Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The South Lanarkshire Comic Con

the south Lanarkshire comic con
I have always wanted to go to a Comic Con event and I never got the chance to go to one until recently. I was looking at upcoming events in my local area on my Facebook and I found out about The South Lanarkshire Comic Con which was held at Rutherglen town hall, which was hosted by BGCP. This event is a bit smaller than the annual MCM Glasgow comic con but still very much worth going too with lots of special guests, merchandise and cosplay competitions.

The time of the events was 10am till 4pm on the 4th of February. The parking in the area is plentiful but it was very busy because it was a Saturday and obviously because of the event too. We got their at about 10.40 and we eventually found a parking space after about 10 minutes but luckily it was only a 5 minute walk from Rutherglen town hall.

scotland ghostbusters
Glasgow fashion

Once we got their we payed the £1 fee and under 5s go for free, we also got our hands stamped so if we wanted to go out for lunch we could come back in easily. Once inside we were handed a leaflet with all the days activities and also directions to where all the shops and merchandise and were the cosplay competition were going to be held.

We went on the ground floor first which was a quite busy and had lots of comic books stalls and merchandise stalls like harry potter, candles and superhero themed stalls too. Also on the first level was a cafe where they were food and drinks available, the cafe was a big size so plenty of room for  a busy event.

Upstairs was easy to get to as well as it also had a big staircase and also lifts which is great for people with wheelchairs or with prams.

Upstairs had many more shops then the group floor and also had comic book artists which were drawing their comic book art and also their was one of my favourite wrestlers jack jester. The shops had lots more upstairs and also had hand knitted items, cakes and clothes.
Jack Jester
Special Guests

  • Jack Jester - He is wrestler from Glasgow and wrestles for ICW (insane championship wrestling) which is based in Glasgow. He won the ICW World Heavyweight championship and held it for 385 days.  They have shows here in Glasgow and all around the UK. 
  • Frank Quietly
  • Gary Erskine 
  • John Less
Lots of people made a brilliant on the day to dress up as different characters, they were lots of star wars themed costumes and also people dressed up as the Ghostbusters. I could see people put lots of time and dedication into their costumes.

Have you been to a comic con before?

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