Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Birchbox August | Review

Hi Flamingos, I hope you are all well?
I am not going to lie, last month I was almost sure I was going to cancel my Birchbox  last month because I thought they were too many samples but once I seen the theme of Augusts box I completely changed my mind and the name of this months box is "Mermaid Vibes" which is just fabulous isn't it? This months contents are apparently inspired by mystical mermaids with they're sparkly and shimmery look and in turn makes them perfect summer beauty goals and I can see why with all the mermaids I have seen in movies and read about in books. 

This months box has a gorgeous design which is exactly like an enchanted mermaids tail and not only that it also doubles up as a drawer so can be reused as something else, I use my old boxes for storing my makeup and my hair pins. 
birchbox mermaid vibes review
So whats in the box?
Spectrum Collections
A05 Brush from either Glam Clam or Bomb Shell RRP £59.99 for brush set

I just love spectrum brushes and I can never have too many makeup brushes so this is a very welcome edition to my collection. This brush can be used for a variety of different uses from makeup setting powder, bronzer or your favourite highlighter! I will be using it as a highlighter brush I am sure.

One and Done Shadow Stick in out of your shell or rock steady RRP £8 FULL SIZE

I dont usually uses eyeshadow sticks because I just love to use my  makeup brushes but I have tried this and its lovely and shimmery and pigmented. This can be used as an eyeshadow or an eyeliner.

Number 4
Sugar Texturizing Spray RRP £20 SAMPLE
I have not heard of this brand before but I am optimistic to giving this a try. This spray is meant to give your hair a bit of oomph without the crunch so you can have loose and shiny waves which is fab as my hair is naturally wavy. 

Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer From £20 SAMPLE
This has an amazing amount of 6 essential oils and with vitamin E, its just the perfect treat for your skin with a lovely golden shimmer. I have tried this a couple of times so far and I just love the smell, it can also be used on body, face and hair.

Renewing Mud Mask RRP £29 SAMPLE
Face masks are everywhere at the moment as they are very popular and rightly so because they are such a treat for the skin. This mask exfoliates the skin and it brightens and purifies the skin with fruit enzymes. I can't wait to try this on my Instagram stories, follow me on Instagram to see that.


What is your favourite subscription box?

Melissa x
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

July Birchbox | Review

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
Last month in the June Birchbox it had a gorgeous box design and this month is no different its inspired by the summer and this months box theme is Summer Daze. I love the fact that the box is actually a draw too so it can be reused for something else, I have used others to store my lipsticks as they are the perfect size. This months box has 6 products rather than the usual 5 and are inspired by the summer and going on holiday ( which reminds me I need a holiday!!)

I have had this subscription box for 6 months now and that means the products in the Birchbox shop are 15% off for me now which is a pretty good discount if you ask me. If you are new to bircbox you get 10% discount on the full size products in that months box and also you get a free gift and this months free gift is a 3 benefit trio. 
Inside Julys Birchbox
Benefit Cosmetics ChaChaTint or Gogotint Lip & Cheek Stain | RRP £22.50 (Sample)
I am a bit unsure about lip or cheek stains as I much prefer using my powder/cream blushers or lipsticks but I am sure I will use this eventually for days when I want to use something quick. The sample size is ok and works well.

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water | RRP £16 (Sample)
I actually wish this was the full size version because it has the most lovely scent and works wonders at removing my makeup. It is 99% natural and has soothing chamomile and mandarin oil to help leave skin feeling glowing. I use this with a cotton wool pad and remove my eye makeup first then get another pad to remove the rest of my makeup on my face.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery | RRP £20 ( Sample)
This is meant to transform hair while you sleep and once you wake up you wash your hair. This product hydrates hair while you sleep so your hair will be shiny and it also helps fight frizz. I have not tried this product as yet but will be soon fingers crossed and it was be on my Instagram stories.

Native Unearthed Natural Mineral Deodorant | RRP £7.99 ( Sample)
As much as I wanted to love this product I could not 100% love it unfortunately. I love the scent with this as it smells so natural and sweet and applying it is quite simple too, its kinda like coconut oil in consistency. I applied this after a shower and also whenever I needed it, the coconut oil is antibacterial and the arrow root helps to keep fresh all day. For me it didn't help keep bo away very well but regardless of that it could work for someone else.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat | RRP £9 ( Full Size) 
I actually needed a new top coat so this came just in time for me 'woohoo'. I have never tried anything from this brand before but I have had a little look on the brand online to see more about it and it looks positive. This is meant to help you get your freshly manicured nails dry faster and also keeps your manicure for longer, il be the judge of that anyways 

Catherine Malandrino Romance De Provence Eau De Parfum | RRP £53 ( Sample)
This is a little sample of a very nice smelling perfume, it is very floral and fruity at the same time! It has jasmine, orange flower, rose, violet and lily. The combination of all of them is just perfection and I am so tempted to get the full size version of this.

My Thoughts
I am a little unsure if I will conitue with this subscription because its been a bit too much samples as late. I will be giving the box another chance though seeing as I have enjoyed most of their boxes.

Next months box has a spectrum makeup brush and I can't wait to try it out because I have 2 of their makeup brushes so far and I love them

Do you get subscription boxes? if so which ones?

Melissa x
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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Glossy Box June 2017 *Spoilers*

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well?
I am very used to getting beauty boxes now and I can't say I have been disappointed by either 'Birchbox' or 'Glossy Box' because they have both so far delivered me amazing products so far, fingers crossed it will stay that way. 

This months box has an extra product rather than the usual 5 beauty products Glossy Box has treated us to a 6th product which is just fabulous! I don't want to give much away just yet but this box focuses a lot on skincare which is great because during the warmer months our skincare regime needs to be enough to protected with an SPF suncream and also a good moisturiser to keep our skin feeling soft and moisturised.  

**Spoiler Alert** 
glossy box june review
Inside Junes Glossy Box
 Beauty Pro Black Diamond Peel Mask (RRP £4.95 for 3) Sample 
I have actually lost count of how many youtube videos I have seen of people pulling off these face masks and usually they aren't the most comfortable for the user. My partner wanted to try this so I put this on his face and left it on for 20 minutes, during that time it dried and I pealed it off for him. He said it only got painful around the nose but it was only for a spilt second. We did notice that it did clear some blackheads from his nose which he was very chuffed about.

111 Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel ( RRP £110) Sample 
Eye creams are one of my favourite parts on my skincare regime as it helps my dark circles and puffiness too. I am very excited to give this premium eye cream out and fingers crossed I love this but then again I hope I don't because £110 seems so much for an eye cream.

Sleek Makeup Power Plum Lip Crayon ( RRP £5.50) Full Size 
I tried this  before without realising this was a lip plumper that makes lip tingle, It didn't feel amazing to be honest and can't say made a drastic difference to my lips. It is a lovely nude shade and think I might give this a chance again.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash ( RRP £3.29)  Sample
This sounds the perfect product to wash your face with as it contains Neem which has been hailed by the world as a wonder herd and not only that it has antibacterial properties too to help cleanse the skin. I am looking forward to giving this a whirl.

Batiste Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray ( RRP £4.29) Full Size 
Batiste is a brand I have known of for a while now, it has the best dry shampoo range in my opinion and they all smell wonderful too. I usually use dry shampoos when I don't have time to wash my hair or just to add some extra oomph to my hair. I have not tried this yet but I am excited to give this a try because I just love adding volume to my hair.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo ( RRP £22.50)  Sample
This is for adding a dewy look to foundation for adding a highlight to the cheekbones. I have tired this a few times now and think it works very well mixed with your favourite foundation.

glossy box june 2017

My Thoughts 
I just loved this months box and I really do think its great value for money for the amount of products you get inside a box. This months box had 2 full size products and also 4 good sized samples which are big enough to try more that once apart from the face mask. My favourite product from this months box has to be coin flip with the face mask and the batiste xxl spray. Next month they have a sneak peak and its a spectrum collections brush which is amazing and I can't wait to get it as they are so colourful and match me. 

For more info on Glossy Box click below 
Do you like getting subscription boxes?

Melissa x 
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Birchbox June 2017 | *Spoilers*

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
I cant believe how fast June is going by and not only that how fast Ramadan is going too, it's nearly finished already which means time to think about what to do for Eid, we are excited. I am really enjoying getting subscription boxes at the moment because its like a mini Christmas present opting every month and its great because you never know whats inside and it could be something you have been wanting for ages and also something you never knew you wanted but so glad you got anyway, this has happened to me a lot and I have new favourite products all the time. 

 Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends out a variety of different beauty products from hair, makeup to skincare. The brands are random and it is a great way to try new products and find new brands to try. Birchbox is also great because they have a point system in which you can make money back by writing reviews on their website and also if you have been a subscriber for 6 months you become a birchbox VIP. This months Birchbox theme is 'Daytripping' and its all about celebrating homegrown holiday destinations in the UK. 

birchbox june 2017 review
Inside Junes Birchbox

MeechNMia Brow Liner ( RRP £12.99) Full Size 
Brow liners are brilliant to have in your makeup collection because they help arch out the shape of the brows or if you have brows like mine they are brilliant for filling in missing patches ( I overused the tweezers when I was younger). I haven't heard of this brand before but its cruelty free and I am looking forward to giving this product a whirl.

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Set ( RRP £6.99) Full Size
I have tried Eco Tools brushes before and I actually wrote a blog post about them too because I loved them that much. The brushes are cruelty free and vegan and are perfect for everyday use and for traveling with too. I like the fact that these are double ended so you can use both sides and when you travel you will take less brushes too which is always a bonus.

Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream ( RRP £8) Full Size 
Another full size product this month which is fabulous and it is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while because I just love the name of the brand and how quirky the product names are tool. This has essential oils and I have used it a few times already and it smells lovely like coriander and grapefruit which is very refreshing.

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub ( from £11.95)
As much as I love coffee I am not a massive fan on coffee scrubs but regardless I will be giving this a try to see what its like. This is 100% natural and helps to hydrate skin, I recommend using this in the shower because it can be a messy product

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream ( RRP £46)
I have being looking for an eye cream for a little while now so this came just in time for me as I was getting a bit bored looking haha. I haven't tried this brand before but hopefully this will work out well for me.
birchbox june 2017 spoilers
My Thoughts
A very good value box as it had 3 full size products and all the products exceeded the price of the box so I feel like I nabbed a bargain this month. My favourite product in this months box has to be a coin flip between the ecotools brushes and the cow shed hand cream. I am looking forward to trying everything in the box and will be posting more about them on my social media so give me a follow on them to see more about them. 

For more information on birchbox check out the link below 
For £5 off your first Birchbox click the referral code below
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Do you like getting subscription boxes? Which is your favourite?

Melissa x
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Monday, 20 February 2017

February Birchbox | Review

February birchbox review
Hi Lovelies
As I said in my February Glossy Box post that my lovely partner has got me 2 lovely beauty subscription boxes. It has been well over a year since my last Birchbox and I have been tempted to order them again for a while so its just fantastic I have the chance to try them all over again. I have very high hopes for this months box and fingers crossed I will continue with the subscription because it like a surprise present every month. 

Birchbox is monthly subscription box that sends a variety of different beauty and skincare beauty products. The box costs £10 a month plus P&P.
february birchbox review
Inside this months box
Beaver Professional Daily moisture conditioning spay ( Sample Size
This is a brand I have never heard of before this box but I do like the sound of the product, this is a conditioning spray to help nourish and detangle hair as the formula is nutrient rich. I have used the a few times on my partners hair just after he washed his hair, it has a nice scent and made it easier for me to style. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse ( Sample Size)
I don't know why but I get a classic vintage vibe with the bottle of this! The sample size is decent and a good travel size. I have never tried an oil that is multi-purpose before so I am pretty excited to give this a try.

Keeome Hydration Mask Therapy ( Full Size
Before this I have never tried a sheet face mask, the only masks I have tried are clay masks etc. So I was so excited to try this! This mask is full of vital vitamins and mulberry extracts that are said to tired complexions. I put this mask on for 25 minutes and I must admit putting it on for the first time it felt different and my mum got surprise when I rang her haha. I did like this face mask though as it left my skin feeling smoother.

february birchbox review
Pop Beauty Bright up your life eyeshadow too in Champagne Mocha ( Sample Size ) 
This is a brand I have never heard of prior this box but I am pretty excited to try it out, I have not got a chance to try them yet but I did swatch them and they are very nice and they are neutral. I like everything about the palette but I am not keen on the makeup application included with it as it is not easy to clean.

Spectrum Collections Marbleous C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush ( Full Size )
I just love Spectrum makeup brushes they all look so amazing, they have amazing designs and they are many makeup brushes to choose from. I have another eyeshadow brush and I use it most days and its easy to use and gives me some epic eye makeup looks. I am looking forward to trying this brush in the near future. 

february birchbox review
Final Thoughts 
I really enjoyed this months box and for the amount of products you get in the box and for the price of the box I think it is a pretty good bargain. I am very happy that I got this months box in many ways one being the new products that I am trying and another reason being is the fact the box itself is a drawer. I am using this box as a makeup storage and it is working very well and the box design makes it look very nice too.

Birchbox is £10 a month with P&P and you can either get it in monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months or a yearly subscription. 
I have a discount code for £5 off a first box ordered with them which is below
Invite// referral

Have you ordered a Birchbox before? What are your thoughts on this months box?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Monday, 11 April 2016

Graze Box Review

One thing I love is snacks and I really can't deny that so deciding to get the Graze box  sounded  like the perfect choice as its a subscription snack box containing 4 different snacks, each delivery being different. The reason being for me to get these boxes is to snack healthier and to also to trying new foods too.
On the Graze website they is a few boxes to choose from such as the variety box which I have and some of the others are flapjack and bakery box.  The reason I chose the variety box is I thought it suited me best as they is over 100 snacks to choose from cakes, nuts and so much more - YUM!
A great thing I have to point out about these boxes is most of the snacks are vegetarian and quite a few of them are vegan too, choosing the option to get one of the two of these is so easy! I love how easy the website is to use, even I can use it and I am rubbish at working things out on websites - true story :D
graze box review


I could honestly say I have loved most I have tried so far! they mostly taste amazing and I defiantly have some favourites already, one being the lemon drizzle flapjack- omg its heaven! I am not saying all things in the box were brilliant, some of them I didn't like at all but that doesn't matter because you can bin them on the website which you don't want to try again.


This box is letter box friendly, so even if your not in this box can still be delivered. One thing I recognise now is the sound of this box being delivered! I run to the door haha


These boxes are £3.99 each and I think its an ok price to pay for 4 different snacks! when you subscribe for your first box they is usually a discount.
Hope you all loved this post and if you did I would appreciate if you followed me on my social media below. I hope you enjoyed reading about my graze box review  and as you guessed it I will be posting more subscription boxes in the future .
Till next time
Melissa x

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind Beauty box
Hi Lovelies
As you all know my blog is based on everything cruelty free with mostly vegan products and I used to love getting beauty boxes but I had to stop ordering beauty boxes as most stuff in the boxes were not cruelty free never mind vegan. I was so glad when the vegan kind introduced a beauty box as I really love trying new beauty products as that way I find some amazing products that I normally wouldn't of tried .
Cocoyou Coconut Oil 200ml  (RRP £5.99)
As much as I love coconut oil I must admit I have so much of it already but this will be used eventually! I usually use coconut oil on my husbands and my hair as a  weekly treat and I think it works wonders on keeping my hair softer and the smell of coconuts is so gorgeous. Coconut oil can used for many things such as cooking and as a moisturiser.
Spectrum Collections Concealer Brush (RRP £4.99)
2 years ago I don't think I had any makeup brushes at all and now I have about 20 and I can honestly say I want more brushes so I am happy to add this gorgeous vibrant brush to my collection. I just love the design of this brush with its pink handle and its blend of blue and purple brush. I am looking forward to using this.
Emani Vegan Cosmetics Soulmate Lipshine (RRP £11.00)
I don't normally wear lipgloss but I do on occasions on top of my lipsticks to make them stand out more such as Christmas time or birthdays but apart from that they stay in my makeup drawer. I love the packaging and bottle design of this lip shine and its a lot bigger then other lip glosses so its good value for money.
Human + Kind Hand, Elbow and foot cream (RRP £6.00)
Now you can never have too much hand cream and I am firm believer of that as I have quite a collection of them so getting this made me happy and I now carry with me everywhere I go. This hand cream smells gorgeous and very natural and the fact its a 3 in 1 cream makes a big winner in my books.
Green People's Vegan & Organic Intensive Repair shampoo trial Size
I really don't like complain but I can't help it when I get samples of shampoo I kind of expect the conditioner to try with it so I can see if I like the combination otherwise it kind of puts me off buying the product. The good thing about this though is that it smells nice and they have many cruelty free  hair products in their range.
Vegan Button Mirror
One of my favourite things in the box is the cute mirror! I love the design and it can fit easily in my handbag so while I am out and about I can share a positive vegan message.
This box has to be my favourite beauty box I have ever bought as everything is fabulous and everything will be used including the sample shampoo (My husband loves it) so its money well spent so I defiantly continue buying this box for cruelty free and vegan makeup. This months charity is Dr Hadwen Trust which is a non-animal medical research charity.
 The beauty box is £15 not including P&P for every 3 months so every year they is 4 boxes to try.
Available at www.thevegankind.com
What are your thoughts on November Beauty Box?
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Vegan Kind September #23

 Hi Lovelies
I always look forward to receiving my monthly subscription box from the vegan kind and this month was no different. This months box has a brilliant mixture of hair, healthy foods and of course a nice and cheeky but healthy treat.

The vegan kind had some brilliant news and they were nominated for an  Vegfest award as the Best Vegan Service, I have already voted for them but you can vote for them over at www.vegfest.co.uk/vote and it will only take a few minutes and you can also vote for other vegan places too.
This months featured campaign of the month is TEEN VGN and 10p from every box sold in September will go to this charity. Teen VGN is a support network and support group for young people (aged 12-19) You can find out more about TEEN VGN on their website at www.teenvgn.com.
 Inside Septembers The Vegan Kind
Iced Tg Green Tea 330ml (RRP £1.39-£1.69)
We all know the benefits of green tea and how its very healthy and this drink is a blend of green tea, mandarin and Ginseng which is a very refreshing flavour especially when its been in the fridge for a little while. This drink is perfect for on the go and only contains 30 calories
Nom Salted Maple Popcorn 25g (RRP £1.49)
I am a big fan of popcorn no matter the flavour so I was super excited to see this in my box, this popcorn is salted maple flavour a  flavour I haven' tried before but I was pleasantly surprised how tasty it was. These popcorn are a bit different from other traditional popcorns as it has a key ingredient of coconut oil. They is three flavours to choose from Simply Salted, Salted Maple and Cinnamon maple.
Designed2Eat Fudge Brownie 100g (RRP £2.25)
I love brownies so I was very excited to see this in this months box, the difference between this and other brownies is that this is  Vegan and this is made with 100% natural ingredients and is healthy for you, what is better than that?  I found these taste very nice and the taste and texture of this reminds me a bit of nakd bars which are also vegan.
Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo 400ml (RRP £5.50)
I am a big fan of faith in nature products and have used their shampoos for nearly a year now and they have the most amazing scents. This shampoo is coconut and it has a very nice natural scent and keeps hair moisture as well as keeping hair smelling like a beach holiday, which reminds me I need to go on holiday soon!
Creative Nature Heavenly Cacao 38g (RRP £1)
I just love creative nature bars as they taste gorgeous and make eating healthy so easy. This bar is a cold pressed raw flapjack with a tasty mix of dark chocolate and the fruity and very healthy goji berries and cranberries. Healthier snacking just got that much easier with these bars.
Nothing But Strawberry and Banana 10g (RRP £1.25)
These are just simply banana and strawberry that has been freeze dried so they are crispy and is equivalent to one of your 5 a day. I added these to my porridge and it tasted absolutely amazing and I am looking forward to trying more soon.
inSpiral Smokin' Coconut Pecks 25g (RRP 0.99p)
Unfortunately I am not a big fan of coconut products apart from coconut milk so I give these to my husband to try and he ate them as a snack while at work and he thought they tasted quite nice. These are coated in paprika sauce with a twist of lime.

The Vegan Kind is a monthly subscription box and is available on the website at www.thevegankind.com for £10 plus P&P. They is a also a quarterly beauty box on the site too which has vegan and cruelty free beauty products.
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Vegan Kind August Box Review #22

Its been a few months since my last The Vegan Kind box as I have moved and I've just got round to getting my new subscription going. I couldn't wait to get my vegan box back every month its my favourite subscription box by far, that's why I had to continue my subscription.
I have been Vegetarian for a few years and having this box help me transition from vegetarian to vegan as each monthly box has such a variety of vegan products its so helpful and I am thankful to the people who made the vegan kind box possible. The vegan kind box is perfect for everyone even if not vegan as it shows a variety of different products and everything is cruelty free.
The Vegan Kind subscription box is a variety box which could have anything from food to candles in each one. Every box includes a vegan recipe card and this months recipe card is bit of the good stuffs Malaysian coconut noodle soup. Each box 10p goes to the charity of the month and this months charity is Vegan Billboard which puts vegan billboards in busy city centre locations.

The Vegan Kind monthly subscription box is £10 a month plus £3.15 P&P
So what's in this months box you say?
Here's what's inside Augusts #22 The Vegan Kind Box
Sticky Mix Free From Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix 380g (RRP £3.50)
I am a big fan of baking and cookies so this couldn't be more perfect for me! Nothing is nicer then eating your own freshly baked cookies. I am looking forward to baking these over the weekend and will show you all the results on my instagram.
Hoots Salt and Pepper Multigrain Snack 35g (RRP £0.60)
A change from crisps these are made from a mix of wholegrains and seeds for a healthy choice during snack times. I am a big fan of crisps, so I am looking forward to giving these a try with lunch one day this week, instead of my usual choice.
Beond Organic Sour Cherry and Blueberry Raw Bite 15g (RRP £0.50 each)
These may be small but they are 100% organic and are a raw treat bar. These are the perfect snack for on the go that my husband has took these book with him for work and he just loved them both and wants me to order more already.
Teatonics Ruby Red Restorative Tea 28g (RRP £5.50)
I just love tea and trying different varieties of tea so its nice to see this in the box. I just love the name of the tea and the blend of green rooibos, hibiscus, cacoa, vanilla and liquorice! Its full of nutrients and antioxidants. It sounds lovely I can't wait to enjoy a cup of this.
 iQ Orange with Wild Raspberry Chocolate Superfood Bar 35g (RRP £2.49)
iQ is a healthy chocolate as its raw bean superfood and sweetened only with coconut blossom. This bar has tasty blend of raspberry and orange its the perfect guilt free treat. I plan having this after a jog one day this week.
 Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Deodorant 50ml ( RRP £5.49)
I just love Dr Organic products and like to treat myself every now and again when I go to Holland and Barret. This deodorant contains olive oil with a blend of loads of other things such as vitamin E and aloe vera and sunflower oil. I only use natural deodorant so this is just perfect for me.

What is your favourite subscription box?
  Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Vegan Kind March Review

March the vegan kind review
Every time its the 1st of every month I just get so excited as I just love it when I get my Vegan Kind Box! Its my all time favorite subscription box as it have all vegan products and everything in the box is cruelty free and most of all its the perfect way for me to find new vegan products such as new foods, beauty, household and many other items too.

The Vegan Kind is the first Vegan subscription box in the UK and wow haven't they done well! They deliver amazing vegan products every month, have a recipe and donate part of the sale of the box to charity, this months charity is The Trusty Paws Clinic which is a charity in my home town Glasgow that helps offer free treatments and food/blankets to homeless dogs in Glasgow.

The vegan kind march review
Inside this months box 

Rebel Kitchen Chai Mylk 330ml (RRP £1.89)
One of favorite drinks is chai latte so I was so excited to get this in this months box. Rebel kitchen are on a cause nutritious food delicious and help reduce against refined sugars flooding the markets and help bring it healthier. This has the most simple ingredients of water, coconut milk, date nectar, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamon so it has no hidden nasties such as additives or preservatives. I put this in the fridge and drank this cold and wow it was wonderful and can't wait to buy more, it was very refreshing and the perfect blend of spice.

Ananda Round Up (RRP £2.50)
When I grew up wagon wheels were one of my favorite treats and I was quite disappointed when I found out they aren't even vegetarian let alone vegan, so when I seen this it made me happy to know they is an alternative! This Round up is Gelatine free and is two soft baked biscuits combined with marshmallow, with strawberry jam and the best part covered in Belgian dark chocolate. I couldn't resist this treat and I ended up eating this with my husband the day I got his box and it was so delicious the perfect treat!

Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Banana (RRP £1.99)
I am always looking for the perfect guilt free snack and I think I have found them in these crisps as they are gluten free and have no additives, no preservatives, no added sugars and no e numbers. I had these on yogurt and the combination is just lovely, they also have other flavour's in  crunchy apple and crunchy pineapple.

Angelic Gluten Free Sea Salt Biscuits 150g (RRP £2.59)
I just love savory snacks and these look fabulous. These are gluten free made with gluten free oats with a pinch of sea salt and can eaten on their own or combined with chocolate spread, peanut butter, hummus and so many other options too. I ate these with hummus and vegan cheese and they just tasted gorgeous.

The VeganKind Tote Bag (RRP £3.00)
I just love tote bags as they are very handy to have, I have used mine already to carry my shopping and it does a wonderful job and looks amazing at the same time. This bag is made from 100% cotton and are perfect for shopping and are great for sending a message out about being Vegan too. The bag will be available on the vegankind shop very soon.

The Vegan Kind subscription box is available on their website for £10 a month plus P&P. Check out the the lifestyle box and the beauty box on The Vegan Kind Here! 

What is your favorite subscription box?

Melissa x 

Thanks for reading ♥
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Vegan Kind February

Every month I always look forward to getting my vegan kind subscription box as it is full of an amazing variety of products every month that are vegan. The Vegan Kind is a monthly vegan subscription box full of a variety of products from food to beauty. After 6 months subscribed to the vegan kind you get a ring binder so you can collect all the recipe cards they send every month.

Every month the vegan kind donate 10p from every box to a chosen charity and this month the charity was Mino Valley Farm Statuary Which is an animal sanctuary for animals based in northern Spain you can find out more about them on their website.  www.minovalleyfarmsanctuary.org

Whats in the box?

Supernutrients Banana Powder 150g (RRP £4)Every now and again I do love a smoothie and this sounds amazing can't wait to try this and blend it with my morning smoothie. This banana powder is from organic bananas and has super nutrients. This can be used in smoothies, milkshakes or on top of desserts.

CoFresh Sour Cream and Chive Quinoa Chips 80g (RRP £1.79) Now I must admit I just love crisps and have them most days and admit I was a bit on the fence with trying these but wow they are amazing and taste so amazing I can't to buy more. These chips are made by Quinoa flour rather then potatoes and the best thing about Quinoa is that it is a super food.

White Rabbit Skincare Toning Eye Cream 15ml (RRP £8.00) I have a lip balm by white rabbit skincare and it works wonders so I am very happy to get this in this months box, I will be adding this to my skincare regime every morning.

FitBites 50g (RRP £2.30) Never tried this before but they do look very interesting. These are made with 100% natural ingredients, organic, raw, this a ideal healthy snack.

Freedom Mallows Choc Dip 62g (RRP £2.49) When I first seen this in the box I just had to have them quickly so I took a picture of this box as soon as possible as I couldn't wait to try them. Freedom Mallows are gluten free and are the perfect treat.

I just love this months box and everything in the box is good! My favorite has to be the white rabbit skincare toning eye cream. The Vegan Kind subscription box is £10 a month plus £3.25 P&P, you can order a box over on their website http://www.thevegankind.com/

What do you think of this months The Vegan Kind box?

Melissa Zia x

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Vegan Kind #15

The Vegan Kind #15
Over the Christmas Holiday's I must admit I over induldged in to many cakes and chocolate so I am very pleased that this months the vegan Kind Box has a box full of healthy choices! so its the perfect  start for me over the new year. The Vegan Kind is a monthly subscription box which contains only vegan choices so its perfect for Vegans or people interested in trying new foods. 

The Vegan Kind Charity this month is Veganuary in which 10p from every box goes to the charity. The Veganuary are team who help promote veganism globally through their campaign. You can find out more by checking out their website which is www.veganuary.com.

So whats in Januarys Box ???

Greenfrog Soap Nuts 250g (RRP £3.99)
If your looking for a more natural way to wash your clothes then this is for you. These are 100% natural and most importantly biodegradable which isn't the easiest to find in supermarkets. They don't need any extra work as all you have to do is pop them in the washing machine with the bag provided. I am looking forward to trying these as I am always trying different products to wash my clothes with.

Clearspring 100% Organic Fruit on the Go - Pear 100g (RRP £0.89)
This is made with 100% organically grown pears and they are perfect for when you are on the go as they have no preservatives, sweeteners , just what is needed for myself after Christmas and I will have this probably as a snack.

Creative Nature Tropical Treat Bar 38g (RRP £0.99)
These bars have been in a previous box before but I really wasn't keen on it unfortnatley but my husband enjoys them a lot and had it as a mid day snack. This bar is perfect for a detox as it is cold pressed to lock in all the nutrients and it has nutrient dense super food ingredients.

Pulsin Raspberry & Goji Raw Choc Brownie 50g (£1.79)
I am looking forward to this as it sounds so delicious! with a mixture of raw raspberries, berries and raw cacao it sounds like an amazing combination. This bar is a perfect option if you want a healthier dessert or snack.

Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps Sea Salt and Black Pepper 35g (£1.00)
I had the piri piri version of these crisps before and they were wonderful so full of flavor I just had to share them with my husband as the packet was generous. I am happy to have another flavour included in this months vegan kind box . Instead of the usual way of making crisps hectares makes crisps using sweet potato which is full of anti oxidants, fibre and contain vitamin A and C.

Power of ... Superfoods Cereal Pots ( Various Flavours) 65g (RRP £2.29)
This is the ultimate super food as it is 50% superfoods and 50% ulta-thin gluten free organic oats in a decent size pot! Its perfect for on the go and can be eaten hot or cold. My husband is going to have this as he likes oats a lot and he likes going to the gym etc :)

Subscribe to The Vegan Kind on their website www.thevegankind.com. This is a subscription box and it is a affordable price of £10 a month plus P&P.

Melissa x

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Friday, 14 November 2014

The Vegan Kind #13

the vegan kind #13
 Happy Birthday to the amazing The Vegan Kind
Its been their first year in business and they done amazingly well with giving a great variety in their boxes and gaining loads of followers on social media as well over the past year, they deserve every success giving a subscription box for Vegans/Vegetarians and people who just want to give vegan products a go.
Quinola Mother Express Quinoa (RRP £2.55)
I am a big fan of Quinoa because of its health benefits and that it is full of fibre and protein and the main thing for myself it actually really fills me up compared to rice and pasta. I have never tried this brand before but it has won 6 great taste awards and is Michelin starred and I will be having it with my dinner tonight with some curry and salad Yummy!!

Ten Acre How Chicken Soup Saved The Day Crisps 40g ( RRP £0.80)
I seriously couldn't wait to eat these! I ate them with my lunch the same day I got the box, I must admit I am a massive crisp fan and just wish I could find these in store as they taste amazing. These crisps are great for people who are Vegan Vegetarian and these are even halal, kosher and they are even gluten free.

Considerit Salted Caramel 65g (RRP £2.50)
This was made especially made for the vegan kind so I feel very lucky to have this as I just love salted caramel. This is perfect for ice cream and to put onto a hot chocolate, I am looking forward to trying this with the vegan card recipe card which is a pumpkin spice latte.

Rebel Kitchen Orange Choc Mylk (RRP £0.99)
 I was looking foward to trying this but I did not get the chance because my daughter Ameerah loved the look of the carton and decided she wanted  to try it, she loved it and wants me to buy some more of  these! so they are a big success in my house, really need to order more for the family. These are great for everyone as they have no refined sugar additives or preservatives and of course - dairy free!
Organic Surge Awakening Shower Gel 250ml (RRP £5.99)
I have tried organic surge last year  and I really loved the range so I am happy to have something different this time in the vegan kind box, the scent is perfect for the morning as it smells very refreshing. My husband really loves the scent of this and he is the king of showers so he will be using this for sure haha.

The Primal Kitchen Coconut & Macadamia Paleo Bar 45g (RRP £1.59)
The ingreients to this are 100% Paleo and 0% and is made with only 5 ingredients so its the perfect natural engery bar. My husband ate this after coming back from the gym and he really  enjoyed it and was surprised how delicious it tasted and the fact its natural too.

As ever I am very pleased with my The Vegan Kind Box and you can order from their website Here!
The box is £10 and the p&p is £3.15.

Melissa x 

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

October The Vegan Kind Box #TVK12

the vegan kind October
I have had the vegan kind box now for over half a year  now and I really do love it for bringing new products out every month. Its fantastic for helping finding new vegan products as usually its not the easiest task. The Vegan kind every month donates 10p from every box  to charity and this months charity is Manchester & Cheshire Dog's home you can donate to the cause by visiting their website Here! 
Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberries 90g | (£1.99)
These are a perfect combination of raspberries covered in dark chocolate combining two beautiful flavours into one snack, they are fair trade and its dark chocolate so its good for healthier snacking. These sound amazing and its something I love as I am a massive fan of chocolate.
Howdah Onion Bhajis 100g | (£2.39)
Howdah are traditionally made the Indian way with spices and ingredients just like what you would find in Indian cushine.These are free from preservatives and are ethically sourced too.  These look amazing and perfect for sharing so I will be having these with my husband when its his day off.
Angelic Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies 125g (RRP £2.60)
I am a massive cookie fan so I am so happy to get these month! I am sure they won't last very long haha. These cookies are gluten free and free from dairy and eggs. These cookies are great for a treat as well as they are only 76 calories a cookie so you can satisfy your chocolate craving guilt free.
Nom Organic Oat Bar 52g (RRP £1.49)
Nom foods are on a mission to make it easier for people to have a healthier snack while on the go with antioxidants and free from dairy and refined sugars these are great alternative to what is on the market. These bars are perfect for a pre and post exercise boost or just an energy boost to help you along with your day. My husband is going to have this at some point next week after he comes back from the gym.
Premae Skincare Triumph Creme Balm 10ml | (RRP £33.66)
Premae is a luxury skincare brand, this balm is packed with antioxidants and vitamins A , C and K with enriched with frankincense. This cream sounds wonderful and will fit nicely into my skincare collection, no idea when to use it as it sounds to lovely to use.

My verdict on the box is that its amazing, with the charity being an amazing cause and this months conents being brilliant too my favorite has to be double chocolate chip cookies. Check out my thoughts on the September box Here!

The Vegan Kind box is £10 a month and P&P of £3.15 and you can suscribe to their boxes over on their website Here!

Melissa x
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Friday, 12 September 2014

September The Vegan Kind Review

September the vegan kind
Hey Beauties!
My The Vegan Kind came a couple of days ago when I opened it I knew I had to take a pictures of the contents quickly because everything looked amazing! This month had 6 yummy treats and one beauty item which is fantastic.

The Vegan Kind is the first UK subscription box packed with random and exciting items every month and the best part? everything is completely Vegan and cruelty free. The Vegan Kind is £10 a month plus the P&P price of £2.95, you can suscribe to The Vegan Kind HERE!

 So what is in Septembers The Vegan Kind box....

Hoots Snacks Pickled Onion Flavour 38g  (RRP £0.60)
I absolutley love the pickled onion so I was excited to see these! They were delicious and packed with flavour I know they were a massive bag but they were devoured by me with my lunch. Hoots are avalible in 5 flavours and 4 of them are suitable for Vegans! so that's great news as sometimes it can be a bit ackward finding a snack suitable for vegans. Hoots are baked with no added colours, flavours or preservatives and they are even a source of your daily fibre.

 Ombar Organic Coco Mylk Bar 35g (£1.99)
I am a massive fan of chocolate so I was excited to see this chocolate bar in this months box. I had it for a treat and I must admit it has to be one of my favorite vegan chocolates I have tried yet, it is quite similar to milk chocolate as it is very creamy but the only difference in this chocolate bar is that it contains coconut milk instead of cows milk. Ombar chocolate bars are made with raw and organic cacao beans from Ecuador and are sweetened by organic coconut palm sugar which is sustainably sourced from independent farmers in Java.

Skin Likes Natural Deodorant 70ml ( RRP £4.95 )
I have been searching a while for a natural and vegan deodorant and its not an easy task the only place I know is Lush. I tested this a few times and it smells really natural and smells quite herby and its not over powering so its perfect if you just want  to put this to eliminate odours. Skin Likes uses a mix of plant-based therapeutic essential oils. This is perfect if you want a more natural deodorant.

Nothing But Fruit Pineapple and Grape ( RRP £1.20 )
These looked quite interesting and was very eager to give them a try as I am always trying new things to add to my diet that are healthy. Personally these were a bit bland for me but my partner enjoyed them, I prefer more chewy pineapple. 

Taste Spice Magic BBQ Dust 40g ( £2.65 )
One of my favorite things I love is food with BBQ sauce/ flavoured so I was very happy to recieve this in this months box, I have not used it yet but sure will soon. Taste spice magic is very versatile and can be used with oil or yogurt to make a marinade or to use as a stock or just added simply to your vegetables. Check out their website for recipes.

Bear Paws 20g ( RRP £0.99 )
Bear Paws and other products in their range have been a firm favorite in my house for a while now as my children really enjoy them. My daughter Ameerah ate these and loved the shapes and enjoyed them too without being messy too. Bear paws are pure fruit and have not added fruit and sugars, or concentrates.

Creative Nature Blissful Berry Snack Bar 38g ( RRP £1)
My partner picked this up as he loves going to the gym so he had it as a pick me up after his work out, he enjoyed it and said it tasted  super yummy. This bar has no added sugars or preservatives and are 100% natural, wheat, GMO and diary free.

Loved this months The Vegan Kind box! what are your thoughts? 

Melissa x

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Vegan Kind #10 August 2014

Hi Beauties!
I know I say this every month but this months box is my favorite, every month the boxes keep getting better and better, they are something I look forward too.

Nothing But Red Pepper and Mangetout Snack 20g (RRP £1.20)
I've never tried vegetable crisps before but I was very eager to give these a go, on tasting these I found them a bit bland for my liking but they are great if your a bit peckish or fancy a quick and  healthy snack the other flavours sound a lot better to me like the beetroot and parsnip and the peas and sweetcorn. Nothing are perfect if you want a guilt free snack as these are only 20 calories and count towards one of your 5 a day.

Freedom Mallows Strawberry 75g (RRP £2.50)
I love mallows I have had these a few times before and they are so yummy and soft, the texture is perfect and is no different to any other on the market, the only difference is that these are vegan. I love the flavour and they come in vanilla too.

Pulsin' Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Bar (RRP £1.79)
I normally would not buy a protein bar but this one tasted so amazing and was very edible unlike most protein bars my husband usually buys. They are great if you like no added sugar or need gluten free and a perfect meal replacement or energy booster.

Propercorn Sweet and Salty Popcorn 30g (RRP £0.80)
I have tried this popcorn before and I am not a fan unfortnatley as I don't like salted popcorn but my brother really enjoyed them so that's a good thing! Popcorn is the perfect alternative to crisps.

Living Naturally Soapnut Tabs 265g (20 washes) (RRP £6.49)
This has to be my favorite thing in the box !! they smell so amazing once your clothes are washed and most of all makes your clothes is beautifully soft!! I will definatley be re purchasing this in the future! check out what they say 
What you get in the bag:
  • 265g Soapnut Powder Laundry Tabs - 20 Washes
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Certified Vegan
  • Phosphate, Chlorine, GMO Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable

Teen VGN Fuelled By Compassion Wrist Band (Bonus Item) (RRP £1.20)
I have worn this a few times already! love it ! TeenVGN is for young vegetarians and vegans to find other like minded people to share their stories encouragement and much more. 

I am very happy with this months box and the recipe card !! I am looking forward to the next box even haha, I would recomend this to any vegan or vegetarian or for someone who like to try new things! then this is for you !! You can pick one of these boxes up over at The Vegan Kind at a cost of £10 plus £2.95!

Melissa Zia x

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