Monday, 15 September 2014

Makeup Revolution - Highlighter Golden Lights Review

makeup revolution highlighter golden lights
Hi Guys and Dolls!
I am reviewing another Makeup Revolution item and it is the highlighter in Golden Lights!. Makeup Revolution is pretty new to the makeup world but wow they have made a name for themselves with an amazing range of makeup with affordable prices.

so what are the benefits of using a highlighter?

Under eyes - To help banish dark circles under the eyes combined together with a concealer.

Cheeks - this will highlight your cheekbones and looks amazing combined together with a blusher or a bronzer.

Eyebrows - This will help define your brows if you shape them.

I personally use this myself on my cheeks as it gives them a beautiful shimmer and its not over the tops it just brightens my complexion and helps contour my cheekbones. I wear this most days and it lasts all day until I take it off at night time, it is easy to apply and I use my blusher brush and apply it directly to my cheekbones just above my blusher.

makeup revolution highlighter golden lights
Even though I love the product I personally find the packaging is a bit bland a bit to plastic really and the design doesn't look to great either but for the price of this product of £3 I think its fine and it can be forgotten about easily once your actually use the product.

I would definatley buy this again the future once this has run out and it has become a favorite in my beauty box and has become one of my daily beauty products.

Have you used a makeup highlighter before?

Melissa x

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