Thursday, 23 February 2017

Lush Unicorn Horn | Review

lush unicorn horn review
Unicorns are real?
...Well in bubble bar form yes!

Hi Lovelies
Lush honestly sure know how to make me come and buy more products, I have lost count of how many products I have tried over the years but you know I am glad I did try as many as I have because they make bath times more exciting and relaxing and the skincare products are honestly one of my skincare brands everything smells divine and the creams actually work.

Unicorn Horn is not a new bubble bar to the lush scene but one thing is for sure it has changed over the years I remember that two years ago it was a little bit bigger and it also had stars in it too. This year it has a combination of three colours, pink, yellow and mint with lustre finish too it. I actually love how the 2017 unicorn horn looks, it looks more mystical and a bit more magic to it if you know what I mean. 

lush unicorn horn 2017
lush unicorn horn bubble bar review
First Impressions
Honestly whats not to love about this lush unicorn horn? I really think it looks gorgeous and brings a little bit of magic once you buy it and give it a try. It may sound a little expensive at £4.25 but I like to savour it and break it in to at least 3 or 4 pieces. 

VERY FLORAL and when I say that I mean it, this has a very strong smell of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Neroli oil. For me it also has a sweet smell to it too and reminds me a lot of candy especially as it has lustre.

lush unicorn horn review
Final Thoughts
I took a little bit off the top of the 'unicorn horn' and I squashed it in my hand to make it almost into powder form, doing this and putting it under running water helps to create lots of bubbles as you can see in the above picture. As soon as the water touches the bubble bar you start to see lots of bubbles in the bath, not only that it creates a cupcake sprinkle effect on top of the bubbles so its like you are having a bath in  a giant cupcake. 

I was pleasantly surprised with how much bubbles were created only with a small amount of product. The scent of flowers grew more intense in the water with this bubble bar and it brought a smile to my face because the bath water felt silky and the smell was relaxing.

Sold out online / Could  be instore
Lush Unicorn Horn // £4.25 

Have you tried anything in Lush lately?

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Lush Cupid Bath Bomb | Review

lush cupid bath bomb review
Valentine's Day is a day which is very much like marmite you either you love or you don't and me for one am not a fan to be honest. I am not saying that I don't love my partner its just we have certain times of the year we like celebrating and for us Valentine's Day is always so busy everywhere or booked and not only that he works a lot too. We have some days dedicated to going out together for events, meals or just movie nights in having a loving cuddle.

 hen why the heck did I buy the lush Valentine's Day collection do you ask? Well I'm a sucker when it comes to Lush holiday collections and this collection is so freaking adorable especially with the fact they have a unicorn horn and lots of love heart themed things. I bought a few gorgeous products in my Lush Valentine's Day Haul so it you want to see it give that wee link a click to see what amazing things I bought.

lush valentines day
Now I must apologise for the quality of the photos of cupid in the bath, I had to use my phone camera as my camera needed to be charged. I will be remembering next time as I love showing you all the true beauty of Lush products.

First Impressions
Because valentines is all about love I just had to get this as its shaped like a love heart with cupids bow. I have to admit I just think its just adorable and the smell goes perfect with it too. The heart is pastel pink like candy and the arrow is a lovely hot pink.

The price is a decent price of £2.95 which is fair since it is not as big as a lot of the other bath bombs in Lush. 

As I said above the scent is just GORGEOUS! It has a lovely sweet fragrance and the 4 key fragrances in cupid are Persian Lime oil, Bergamot Oil, Violet Leaf absolute and Rose petal powder.
lush cupid valentines day collection
Final Thoughts
After I filled my bath with lovely warm water I dropped this into the bath gently and as soon as I did that this beauty started to slowly fizz and release white and pink in all directions until it started swirling. Usually bath products melt or fizz away quite quickly but this was the opposite this is a slow melter with lots of soft foam bubbles that feel lovely on the hand.

I went in the bath with my partner and we both noticed how beautiful the smell of the violet and other scents went together so nicely, it reminded us both of the retro and still one of my favourite sweets parma violets. Once in the bath this was still melting showing us how gorgeous the swirls of hot pink and white went together, I think it took about 10 minutes to completely melt and even then I helped it a little by squashing it.

After getting out the bath I smelt exactly like this and the smell of violets stayed on my skin until the next day which I just love about lush products. One thing I know and I do is when I have a lush bath I tend to do more skincare things like wear a face mask and put lots of serum on my skin and body moisturiser. 

If you like sweet smelling Lush products then yes this worth buying, its also quite nice display if display is one of the reasons you buy lush products.

Available online and instore.
Lush Cupid Bath Bomb // £2.95 

Have you tried anything from the Lush Valentines range?
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Lush Valentines Day Haul

Lush Valentines day review
Roses are red
Violets are blue 
Lush has lots of new valentines products for you..

Love is in the air? Well it very much could be with the Valentine's Day Collection from Lush! Everything looks gorgeous and goes perfectly with the love/cupid theme of valenitnes day. I noticed lots of the products have some sort of love heart on them or look quite sweet such as the unicorn horn and also an adorable lady bug bubble bar. They are new products this year as well as some old favourites too, unicorn horn is back but it looks a lot different from last year.

I am usually onto new Lush products very quickly but I haven't been able to get this till yesterday as I live quite a distance away from central Glasgow. I went to Braehead shopping centre so I could go get some other shopping too so Lush could be a little excursion for us to visit and have a little look and buy of the Valentine's Day collection.

Here my Lush Valentines day Haul.....
lush valentines day haul
What I bought
  • Cupid Bath Bomb (£2.95)  This is shaped like cupids arrow with a  lovely love heart, the two shades of pink look nice together and this kinda smells and looks like a bit of candy. The scent I can smell most is violet, rose and lime oil so its quite a sweet candy scent.  
  • Lovestruck Bubble Bar (£4.25) This bubble bar looks like an all loved up emoji, its bright yellow with a bright pink smile and rose red heart eyes. The scent is very citrusy as it has lemon oil and geranium oil the smell for me is very refreshing.
  • Ladybird Bubble Bar (£3.95) This is shaped like an adorable ladybird, its bright red with purple details and little eyes. Its a decent size so I would say it can be used more than once. The smell is utterly divine with peppermint oil and geranium oil.
  • Lover Lamp Bath Bomb (£4.25) This is simple with lovely red love hearts on the sides. The simplicity suits it so well and its got a nice surprise when it melts, it has lots of red hearts inside. The smell is sweet with vanilla and organic cocoa butter.
  • Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£4.25) I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, well at least the bubble bars I do haha! The unicorn horns are so fun and quite quirky too. They have a sprial of pink, yellow and lime green. The scent of this is very floral and has lavender, ylang ylang and neroli oil.
  • The Kiss Lip Scrub (£5.25) I just adore lip scrubs from Lush I always put them on before any lipstick and it helps make the lipstick last longer and also smoothes my lips. This lip scrub is bright pink with lots of red little hearts. The scent of this is mandarin oil and sea salt. It also has soothing organic cocoa butter. 

Whats in the Lush Valentines day collection
  • Knot wraps - Toucan Love, Roses, 
  • Gift boxes - Lots of love, In your dreams, with love, Love and kisses, Happy Valentines day, With love
  • Soap - Love you, love you lots, 
  • Shower Gel - Prince Charming
  • Bubble Bars - Lovestruck, Ladybird, Unicorn horn
  • Bath Bombs - Cupid, Over and Over, Roller, Rose Bombshell, Lover lamp
  • Lip Gloss - The Kiss
  • Bath Melt - Two Hearts beating as one
  • Massage Bar - Love Spell

Lush valentines day haul

I have already tried cupid so far and Il have a blog post all about that in the next day or two. After that I am sure many of these will follow. Overall I just love the whole collection from Valentine's Day, I just wish unicorn horn and ladybug could stay forever.

Have you tried anything from the Lush Valentine's Day Collection?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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