Sunday, 16 July 2017

Finding Retro/Vintage Fashion on a Budget

Hi Flamingos! I hope you are all well?
I have loved vintage/retro style for as long as I can remember and I have a few reasons on why I love vintage style so much, firstly is Dita Von Teese! She wears the most amazing clothes and her house is a vintages fans heaven. Secondly has to be 40s-60s films and I remember I used watch with my nana, she loves watching musicals and they always wore fabulous costumes and it made me want to wear something similar. Lastly its the fact I love the way the clothes look on me! I bought a retro dress a few years back to see if I would suit it and I haven't looked back since! Vintage style is everything for me. 

As much as I love vintage/retro fashion sometimes it can be rather expensive, don't get me wrong they are worth the money but I love getting bargains regardless. I have a few ways on how I save money on wearing retro clothes and I will share with you all on how I save the pennies when it comes to wearing vintage style fashion. 
1. Shop the sales
 Sometimes the discounts are MASSIVE and I mean they are such bargains! I bought 2 dresses the other day from Lady V London which were the last in my size (Lucky me yay) and both of them cost me the same as the usual price of 1 dress, so basically I got 2 dresses for the price of one. 

I like looking at sales not just online but also in store and recommend looking at both if you can. I usually buy online but sometimes in store has some gems too. 

2. Charity Shops 
 I love going to charity shop as often as possible because you can find not only bargains but unique clothes too! I have found good name brands in charity shops and also some good quality dresses too such as the one I am wearing in these pictures. The dress is originally from quiz and cost me a bargain price of £2, I made it look more vintage my adding a high waisted belt which i think did the trick.

Not only do they have some nice fashion they also have products that you can style vintage style clothes with too such as brooches, earrings and scarves. 

3. Ebay, Gumtree and Selling pages
Another amazing place to find bargains and unique products, you can find branded products such as hell bunny, Collectif and Voodoo Vixen for a fraction of the price. Also on there is unbranded products that can easily made to look more vintage/retro with a few tweaks here and their.

They are many selling pages online and my favourites are on Facebook as they sell some amazing branded products. 
vintage style uk
4. Tweak clothes you already own
  I do this very often with the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, it would cost me far too much to replace everything so I usually just wear trousers with a plain t-shirt or jumper and put on my high waist belt and style my hair vintage and it automatically makes an outfit look vintage. You can also add a brooch for an extra finishing touch.

5. Car boot Sales and Fairs
Not only are these places amazing for vintage furniture and home decor, they can also be treasure troves for finding affordable vintage fashion. Look in magazines and online for car boots thats are dedicated for vintage/retro style fashion.

Dress- Quiz ( Charity Shop)
Tights ( Marks and Spencer)
Shoes ( Irregular choice) present 3 years ago

I hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I did, I will be adding more and more fashion posts in the not so distant future so keep an eye for them.

Do you have any tips on buying budget vintage fashion?

Melissa x 

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Dressing my curves with confidence

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all well?
I LOVE MY body, yes you read that correctly I love the way I look ( I am not trying to sound vain 😜). I am plus size/curvy and for me the image perfect is in your eyes only not in what the media or what others say. I have heard so much CRAP about getting your perfect beach body in time for summer... I mean really what is a perfect summer body? I am a size 16 and for me I am so ready for the summer no matter the size of my clothes or the weight on the scales.
Over the last 2-3 years I have gained quite a bit of weight but with a lot of hard work and exercise I have kept my weight the same for nearly a year now "yay!!!"(happy dance...) I still enjoy my food but tend to exercise a lot more now and also drink lots of water too. For me, personally, diets don't work because I get very easily bored of them and I don't like having a  set routine of what to eat if you know what I mean. Eating good things in moderation is the way to go

I have always loved to wear pretty dresses especially if they are in the rockabilly style because I am a retro girl at heart but with the weight gain I haven't been 100% confident to wear dresses for a long time because of the way my body has changed with PCOS. I wore joggers/leggings all the time because they were so comfy and to be honest I just love wearing them but back to then thats all I wore at one point until one day I went out of my comfort zone  and I ordered some dresses on Lindy Bop because the retro girl at heart was calling out to me to give the dresses a try. 
Over the least few months I have got myself some lovely dresses and skirts and I actually shocked myself how lovely they looked,  including this dress from Lindy bop which fits me perfectly and also looks amazing. I have worn dresses outside so many times too and I love to get dressed up every now and again as its one of those things that help give me a confidence boost. I still love to wear leggings and joggers too from time to time because you know they are so darn comfy and they kinda feel like a hug. 

Getting these retro dresses has been a great for me and has given me the confidence to go out and wear what makeup and clothes I want because you know something everyone... if it makes you happy than thats all that matters! I will continue looking amazing in my retro vixen clothes because they make me feel good.
I know dresses aren't everyones cup of tea but I love them and I think we should all wear what we all find comfortable even if that means not everyone agreeing with you because no matter what,  people like to complain about little things and the way we want to dress is one of them. So from now on I am going to dress how I want and feel most comfortable with and in the end isn't that all that matters?

Melissa x
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Friday, 3 March 2017

March Primark Haul

Hi Lovelies
I am so happy it is *FINALLY* March and the reason Im so blooming excited its March is that spring time  is that extra bit closer and we all know what that means, longer days and warmer weather with a little bit of luck. I can honestly say I am getting a bit tired of the colder weather now and I am sure I'm not the only one right? Anyway seeing as the days are a little longer and a brighter I decided to have a little look in Primark to see what was in their Sping range. I went in only wanting to get some leggings and came out with a MASSIVE bag full of things, but thats so typical of me, that happens to me every time I go shopping in Primark or Lush. 

I did buy a few things but unfortunately I totally forgot to put my partners stuff in the photos or the youtube video *woops* but he just got himself some fitness gear because he got he recently got a job as a personal trainer *yay*.

march primark haul

  1. Grey Hoodie - Even though spring can be warm its still can have its cold days and mornings tend to be cool. Love how comfy it is and is a perfect for a casual outfit.
  2. Floral Lingerie set - Is it me or has Primarks lingerie improved so much? The designs are very nice and the prices are so very good too. I wish they were bigger sizes though as it was a little bit tough to find the larger sizes. 
  3. Bon Jovi T-shirt - I love wearing band t-shirts I have no idea why but I just think they look cool and are perfect for everyday wear. 
  4. Leggings -Like honestly can you ever have to many leggings? They are so comfortable and the stretch in them is just amazing. These have an elastic waist band on top with a nice design they also have a logo on the side that says Tokyo. 

primark beauty haul
I haven't really tried Primark beauty products before apart from the makeup brushes so I thought it was about time to try some more of the beauty products in the range to see how well they worked and I ended getting these.

  1. False Lashes - I have always wanted to wear false lashes more but finding ones that suit me and also ones that fit my budget was a bit of a problem, fingers crossed that these will work  the charm with me. 
  2. PS Pro blending brush - Now I have seen a lot of these brushes on youtube and they seems to be a big hype about them so thought why not give them a try?
  3. Lip Crayons - I have a fair few lipsticks but I think only one lip crayon so I decided to give this one a try, the shade looks very nice.

Everything else 
  1. Hair accessories and jewellery for my daughters - My daughters love to wear hair clips and the sparklier the better in their opinion. I also got them bows and also two matching bracelets. 
  2. Pokemon Ball Cushion - My son is a big fan of Pokemon and he got a surprise when I got him this, he loves it. I need to get him Pokemon a duvet for him next. 

Have you been to Primark lately?

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Monday, 9 January 2017

Jolly January: Updates and Plans

lindy bop dress
Hi Flamingos 
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year! I sure did, I visited my mum and family who live 100 miles away so it was great to see everyone after not seeing them for a while. We had a couple of parties and my kids enjoyed seeing their grandparents and the rest of the family. I was super happy to see my mum too because she's like my best friend 💜

Anyway its normal routines for us all now, I'm now back home in Glasgow and the kids are back at school/nursery and my blogging routine is back to what it used to be. I am missing the Christmas holidays already. I feel they went far too quickly, don't you think?

I have a few goals for the year ahead but I also have some to do for this month too so you know I think its good to have little set goals for the month and its possible that I will update each post more than once as we all know months can change.

lindy bop dresslindy bop dress
Lindy Bop Bottle Green Dress (past season) similar (Link)
River Island Bag (past season)
Tesco Thick Tights
T.U.K kitty heals (Link) 

  • My mum got a puppy and he's called 'Bertie' he is an Airedale Terrier and he is just adorable
  • I started drawing again, I love art so I bought myself some drawing supplies and started to doodle every now and again.

Things Happening this month
  • I am back at the gym after a couple of months of not going. I wasn't looking forward to it to begin with but I am starting to enjoy it more now.
  • It is my daughters 5th birthday, honestly I don't know where the time has gone!
  • My vintage dressing table is coming, I am so excited to show you it.
  • Myself and my partner are going for a belated anniversary meal (been together for 6 years now) we don't know where yet but we are looking.
  •  I will also be filming more youtube videos for my youtube channel, if you haven't subscribed yet its on the right hand sidebar

Till next month x
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

OOTD // WWE T-Shirt

I love the detail at the back of the t-shirt!
What am I Wearing
Becky Lynch T Shirt - WWE Euroshop
Bag - New Look
Crop Leggings - Primark
Pink Converse - Schuh

If there is one thing I love to watch it has to be WWE and luckily for me this past Saturday I actually had the chance to go see a live event and it was out of this world. For the event, I bought myself a t-shirt of one of my favourite women wrestlers 'Becky Lynch'. I bought myself a size XL(UK Size 14-16) to make sure I was comfy and it fit me perfectly and there was plenty of room, I'm size 16.
I wore this outfit all day and  for the WWE event which took place in the evening time. I felt super confident and enjoyed the event to the max!

Do you have any events you like going too? Tell me in the comments your favourites?

Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Outfit | Plaid top

plus size plaid top
plus size plaid top
 ( Top Primark , leggings George Asda, Unicorn Socks Asda and heals are from Matalan)
Hi Flamingos
I don't get new clothes very often as I can't always find things I like and I only buy stuff that I 100% like before I buy. Lately I decided to wear what I want and not care about my what size I am, I realised size is only a label and it really doesn't matter. I am 100% healthy and eat very well, I maybe larger then I was 3 years ago but as long as I feel good I know I look good too.
The outfit I chose was a new top I got from Primark recently with some old stuff I already had. It was my husbands brothers birthday as well and all the family where coming over so I wanted to be comfy and look smart at the same time and I really felt amazing and was nice having all the family over. I have been baking all weekend and making a birthday cake and just over 30 cupcakes.
Thanks for reading ♥

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Floral Monsoon Dress

Monsoon dressmonsoon dress
Dress - Monsoon / Leggings - Asda / Flamingo socks - Asda / Shoes - Matalan
Hi Lovelies
Its been a while since I posted a fashion post as I don't think I am the most fashionable person but sometimes I do like to share my outfits of the day and of course I love my Monsoon dress so much I thought why not?
My favourite types of clothes are dresses, long tops and leggings but it can vary, depending of the style of the clothing and also designs too. I recently discovered  monsoon clothing while shopping for an outfit for Eid and luckily at the time they was a sale on and I got this beautiful dress for a bargain of only £17 reduced from £59. I am super happy I found Monsoon as the clothes are perfect for me and they wonderful designs, they may be a bit on the expensive side but I must admit their clothes are very well made, I am looking forward to adding more monsoon clothes to my wardrobe.
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥

Friday, 30 January 2015

90s Grunge

90s grunge

90s grunge

90s grunge

90s Slogan T shirt £8  // Jogging bottoms £14 // Braclet was in a The Vegan Kind Box
// Socks are old bought them in New look.

As I was shopping in Matalan I just noticed the most amazing t shirt! a 90s t shirt and I just had to have it and for £8 I thought it was worth the money. I also  had to get a pair of pants to match the t shirt so I just chose a simple pair of joggers, so this outfit is perfect for a casual look with comfort too. I think my socks matched the outfit perfectly too.

My shape is very curvy so I got the t shirt in a size 12 and the joggers in a size 14 for comfort as my shape kinda looks like an hour glass shape. The t shirt is quite long and quite covering and the back of it is a bit longer then the front of the t shirt. The joggers are very comfortable and can be dressed for most ocassions and I tend to like wearing joggers more in winter as its not the warmest outside at the moment.

I have so many socks and always seem to be buying different pairs montly as I do like a quirky pair of socks, my mum bought these for me a few years ago as she knows I am a cat lady for sure as I have 3 cats, Salem, Poppy and Kitty haha.

Has anyone bought any new clothes recently? :)

Melissa x

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Top 5 1950's Icons

My Top 5 1950's Icons
(images not my own found on google)

I am such a 1950's fan as it is so classy and has my most favorites icons in it! for me all over eras don't compare to the classic styles and films of the 50s, I have even taken inspiration from them and put them into my own fashion and beauty routines but of course have a twist.

- Diana Dors - I know shes not the biggest of 1950's of stars but she has to be my favorite for style and I take a lot of beauty/makeup inspiration from her such as my eyeliner. Diana Dors took inspiration of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Tony Curtis - How handsome is Tony Curtis? I am a big fan of his films such as the vikings and my all time favorite film 'Some Like It Hot' His style such as his hairstyles is still very popular in our cultures with duck tail hairstyle, even Elvis Presley took inspiration after seeing Tony Curtis on TV.

Audrey Hepburn - Those brows though?! probably the best eyebrows Hollywood have ever seen and will ever see again. Audrey Hepburn has been the most elegant actresses with her style and looks and she makes it look effortless. Although not 50's films my favorite Audrey Hepburn films are breakfast at Tiffany's and my fair lady.

Elvis Presley -  It wouldn't be right not to have Elvis Presley on the list! Elvis is the core of the 50s with his amazing music from Bossa Nova Baby and Hound Dog not only did he have an amazing voice he was also a fashion icon and fantasic in a quite a lot of films at that time. His Legacy will live on forever.

Marilyn Monroe - No need for introductions everyone knows about the blonde pin Marilyn! Marilyn has been an icon ever seen we seen her on screen in the 50s and she is ever popular now. I get so much fashion and beauty inspiration off Marilyn as her looks are time less and just perfect to me.

Who is your favorite person from the 50's?

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October Wishlist

Hi Lovelies!
Its now October one of my favorite times of year... its Halloween. I love the makeup and fashion that is out this month so I tend to stock up of the spooky items seeing as you can't get them at other times of the years. So lets get the wishlist started...

MAC Lipstick in Violetta | £15.50
Ever since I tried Flat out Fabulous and Russian Red the desire to have more mac lipsticks has grown but the one I have been wanting lately is the gorgeous pure violet shade, its so vibrant and one of my favorite colours that I just have to have it! its just a shame its out of stock at the moment.

ASOS - Lantern Halloween Slippers | £25
As soon as I looked up Halloween items on ASOS this just stuck out for me as I love the colour combination and of course the Halloween collection, if they weren't sold out I would of bought them already, hopefully they will come back in stock.

River Island Lime Peplum Jacket | £40
I just love the vibrant colour of this jacket and the shape of the jacket is so classy that it would go with so many outfits and fit my curves perfectly, so hopefully I should be getting this soon to add to my winter wardrobe.

Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares Palette | £6
I have a few Makeup Revolution palettes and I can say that that I love each one as they are so vibrant and the colours run true to what you see online. Give them nightmares has such great shades for everyday looks for me and of course night time looks too.

What is on your October Wishlist?

Melissa x 

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

September Wishlist

Hi Beauties!
August is now over and September is here so its that time of the month again to show you what I would love this month, its getting cooler but my wishlist is heating things up for me a bit.

Illamasqua Once Collection (prices between £14.50 and £21.50)
I have been waiting for this collection and was so excited when I first seen it, even though the colours aren't as vibrant as most of illamasquas make up it still looks beautiful. The collection looks very french and classic I just love it. It looks great for a natural every day look but obviously can be made more extravagant for night time. My personal favorite has to be the nail polish - Melange which is an antique golden teal with sparkles and matte, Perfection!.

Simone Fine Cateye Sunglasses (RRP £16.00)
I know the weather is starting to cool down a bit but still I need to get myself a nice pair of sunglasses especially on those days when the sun is low and a pair of sunglasses would be great to avoid the suns glare in your eyes.

Irregular Choice - Fantastic Low (RRP £79.99)
I have always been a Irregular choice fan since I was 18 and I still love their shoes now, I think these ones look stunning and perfect for shopping and going out on a date! and of course they look very comfortable to walk in.

Collectif - Polka Polly Flock Skirt  (RRP £30.00)
I absolutley adore vintage fashion and this skirt caught my eye in their A/W collection as it has polka dots and has an amazing fitting. I would of got this skirt sooner but my size isn't avalible at the moment but I really hope they bring it back in stock soon.

What is on your September Wishlist?

Melissa x

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Animal Print Vintage OOTD

Hi Beauties!
Its been a while since I last posted I know but I had a small blogging break, but I am back now and have loads of new posts ready for you all! First up is my vintage OOTD!

My lovely husband surprised with the beautiful shoes and the dress on my birthday and only just got round to wearing it the other day. I totally love it and its great to know that my husband has fashion sense and knows what I love to wear!

Dress // Matalan - Present
Leggings // River Island £22
Shoes // Irregular Choice - Abigails Party - A present

Melissa xx

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