekend
Every now and again I just absolutely love quiet weekends in and after thinking back on all what I LOVE doing most on lazy weekends I thought I would share with you all my favourites things to do whenever a lazy weekend comes up. As much as I love a lazy weekend its not something I do every weekend its something maybe happens once or twice a month seeing as I am a full time mum of three beautiful children.
I know a lot of people like going out partying on a weekend or visiting a busy restaurant, but I much prefer a nice quiet weekend after a long week of taking the children to school, picking them up and other mummy and home duties.
 15 things to do on a lazy weekend
  1. Read a new book - I have never read the harry potter books so I am starting my journey with them now. I just loved the movies and my mum and sister recommended to me to read the books as they are so much better then the films, I can't wait to find out.
  2. Have a Lush Bath - This is probably one of my favourite things of mine to do! I love relaxing in a lush bath after a very long day, they make me feel amazing and they smell gorgeous too.
  3. Colour a colouring book- I used to always draw and colour in but I stopped doing a couple years back till until recently I discovered my love for it again. At the moment I colour in adult colouring books and they are very relaxing and make me feel accomplished once I am finished.
  4. Listen to your favourite music - I just listening to my favourite music on lazy weekends and my all time favourites have to be Michael Jackson, Queen and Enrique Iglesias.
  5. Paint your nails - The weekend is usually the time I change my nail paint and I find it very relaxing. I usually paint my toenails and finger nails at the same time and after I have painted and they have dried I usually apply a hand  cream.
  6. Moisturise - Even though I moisturise most days the weekend makes it so much more relaxing. I usually moisturise my body, my feet and hands.
  7. Use a face mask - After a long week they is nothing my skin loves more then a face mask to give it that uplift it needs. I usually use different types but my favourites are ones that cleanse the skin and improves its smoothness.
  8. Schedule blog posts -  For me this is the perfect time to plan the week/months ahead blogs posts and even take blog photos if its a nice sunny day.
  9. Watch a new series on Netflix - I recently bought Netflix and now I'm just addicted to it. At the moment I love watching Mr Selfridge and  would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something new.
  10. Paint - This is an activity I love to do with my family and we manage to do it every weekend. We usually have a theme and they usually paint what they like, the last theme we had was flowers and they did some amazing painting, I loved joining in too.
  11. Bake  - I love baking and nothing beats home made cupcakes and cakes, the smell of fresh baking in the kitchen always uplifts my mood. I like baking cupcakes and my children like decorating them.
  12. Candles - Any day of the week I just love scented candles whether it be a Yankee candle or any brand its a mood up lifter in the evenings. My favourite candles at the moment are floral scents like sweet pea and roses.
  13. Phone family and friends - I know it sounds very obvious but its a great time to catch up with old friends and phone our loved ones. The weekends are usually the only times I have to have a good long conversation with friends and family.
  14.  Have Pizza - One thing I just love on a lazy weekend is Pizza! pizza is my favourite takeaway food and I can't resist eating it with wedges and garlic bread .... yum!
  15. Have a long walk or go to gym - I know its a silly suggestion for a lazy weekend but I really do think a bit of exercise to start the day makes a difference to the rest of the day. Once I come back from a long walk I feel refreshed and then I feel better with a lazy day.

I hope this list helps anyone planning a nice weekend in and its also a great list of things to do on a day off work when you just want to relax. I am planning a nice lazy weekend this weekend and I am looking forward to my lush bath followed by me reading Harry Potter with some chocolate and a packet of crisps.

 What do you do on a lazy weekend?

 Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Goals for 2015 - Update

Hi Lovelies
I can't believe its nearly Christmas and also the end of 2015 and I'm already writing an update! I really think 2015 went by too fast, probably the fastest one I can remember. I almost forgot what my goals where for 2015 until I recently checked the post I wrote last year, I must admit I did not complete most of my goals but I did achieve other things which evens things out for me.
My Goals for 2015 were as follows
Schedule blog posts - This one was a bit of a hit and miss for me as I did have a few times this year where I actually did manage to post everyday but also they was other times that I completely had an irregular posting pattern. This is a goal that I will continue to have for 2016 and hopefully will be able to achieve, the dream is to post everyday in 2016.
Learn Arabic - I totally failed at this one to be honest, I know very little Arabic and I don't think I have even learnt anything new from 2014, I probably only know how to pray and simple things like the Arabic alphabet. I am a little disappointed with that but on the other hand I am happy with my learning of the Quran.
Complete my Makeup Artistity course -  I failed this one but not because I was rubbish at it or anything like that, its because I would rather be something else in life which I am currently working on and will share with you all later on. I am very happy with the way I apply my own makeup and my fab makeup collection I just don't think being a makeup artist is the job for me.
More Charity work -  I wouldn't say I did more charity work this year but I think I did a pretty good job in 2015 with giving to charity. Charity has always been important to me and every year I will continue to give and do as much as possible for people in need.
Be more confident -  Being confident is one the biggest thing I wanted to do in 2015 and I wouldn't say I'm the most confident person in the world but I have came a long way since the end of 2014 and hopefully through time my confidence will continue to get better and better.
Visit my dads side of family - unfortunately this is a goal I didn't do as they is so many reasons why such as its so far from where I live and its very expensive to travel for me with my 3 children and my husband at the moment too. Hopefully one day when my dad decides to talk to me.
Save money -  I think this one has went very well and we are very well onto our way of buying our own house. I am so looking forward to having my own house instead of paying rent and not being able to design the house the way I would like.
Lose weight -  I gained a lot of weight this year that I am not even going to write down how much I have gained because sharing it is not going to do anything. I am not even upset about it to be honest as I know I will loose it eventually through time. I am happy with the way I am at the moment and will continue to be regardless of what the scales say.
Did you achieve your goals for 2015?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Silent Sunday

Thanks for reading ♥

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Day out - Edinburgh Zoo

 Hi Lovelies
Its been a while since my last post but I've had a busy and eventful past few days and I have a lot to share with you all on my blog. As some of you may know its recently been Eid for Muslims and I've had a busy weekend as I went to Glasgow central mosque for the first time ever for the Eid prayers and after that we went to dinner at my husbands mums house! she made the most amazing food and dessert I was full for the rest of the day. My husbands mum gave us Eid money for the kids to take  them zoo so we ended up taking the kids over to Edinburgh Zoo for a lovely Eid treat.

As we Live in Glasgow already Edinburgh isn't that much of a journey for us thankfully so we just took the car and it took us about an hour to get to Edinburgh Zoo. Parking at the Zoo was ok even though I found it a tad bit expensive at £4. They wasn't much of a queue when we went to the zoo as it was just before 3pm and it cost us just under £50 for us as my youngest daughter who is 2 got in for free. I know its a zoo and the upkeep of the animals is expensive but for me the price was a tad bit on the expensive side but I was optimistic visiting the zoo.

They was a nice selection of animals to see at the zoo but I found the some enclosure's weren't suitable for the sizes of the animals. The biggest disappointment for me is its impossible to see the pandas, this is the second time in 3 years I have been to Edinburgh zoo and both time the pandas have been fully booked so its really hard to see them, last time I visited I went super early too. We looked seeing the monkeys and they looked very happy to see visitors and they were my youngest daughters favourite part of the day. As a treat for seeing the whole park we decided to get ice creams as a nice treat and it cost over £8 for 2 ice cream and 2 calipo, so I would suggest if you visit the park bring a packed lunch as it can be a bit expensive otherwise.
To leave the zoo you have to go through the gift shop so be aware haha! We got the kids 2 dinosaur teddies and I also got my brother a badge as he loves to collect them and have over 7000 now.
I don't like giving a negative reviews but for me Chester zoo is so much better and you can see more animals and its easier to get around.
Have you been to Edinburgh Zoo before?
 Melissa x 
Thanks for reading

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Preparing for Ramadan 2015

preparing for Ramadan 2015
Hi Lovelies
With roughly only a week until Ramadan and this will be my second year of taking part in Ramadan as the previous ones as I was pregnant so I am looking forward to starting and completing this years Ramadan with my husband Inshallah!
Last year was a big surprise to me, as it was very hot, hotter then usual and I completed so many more days then I expected and it was easier then after a few hours and usually during the day I was fine but once it got to 1 hour before iftar time, the minutes feel like hours and especially when you start preparing the food and can see ice cold pop waiting at the dinner table.

What is Ramadan?
I will just give you all a quick idea what Ramadan is all about, this is only a brief guide on it and my own personal view on it, more information is online and you can find out more by visiting your local Mosque (Masjid).
Ramadan is a celebration celebrated by a billion Muslims all around the world and is observed by Muslims on the 9th month of the Islamic calender which is the month Muhammad (PBUH) had the first revelation of the Holy Quran. Ramadan is one  of the five pillars of Islam and Ramadan usually lasts 29-30 days depending when the crescent moon is spotted.
While fasting from dawn till sunset Muslims refrain from eating food, drinking liquids, smoking and engaging in naughtiness haha!  We eat food after sunset and just before dawn.
During Ramadan I try to read Quran more and offer more prayers (salah) Ramadan is very relaxing for me and is one of my favorite times of the year.
Ramadan is only done by healthy adult Muslims! and children, people with illness, pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruation are exempt from fasting. They is other exceptions too, you can find out more about the month of Ramadan over at

How me and my husband are preparing 
I still can't believe its only next week but I am trying to sort everything out ready such as food and meal plans and so on. I find it best getting completely ready for Ramadan a few days before and it worked out really well for me last year. I am making meal plans up for the family so I will cook once a day and have meals ready prepared for my kids during the day and I will have mine and my husband already made for night time (Suhoor)&(Iftar)

I have wrote a meal plan out for opening the fast, the main meal and a meal to have before sunrise and I will have a separate post about that very soon. I am going to bulk buy things like rice, lentils and things like that so it reduces the amount of times I need to go shopping during Ramadan so we can save as much energy as possible without running around Tesco when the weather is so hot!

Prayers (Salat)During Ramadan we observe our usual 5 prayers a day but its also a time where we offer more prayers seeing as Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year.

Zakat (Charity)
Charity is very important for Muslims and its even one of the pillars of Islam, so yes very important. Zakat is 2.5% of how much is earned, wealth and belongings. Zakat helps charities from all around the world. The minimum given is 2.5% if a person can afford it and a person can also give more if they can afford too.

This is just a basic outline of Ramadan and they is much more about it online!

6 Days till Ramadan

Melissa x
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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Weekly Summary

Our week in Pictures
I baked a lemon cake and made some cupcakes for my children to decorate. When I bake my children look to help so I let them help me put ingredients in the bowl and of course they decorate the cupcakes, I know its messy but its worth it as they love it and enjoy them more as they made them, themselves.

I have changed my diet to add more fruits and vegetables, I am not saying I didn't eat enough  before but I just added more variety of fruits and vegetables into my diet. I have bought more varieties of fruits and vegetables so its a great way for my family to try new foods. My family love fruits with their breakfast every morning so I just added more then usual haha.
We went for our first meal out in Glasgow after being here now for just over a month. We treated the family to a nice meal out in Pizza hut we all enjoyed the food and the kids had plenty to do with the colouring books and crayons.

We visited my mum in my old hometown and in town they was tractors! My son loved seeing all the tractors and my mums dog an Airedale terrier really wanted to be in the photos too.
We all went to Primark for the first time in months so I had my fingers crossed I would find some lovely pajamas and thankfully primark didn't let me down and I treated myself to this lovely pj set! I bought some other stuff for my husband and my kids too.

I made a lemon cake, a recipe my nana taught me how to make me when I was 14 so over 10 years ago. Its still a favorite in my house, especially by husband. Check out my Simple Lemon cake recipe here!

Thanks for reading ♥
  fruity flamingo

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Interview with the real Rain Man

Hi Lovelies!
I would like to introduce you all to my brother Paul Major! My brother Paul is 31 years old and he has aspergers syndrome. Paul has had a difficult time growing up  and struggled with bullies and fitting in with people as people can only see Paul, what he is like on the outside but don't realise he is disabled or if they did they made him feel worse about himself.  My brother has my mum as a full time carer and she has been amazing looking after my brother, I myself try my best to look after my brother as he loves being with his family. 

Paul has many talents and realised them at an early age, one being is having a mind like a calender, My brother can tell anyone what day they were born on just from them saying their date of birth and  he can tell you the answer in lightning speed. He can also remember exactly what date he bought his badges and he has nearly 7000 of them which is just incredible. If those talents weren't enough he can also tell you what was number one  at any time in which the charts started.

Paul was in the News & Star in November 2014

Interview with Paul Major

How are you today? I am great thank you 

When did you realise you had your talents? When I was about 9, when I found an old calender in an old suitcase and I looked at it and thought to myself I can work out the dates on this. I have been brought up with music and have looked up the charts and everything from their I have just remembered.

How did you learn your talents? I have many ways the first being the calender and working out dates like a mathematician would work out maths and with music I looked at the chart books and I have just remembered from then on.

What are your hobbies? Badge collecting, CD collecting and seeing my girlfriend at the bowling and at the disco.

What are your favorite ways to showcase your talents? I love impressing people with my knowledge and being cool.

Do you have future plans for your talents?  I hopefully would like to show them on the TV and just carry on enjoy doing them.

I would love people to remember my brother has been wanting to show people his talents for a long time and he just wants people to like the work as he loves doing it and has done this for such a long time now. Paul would like people to know that a disability does not mean its ok to bully and we against bullying full stop! we hope to end disability hate crime as hes gone through a lot of it through the years.

Thanks for reading ♥

Melissa x 

  Melissa Zia
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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Reasons I love my Husband


Me and my husband have nearly been married for four years, we may of had our ups and down but our love has grown so much more since the day we got married. We got married 4 years ago in Glasgow and we had our honeymoon there as well, we are going for a weekend again this year again to celebrate our 4 crazy years being married.

Reasons I love my husband
- He is an amazing dad to our 3 children
- I am training to be a makeup artist at the moment and he such a flower! he lets me makeup practice on him and he just loves it!
- Every now and again he surprises me with my favorite flowers
- His dance moves aren't the best but they are hilarious 
- He never gives up, at the moment he works long shifts, goes to college and is a dad and husband.
- He loves hoovering, that's a chore off my list haha.
- He coughs when he farts to try and disguise it, he thinks hes being a gentleman haha
- We never fall out for over 1 hour as one of usually starts to laugh and we end up hugging and making up.

They is many more reasons but this post would be extremely long but I am sure you all get the idea.
I will do some more posts like this in the run up to our anniversary so I can share our celebrations with you all.

 Till next time guys and dolls!
Melissa x 

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bye Bye September

 September was an extremely very busy month in my household seeing as my son Dante went back to school and my daughter started at nursery after the long 6 week summer holidays and on top it all off it all they was loads of family birthdays to plan and so on.

1- It was mums dog, Ben's Birthday. Ben is an Airedale terrier and he is like a big teddy bear and it was his 11th birthday. He is such a big softy and has been the most wonderful dog ever so we had a little birthday party for him we bought him bandannas and a new collar and of course my sister made him a cake that was the a replica of him.

2- My son Dante started school again he is now in year 2 and I am sure he has grown over the summer holidays, he was looking forward to seeing his friends again and getting back to learning.

3. Another birthday was my brother Paul, he was 31. My brother Paul lives at home with my mum as he has autism he looks forward to his birthday and mentions it every day from July on wards so we always try our best to make the day super special for him. He collects Badges and has over 5000 so we got him some more and we made him a cake he loved his day.

4. One thing is that is that I accepted myself as beautiful even when I wake up in the morning with no makeup on and my hair all over the place! I feel fabulous and its thanks to RuPaul and watching RuPauls Drag race!!

5. Last up it was my son Dantes Birthday he is 7 and we planned a little party with our family he loved his presents and most of all his batman cake. We are planning to take him to a museum when it is the next school holidays.

What did you do in September?

Melissa x

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ameerahs First Week In Nursery

Hi Beauties
I can't believe its September already! August has just flown by and its that time when my little girl Ameerah had her first week at nursery, she has 2 half days and one full days and she is 33 months and she is 3 in January.

She had 3 settling in periods that were for 2 hours at the end of August and she loved it as soon as she went in thankfully, I had to fill out a few forms and things about what she is like and things she likes and enjoys such as her favorite program and foods things like that. At the moment she absolutely loves Peppa pig she loves to watch it and if she sees any clothes with Peppa pig she just have to have them :D. As for food she isn't really picky but she does not like broccoli. 

Starting properly on Wednesday the same day my son went back to school, she could not wait get to nursery! as soon as she woke up in the morning she said oooo nursery today. She ate her cheerios and we got her ready in next to no time which is not the way our mornings usually go haha.

On the way up to the Nursery she was hopping like a Kangaroo her favorite animal all the way until we got to the nursery door which is so grand and old fashioned! They answered and she gave them the most lovely smile and said NURSERY TIME! she knew excatly which room she was in and just hopped straight in and said bye bye mummy! it really did bring a tear or two to my eye it was so lovely to see my little girl in nursery and that she was happy.

They day for me went quite slowly wondering if she was enjoying it still and getting a long with the other kids but my husband reassured me she would be fine and by then it was time to pick up my son from school which took some of the time away and it would not be long till I had to pick her up.

The time came to pick her up and me and my husband decided to go together to pick her up seeing as it was her first day, arriving at the door we shouldn't of even worried at all ! she absolutely loved nursery and she even asked when it was time to go back again! she had an amazing day and got to know other kids and painted. I am happy she enjoyed it and so is my husband, I am pleasantly surprised it was an easy process for her to settle her into nursery as my was not keen to go and usually just wanted to stay at home haha.

Melissa x

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Are Black Cats Bad Luck ?

black kitten

Are black cats the cause of bad luck or something of witchcraft or even the work of Satan ?
This is many of things i have heard about black Cats , i have had people walk across the road so they don't walk past my cat thinking they would get bad luck crossing his path. I looked online and seen people think that if you cross a black cats path that its an omen ... o for goodness sake come on ??? a cat ? they are so beautiful creatures.
My friends boyfriend asked why did you get a black cat they are bad luck and demonic and to me its just plain stupid thing to think .Deep down i really did wonder where did all these superstition thoughts come from ? why are people so wary of black cats ?
I have found so many things on why people think Cats are bad luck.
1. The gambling world is wary of black cats crossing there path as they think they would bring them bad luck , maybe they should think a bit deeper and actually see that most of the time you loose its down to the casino and not a cat.
2. The Black cat in Folklore was actually believed to have changed shape into a human form to spy for witches or demons , its amazing what people actually think in such times but it was likely that it was one of there own who was a spy and not the actual black cat.
3. Pilgrims in Portsmouth devout to the bible thought of black cats of companions on the witches  and anyone caught with one would be severely punished or even killed. They believed that black cats were demonic or part of sorcery. 
4. The Middle ages when the Black death occurred peoples superstitions led them to believe that it was the fault of black cats rather then the real cause which was the rodents. They was mass and regular massacre of black cats as they thought them as satanic.

These are all myths and the added bonus of Halloween people are more superstitious even though they is no true claim that they are evil.
All these things are added on today's modern thinking's of the black cat
I have a black cat and he is called Salem i named him off the TV program Sabrina the teenage witch and he is such a friendly cat. He purs and loves cuddles hes never acted like a friend of Omen , he might be cheeky every now and again but no different from any other cat. He is such a family friendly cat he loves having the kids about he even and he loves it when my mum brings her Airedale terrier over they have a little kiss every time he visits like hes happy to see him again.
The amount of cats that are in shelters and even in some countries they will not allow them in because they are unwanted and for obvious reasons the superstition . It really makes me sad because they have such a lot of bad things said against them even thought the claims are not true , i really hope more people adopt more black cats because they are beautiful companions and a loyal friends.
If you look they is a lot of stories of black cats being good luck too from pirates to ancient Egyptians these should be highlighted more then the bad things. If you see a person with a black cat they are happy and the cats are a highlights for them .

Whats your thoughts on black cats?
Melissa x
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Where were you Dad ?

Hi Beauties
I know I won't be the only one who grew up not knowing their dad or meeting them, so I thought I would share with you guys my story on not meeting or talking to my 'dad' till I was 14 and the journey I had to take to get there.

I grew In Cumbria with my Mum, Sister, brother and my step-dad beefy. I had a very simple and family orientated upbringing and looking back it was an amazing time; i really do treasure those times and I am so thankful for Beefy, my step dad,  as he was always there and always will be. Sometimes growing up was overshadowed by the thought .. "does my biological dad even acknowledge my existence?"

Back when I was ten year old I was drawing with my sister when my mum called me over as she wanted to have a chat with me. She sat me down and looking back,  her face was quite sad and she was reluctant to tell me that Beefy, 'my dad',  was not my real dad. When she told me I honestly did think she was joking and I laughed to begin with but after a while I eventually realized she was telling the truth. Emotions ran in my in mind thinking why didn't he call? why did he not visit me? why he never bothered to send me a  Birthday card . My mum had photos of the time she lived with him in Essex and pictures of her and him,  even baby pictures of myself. I even found that I had more siblings down there, It was a time in my life that was very shocking and hard to endure.

After a few years I decided I wanted to look deeper and find my dad so when I was 14 my mum looked in the phone directory and she found my dad's sisters number.  Luckily, she was still at the same address and still had the same phone number. It took me a few days of heartache and wondering whether or not  this was a good idea. That day with my mum standing next to me I finally plucked up the courage to phone my aunt in Essex, I had a quick chat with her and asked if she had my 'dads' number, she did ! After the chat I hurried to dial the number which I just wrote down thinking wow I am finally going to talk to my dad! With my heart and my mind going 200 mph he answered the phone and I confirmed it was him by asking his name after which he asked me my name and I just broke down in tears and told him,  "I'm your daughter !". He simply said, "o alright .." We had a small chat but he told me that I could not call him while he was home as it would upset his new family life he had and that  he would call me when he was at work. After a few phone calls over a few months I asked my dad will he come visit me, he kept promising me he would visit me this went on for months which was very frustrating, I even asked him to help me pay for me to actually visit him in Essex and the rest of the family members but he always said he never had the money even though he had a well paid job and my mum even offered to pay. All these factors were the final straw for me so I just kinda gave up hope that I would ever meet him and the rest of my family in Essex.

 It was when I was 19 that my Auntie decided enough and that I should just come visit her so that my dad could see me and also see the rest of my family. When the time did come It was very hard as I had to travel over 300 miles on my own which I had never done before and spend a fortune on train tickets and money for food as at that time I had very little. At my aunties it was amazing I got to know her more and it was brilliant to finally get to meet her, she is very wise and is a fantastic person I am pleased to have met her and she was great the entire time I was there. On the other hand it took a couple of days for my dad to finally come.  My uncle and other auntie came before that and they were so pleasant , uncle mick was amazing and has the kindest heart. He told me that it was great to finally meet me and my dad was silly for not seeing me for all this time. The day when my dad did come my heart raced so much I felt terrible to be honest, so many thoughts ran through my head and when he finally came and knocked on the door which my aunt opened, I was sat on the chair like a vegetable. I can honestly say every emotion came out I cried so much and just turned away from him as all the years he let me down just all came in my head and at that moment it dawned on me that he did not try hard enough to be a dad, he tried to give me a hug for a bit and when I did finally hug him back it just felt like its a bit late for this with no explanations if you know what I mean. He stayed for about 30 minutes and I got invited to his barbecue the next day. At the barbecue I met loads of family members and it was a great day but it felt like I was thrown in the deep end , he just acted like he had never missed a day in my life it was awkward but I did learn a lot and I am thankful to have met my family in Essex, I still talk to a few relatives now but dad? no its still not great he can't even remember my birthday. Not even a card :(

The lesson I learned now at the age of 24 is i just don't mind anymore I have just gotten over the fact he won't be there for me. He never even congratulated me on the birth of my children nor got them anything. He is connected to me by blood but that is all, he never had a part in raising me and never made the person I am today. My advice to anyone in my situation is please don't think your unloved or try too hard, you are fine as you are! its the parent who missed your life that is in the wrong. You are perfect and you define your life, so look at your life and think wow I have achieved so much and are so thankful for great family and friends. It has worked for me and now I have accepted that its not like a fairy tale... its far from it. I am thankful for my amazing family and such a supportive mum and husband. My husband has come close to going down there and knocking some sense into him, but he's not worth it.
Sorry for such a long post I just needed to share my story, and maybe to help someone who has been through the same.

Melissa Zia x

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Families Eid Celebrations

Hi Honey Bee's 
As you guys might know Ramadan has now finished and yesterday was Eid, Its unbelievable how fast the month flew past even though me and my partner were fasting, if you want to know more on Ramadan check my post dedicated to it Here. Eid Mubarak to you lovely people and I hope you all had a beautiful day. Today I am sharing my Eid with you lovelies.

Morning My son woke everyone up this morning by deciding to be a wrestler from WWE at 6 am and the girls woke up soon after. When we all got up me and my husband had a cuddle symbolizing the end of an amazing month  followed by a breakfast of an odd number of dates. We picked out the nicest clothes to wear and had fun picking my two daughters outfits today as they all match and apart from that I managed to get a picture before one of them moved. My son and partner went to our local mosque at 9 ish in the morning to get there in time for Eid prayer at 10. The mosque is quite small and there is no room for sisters to go on Fridays or during Eid unfortunately. Fortunately, they are looking to purchase a bigger building and my husband is persuading them towards that. My husband soon came back at and I was told it was very busy and everyone was in a celebratory mood by hugging and wishing each other well . 

Afternoon.  Today was also my dad, Beefys 68th Birthday. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to go over to my mums and beefys home to give him his card and present. While their we had our lunch with my family which was hummus sandwiches with salad which went down a hit. I happened to have the idea that hummus in a sandwich would be nice and thankfully I was correct, with lettuce of course :) My mum has a beautiful dog called Ben and he is such a big softy,  he loves our company and he is like an uncle to us.  He always sits near us when we visit which I find so affectionate. My girls watched Peppa pig while sitting side by side with my mum while my son fell asleep on the couch. I love spending time at my mums and we go at least twice a week. When we came home I made a pilau from scratch for the first time and thankfully, it went down well with my husband and kids.

Night  After a long day at being at  my mums house the kids decided they would got to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal as they usually go at 7 am. Me and my partner had a nice and quite time with tea and cake; enjoying each others company, reflecting on life and praying for the people of Palestine. 
Hope everyone had a lovely day!
Melissa x
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Week In Pictures #1

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♥ Vegan Superdrug Haul ♥ The Vegan Kind  New trampoline
Palestine Nails  Walked mums dog Ben   My First Ripe Tomatoes 
Eating Clean  Iftar (Evening Meal)  Peace for Palestine
Melissa x

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Monday, 21 July 2014

A Simple Ramadan Guide.

a simple guide to Ramadan
Calligraphy of Allah(swt) and Muhammad(saw)

Hi Honey bee's!
I hope everyone is having an amazing week and enjoying the sunshine. As a few of you guys know it is now Ramadan right now so today I thought I would give you guys a simple guide to Ramadan.

Ramadan is based on  Islams 5 Pillars which are 
  • Shahadah - Declaring your faith sincerely 
  • Salah - Praying the 5 obligatory prayers.
  • Zakat - Is where you pay 2.5% of your yearly wealth to charity
  • Sawm - Fasting during Ramadan
  • Hajj - Pilgrimage to mecca.

While Muslims fast we do not eat or drink from dawn till sunset, there is also other things we do not do during that time too which are smoking, anything naughty ha ha. Other behavior such as swearing and engaging in disagreements, back biting. Abstain from our desires.

As Muslim we strive to also increase reading the Quran and reading more salah(five daily prayers) as the spiritual rewards for this is multiplied during Ramadan.

Ramadan in the Quran:
 Chapter 2, Revelation 185, of the Quran states:

The month of Ramadan is the month in which was revealed the Quran and i quote, "a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month, and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, a number of other days. Allah desires for you ease; He desires not hardship for you; and that you should complete the period, and that you should magnify Allah for having guided you, and that perhaps you may be thankful".
Important dates in Ramadan. 
Hilal (the crescent) - This is when a new moon marks the beginning of a new month so this is typically where we find out when Ramadan starts.
Night of Power - The night of power is considered the most holy night of the year as this was the first night that Muhammad(pbuh) got the first revelation of the holy Quran. It is believed to be one of the odd days in the last 10 days of Ramadan.
Eid al-Fitr - This  marks the end of Ramadan and this is the end of fasting and is also a celebration for completing Ramadan. Kinda like Christmas :) 

Melissa x

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