Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mua Smokin Palette

Hey Beauties!
Mua have always been the affordable choice when it comes to making make up with new ranges coming out regular its definatley worth a look in your local Superdrug or on their online shop. Mua Smokin Palette  looks fantastic with 10 Eyeshadows and an eyeliner pencil and is a bargain as always for Mua at £6!

Mua Smokin Palette  has a lovely vairety of colours in different effects like mattes and shimmers, the selection is perfect and is like the name suggests Smokin!
Mattes are as follows - Glory and boudoir (Nudes), Ghost (Dove Grey), Wicked (Grey Simmer),  Fantasy ( Dark Brown), Mythical (Black Charcoal).
Shimmers are - Broken (Metallic brown), Icon ( Deep Purple), Unleash (Inky Blue), Chaos (Metallic Emerald).

The pigmentation of these eye shadows is fantastic and they have a great staying power lasted me all day with an eye shadow primer. I personally find this works just as good as the higher end palettes and they is loads of looks you could pull off with this palettes for the bargain price of £6.
look created with mua smokin palette
Look I made with the palette.

This look is fairley simple, the shades I used were Wicked, Fantasy and Mythical combined together with the Eyeliner which was included in this palette.

Have you tried the Mua Smokin Palette before?

Melissa x
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20 Facts about me.

1. I'm 24 years young :)
2. I have 3 children, Dante nearly 7 , Ameerah 2 and Sarina 18 months
3. I have 6 half brothers and sisters.
4. I was born in Essex but raised in Cumbria
5. I can be a little shy at times but I am way more confident now that I blog.
6. Can't drive and don't plan to learn either.
7. I am Vegan , have been for 5 months now, before that was Vegetarian.
8. I have a phobia of balloons and spiders.
9. I hoard make up and nail polish not by accident either haha.
10. I like to be a positive thinker even when times are tough.
11. I love Vintage/Gothic fashion and make up.
12. I hope one day that I will be a qualified make up artist.
13. I have a 3 Cats , Poppy , Kitty and Salem.
14. I have been married for nearly 4 years.
15. I am a big fan of Michael Jackson, have been for nearly 15 years now :D
16. My ancestors are from France and Scotland, uh la la!
17. I have 4 tattoos and would have more..
18. I love ancient Egyptian history
19. I can knit very basic pieces but would love to master it.
20. I love old horror films

Melissa x

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Barry M Gelly - Greenberry

baryy m gelly greenberry
Hi Beauties
Barry M Gelly in Greenberry is a high shine gel effect nail polish which is a very vibrant green colour with professional results without the need to go to the nail salon. The Barry M gelly selection are available in Superdrug and boots online and in shops for the very affordable price of £3.99!. Which is such a great price you can get a few like myself. 

The Results 
I found the this Barry M nail Gelly extremley hard wearing and lasted a couple of days without chipping. As long as you put a top coat on this will last you. I have 3 children and do loads of housework and my nails still look amazing until I finally remove it to try another polish. Green berry only takes one coat for a beautiful look but if you have more time and want it more opaque two coats would definatley be enough for perfection.

Melissa x

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Animal Print Vintage OOTD

Hi Beauties!
Its been a while since I last posted I know but I had a small blogging break, but I am back now and have loads of new posts ready for you all! First up is my vintage OOTD!

My lovely husband surprised with the beautiful shoes and the dress on my birthday and only just got round to wearing it the other day. I totally love it and its great to know that my husband has fashion sense and knows what I love to wear!

Dress // Matalan - Present
Leggings // River Island £22
Shoes // Irregular Choice - Abigails Party - A present

Melissa xx

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Are Black Cats Bad Luck ?

black kitten

Are black cats the cause of bad luck or something of witchcraft or even the work of Satan ?
This is many of things i have heard about black Cats , i have had people walk across the road so they don't walk past my cat thinking they would get bad luck crossing his path. I looked online and seen people think that if you cross a black cats path that its an omen ... o for goodness sake come on ??? a cat ? they are so beautiful creatures.
My friends boyfriend asked why did you get a black cat they are bad luck and demonic and to me its just plain stupid thing to think .Deep down i really did wonder where did all these superstition thoughts come from ? why are people so wary of black cats ?
I have found so many things on why people think Cats are bad luck.
1. The gambling world is wary of black cats crossing there path as they think they would bring them bad luck , maybe they should think a bit deeper and actually see that most of the time you loose its down to the casino and not a cat.
2. The Black cat in Folklore was actually believed to have changed shape into a human form to spy for witches or demons , its amazing what people actually think in such times but it was likely that it was one of there own who was a spy and not the actual black cat.
3. Pilgrims in Portsmouth devout to the bible thought of black cats of companions on the witches  and anyone caught with one would be severely punished or even killed. They believed that black cats were demonic or part of sorcery. 
4. The Middle ages when the Black death occurred peoples superstitions led them to believe that it was the fault of black cats rather then the real cause which was the rodents. They was mass and regular massacre of black cats as they thought them as satanic.

These are all myths and the added bonus of Halloween people are more superstitious even though they is no true claim that they are evil.
All these things are added on today's modern thinking's of the black cat
I have a black cat and he is called Salem i named him off the TV program Sabrina the teenage witch and he is such a friendly cat. He purs and loves cuddles hes never acted like a friend of Omen , he might be cheeky every now and again but no different from any other cat. He is such a family friendly cat he loves having the kids about he even and he loves it when my mum brings her Airedale terrier over they have a little kiss every time he visits like hes happy to see him again.
The amount of cats that are in shelters and even in some countries they will not allow them in because they are unwanted and for obvious reasons the superstition . It really makes me sad because they have such a lot of bad things said against them even thought the claims are not true , i really hope more people adopt more black cats because they are beautiful companions and a loyal friends.
If you look they is a lot of stories of black cats being good luck too from pirates to ancient Egyptians these should be highlighted more then the bad things. If you see a person with a black cat they are happy and the cats are a highlights for them .

Whats your thoughts on black cats?
Melissa x
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Where were you Dad ?

Hi Beauties
I know I won't be the only one who grew up not knowing their dad or meeting them, so I thought I would share with you guys my story on not meeting or talking to my 'dad' till I was 14 and the journey I had to take to get there.

I grew In Cumbria with my Mum, Sister, brother and my step-dad beefy. I had a very simple and family orientated upbringing and looking back it was an amazing time; i really do treasure those times and I am so thankful for Beefy, my step dad,  as he was always there and always will be. Sometimes growing up was overshadowed by the thought .. "does my biological dad even acknowledge my existence?"

Back when I was ten year old I was drawing with my sister when my mum called me over as she wanted to have a chat with me. She sat me down and looking back,  her face was quite sad and she was reluctant to tell me that Beefy, 'my dad',  was not my real dad. When she told me I honestly did think she was joking and I laughed to begin with but after a while I eventually realized she was telling the truth. Emotions ran in my in mind thinking why didn't he call? why did he not visit me? why he never bothered to send me a  Birthday card . My mum had photos of the time she lived with him in Essex and pictures of her and him,  even baby pictures of myself. I even found that I had more siblings down there, It was a time in my life that was very shocking and hard to endure.

After a few years I decided I wanted to look deeper and find my dad so when I was 14 my mum looked in the phone directory and she found my dad's sisters number.  Luckily, she was still at the same address and still had the same phone number. It took me a few days of heartache and wondering whether or not  this was a good idea. That day with my mum standing next to me I finally plucked up the courage to phone my aunt in Essex, I had a quick chat with her and asked if she had my 'dads' number, she did ! After the chat I hurried to dial the number which I just wrote down thinking wow I am finally going to talk to my dad! With my heart and my mind going 200 mph he answered the phone and I confirmed it was him by asking his name after which he asked me my name and I just broke down in tears and told him,  "I'm your daughter !". He simply said, "o alright .." We had a small chat but he told me that I could not call him while he was home as it would upset his new family life he had and that  he would call me when he was at work. After a few phone calls over a few months I asked my dad will he come visit me, he kept promising me he would visit me this went on for months which was very frustrating, I even asked him to help me pay for me to actually visit him in Essex and the rest of the family members but he always said he never had the money even though he had a well paid job and my mum even offered to pay. All these factors were the final straw for me so I just kinda gave up hope that I would ever meet him and the rest of my family in Essex.

 It was when I was 19 that my Auntie decided enough and that I should just come visit her so that my dad could see me and also see the rest of my family. When the time did come It was very hard as I had to travel over 300 miles on my own which I had never done before and spend a fortune on train tickets and money for food as at that time I had very little. At my aunties it was amazing I got to know her more and it was brilliant to finally get to meet her, she is very wise and is a fantastic person I am pleased to have met her and she was great the entire time I was there. On the other hand it took a couple of days for my dad to finally come.  My uncle and other auntie came before that and they were so pleasant , uncle mick was amazing and has the kindest heart. He told me that it was great to finally meet me and my dad was silly for not seeing me for all this time. The day when my dad did come my heart raced so much I felt terrible to be honest, so many thoughts ran through my head and when he finally came and knocked on the door which my aunt opened, I was sat on the chair like a vegetable. I can honestly say every emotion came out I cried so much and just turned away from him as all the years he let me down just all came in my head and at that moment it dawned on me that he did not try hard enough to be a dad, he tried to give me a hug for a bit and when I did finally hug him back it just felt like its a bit late for this with no explanations if you know what I mean. He stayed for about 30 minutes and I got invited to his barbecue the next day. At the barbecue I met loads of family members and it was a great day but it felt like I was thrown in the deep end , he just acted like he had never missed a day in my life it was awkward but I did learn a lot and I am thankful to have met my family in Essex, I still talk to a few relatives now but dad? no its still not great he can't even remember my birthday. Not even a card :(

The lesson I learned now at the age of 24 is i just don't mind anymore I have just gotten over the fact he won't be there for me. He never even congratulated me on the birth of my children nor got them anything. He is connected to me by blood but that is all, he never had a part in raising me and never made the person I am today. My advice to anyone in my situation is please don't think your unloved or try too hard, you are fine as you are! its the parent who missed your life that is in the wrong. You are perfect and you define your life, so look at your life and think wow I have achieved so much and are so thankful for great family and friends. It has worked for me and now I have accepted that its not like a fairy tale... its far from it. I am thankful for my amazing family and such a supportive mum and husband. My husband has come close to going down there and knocking some sense into him, but he's not worth it.
Sorry for such a long post I just needed to share my story, and maybe to help someone who has been through the same.

Melissa Zia x

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Vegan Kind #10 August 2014

Hi Beauties!
I know I say this every month but this months box is my favorite, every month the boxes keep getting better and better, they are something I look forward too.

Nothing But Red Pepper and Mangetout Snack 20g (RRP £1.20)
I've never tried vegetable crisps before but I was very eager to give these a go, on tasting these I found them a bit bland for my liking but they are great if your a bit peckish or fancy a quick and  healthy snack the other flavours sound a lot better to me like the beetroot and parsnip and the peas and sweetcorn. Nothing are perfect if you want a guilt free snack as these are only 20 calories and count towards one of your 5 a day.

Freedom Mallows Strawberry 75g (RRP £2.50)
I love mallows I have had these a few times before and they are so yummy and soft, the texture is perfect and is no different to any other on the market, the only difference is that these are vegan. I love the flavour and they come in vanilla too.

Pulsin' Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Bar (RRP £1.79)
I normally would not buy a protein bar but this one tasted so amazing and was very edible unlike most protein bars my husband usually buys. They are great if you like no added sugar or need gluten free and a perfect meal replacement or energy booster.

Propercorn Sweet and Salty Popcorn 30g (RRP £0.80)
I have tried this popcorn before and I am not a fan unfortnatley as I don't like salted popcorn but my brother really enjoyed them so that's a good thing! Popcorn is the perfect alternative to crisps.

Living Naturally Soapnut Tabs 265g (20 washes) (RRP £6.49)
This has to be my favorite thing in the box !! they smell so amazing once your clothes are washed and most of all makes your clothes is beautifully soft!! I will definatley be re purchasing this in the future! check out what they say 
What you get in the bag:
  • 265g Soapnut Powder Laundry Tabs - 20 Washes
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Certified Vegan
  • Phosphate, Chlorine, GMO Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable

Teen VGN Fuelled By Compassion Wrist Band (Bonus Item) (RRP £1.20)
I have worn this a few times already! love it ! TeenVGN is for young vegetarians and vegans to find other like minded people to share their stories encouragement and much more. 

I am very happy with this months box and the recipe card !! I am looking forward to the next box even haha, I would recomend this to any vegan or vegetarian or for someone who like to try new things! then this is for you !! You can pick one of these boxes up over at The Vegan Kind at a cost of £10 plus £2.95!

Melissa Zia x

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Illamasqua Haul

illamasqua sale haul
illamasqua counter glasgow
Hi Honey Bee's 
I have been a big Illamasqua fan for ages now, but up until recently have never had he chance to visit a counter as I am not near one at the moment. So when I went to Glasgow for my Birthday one of the first places I went to was the Illamasqua counter, I sure was not disappointed.

Glasgow's Illamasqua counter is in Debenhams and you can see it from a few beauty counters away because it looks that beautiful and colourful. I seen it and my mouth nearly hit the ground as the products were well placed and the selection was truly amazing and the staff were so helpful and helped me choose the right foundation shade! I have being buying wrong for years so thank you to that lovely lady for helping me to pick the right foundation.

Seeing as It was recently my birthday and Illamasqua have a sale on the moment I ended up buying a few bits online including the foundation that I seen in Glasgow. I saved a lot of money and I love what I have purchased.

Intense Lipgloss - Gender  This is a bright sky blue lipgloss, I got it to be a bit daring and I have never tried a blue lip colour before but this one looks gorgeous!
Intense Lipgloss - Fierce  This is a bright blue purple colour, I love the colour purple so was thinking why not try the purple lip colour.
Nail Polish - Scorn I have a fair few black nail polishes but I really loved the sound of this one as it is a matte black texture which I love, I am wearing it at the moment and I am loving it so far.
Rich Liquid Foundation - 140 I have always wanted to try this foundation but never had a chance to swatch it to get the right shade I needed, so I am glad I got the right match by going  to their beauty counter.

Have you bought anything in the Illamasqua Sale?
Melissa x
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Usha's Vegetarian Glasgow

ushas vegetarian Glasgow
I recently went back to Glasgow for my Birthday. Seeing as I am Vegan I wanted to go to a restaurant that was at least Vegetarian and of course served my favorite type of food which is Indian!!  
Usha's is Glasgow's first and only restaurant that serves Vegetarian Indian foods with Vegan options; it is set on the West end, Byres road :)

Seeing as I am Vegan this was my first time going to a Vegetarian dedicated Restaurant. I went with my husband and we booked for 7 pm but this had to be changed as Glasgow roads can be a bit of a challenge to get parking, but the staff were brilliant when we informed them of our 30 minute delay :) We got a warm welcome from the waitress who took us to our table, which was fab !! The theme was like a jungle paradise with a modern twist and it also had an Indian movie on from the 60's. Everything on the table was set out perfectly along with the cutlery which was sparkling. 

The staff were amazing, polite and very easy to talk to, we had plenty of time to choose our food and drink and the waitress was helpful when we ordered our food. She also made my husband aware of the size of the dishes, tapas style.

About 20 minutes later the food arrived !! I ordered the Vegetable Biriyani with vegan option and my Husband, the Matar Paneer. My husband is not vegetarian but he truly enjoyed this dish which was peas and  Indian cheese with mixed spices.  Although the portion was small it was indeed big enough to fill you up if you buy 2 meals and a naan to share as a couple. The Biriyani which had a delicious mixture of Okra, Peppers , chili , aubergine mixed in a pilau rice and spices was divine. I am a massive fan of a Biriyani and this was the best one I have ever had as the spices were perfect and the portion was great for sharing and even better, hardly any grease or oil.

When we finished the food the staff where very pleasant and brought our bill which was very reasonable considering the freshly cooked food in a lovely restaurant and in a great location. You have to try for yourself.

My overall experience of  Usha's was 5 star!! The food was awesome and the environment was perfect for a couple or even a group. The staff just topped off the whole experience as they were so polite and full of smiles, something you want to see when you dine out. Will definitely be going back there in the near future.
Melissa Zia x
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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Gardening: Growing my own tomatoes and cucumbers

Hi Honey Bee's
This year I decided I wanted to grow my own cucumber and tomato plants because as a teenager I used to at my Grandmas house every weekend. Every year we used to grow a fair amount of vegetables and I used to help her take care of them and harvest them. It was an amazing time of my life and I learnt so much about gardening. All this led up to want to garden and grow my own fruit and vegetables. This is the first year I have done it on my own but I love doing it with my husband.

I decided a bit to late to grow tomatoes and cucumbers so I had to buy them as plants opposed to actually growing them from seed but still the process was similar from when it was when I used to do it at my Grandmas I have 2 tomato plants and 1 cucumber plant and I put them in grow bags.

Pros of growing your own.
  • Your own fresh produce from your own back garden is amazing.
  • Growing your own tastes so much nicer then supermarket produce.
  • Gets your family involved, my children love helping me water them and looking for ripe fruit and vegetables.
  • You can make your own cooking sauces and they will last you a long time so its an investment.
  • Its organic with no pesticides.
  • Growing your own does take time, over a few months to be precise.
  • You need daily upkeep of your plants to make sure they have enough water and support.
  • Cost a little bit at the start but it pays back once you get fruit and vegetables.

This year I am only growing a couple of things but next year I should have a greenhouse so I will have more fruits and vegetables. 
Do you grow you own?

Melissa x
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Friday, 8 August 2014

Cruelty Free Make Up Haul

Hi Honey Bee's 
I must admit I am a bit of a make up addict and I love having bright vibrant coloured make up. I have been eyeing up buying lime crime and sugarpill for some time now as they have a big range of vegan options and they are cruelty free. It was not the easiest task getting these brands as they are American and I did not want to pay a massive delivery price, so I am glad I found Cute Cosmetics as they have so many brands that are cruelty free and a good variety of vegan make up too.

Neve Cosmetics - Manga Brows (RRP£6.99) V
I always draw my eyebrows on daily as they look a bit patchy if I don't. This eyebrow so this will go into my collection nicely. I bought it in ash blonde/cold brown and it has 3 innovations to help you get the perfect brows without looking like they are just drawn on they will look completely natural.

Lime Crime - Countessa Fluorescent  (RRP £12.50) V
I have always wanted to try Lime crime as there lipstick bottles look amazing with the sparkly unicorn and not only that they have so many unusual colours. Lime crime is cruelty free and is vegan how fabulous is that! The only problem I had was choosing a colour because they all look gorgeous.

Sugarpill - loose eyeshadows x3  (RRP £8.95 Each)
Sugarpill has to be the most amazing colourful and vibrant and eyeshadow brand out their and with the lovley Shrinkle looking fabulous its no wonder I needed to buy 3 colours, I ended up buying Absinthe , Birthday girl and starling. These are all Vegan and the brand sugarpill is cruelty free.

Keep an eye out in future guys and gals I shall be using these in future posts guaranteed. I love my purchases, I know the prices sound quite steep but we all deserve a treat every now and again and cute cosmetics offer free delivery if you spend over £40.

Have you tried any of these brands before?
Melissa x
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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lush - The Greeench

Hi Lovelies :)
I am one of those people who fall into Lush and accidentally buy half the shop haha, In all seriousness the shop smells amazing you can't help but go in and see what they have available, I always seem to get something for the bath but this time I wanted to try a more natural deodorant that was not to overpowering that is were Greench comes in.
Greeench is a powder deodorant that can be used on the under arms on your feet or even in smelly shoes so perfect for gym shoes or work shoes. It has a beautiful scent of  tea tree oil , powered rosemary and powdered sage. Its not the usual deodorant you can buy but it is like the usual talc powder you get in shops. Greeench is very simple to use just shake a couple of times in your hand and rub on your armpit a small amount goes quite far and personally I prefer it from my other deodorants as it leaves a natural scent and eliminates odors all day. It is now use this everyday and it keeps my BO away and makes me smell wonderful.

At £5.95 it seems quite expensive for deodorant  but the fact you don't need loads and its filled right to the top I really think Greeench is worth the money and you know something its nice to treat yourself so go on lovelies give this a try, they is others Lush have available too like The Guv'ner and they have a range of solid deodorants too which is fabulous. 

Lush has to be one of my favorite brands are they are cruelty free and all there products are either vegetarian or vegan so its a place I can trust and will continually go too :)
 Have you tried deodorant powder before?

Melissa x
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Saturday, 2 August 2014

July | Beauty Favorites

Hi beauties :)
Is it me or did July just fly by? Ramadan went so quickly even though the days were so long, for me it goes so quickly every year. I had a busy month this month, my son has finished school for the 6 weeks summer holidays and this week was my dad's birthday which was a busy day. I also ordered my first order from *drum roll please* Lime crime and Sugarpill so keep an eye out for them in future posts but enough about that on with the July favorites and a lovely bonus prize for you lovelies is a YouTube about my July favorites you lucky bunch :)

B. - Precise Gel Eyeliner  (RRP £6.99 but £3.49 at the moment)
This is in one of my weekly favorites but it is so good that I had to include it in my July favorites, I am not usually a fan of gel eyeliners but this one is amazing for cat eye effect and it has the one of the best staying powers for eyeliners I have tried. B. is a complety vegan make up brand and does not test on animals.

Lush - The Greeench  ( RRP £5.95)
I have been looking for a while now for a natural deodorant as I love the smell of natural fragrances and this one definitely fits the bill as it has a very prominent herbal scent but it is not over powering once you put it on your skin; best thing is that it is cruelty free and vegan.

Laqa & Co - Menator Lip Lube (RRP £12)
Another favorite is this beautiful lip lube in a bright purple colour, the colour is beautiful and is not too over powering but just enough to show off. This stays on for a good 3 hours and is perfect for carry around in your handbag did I mention its cruelty free? :D

Beauty Blender Classic (RRP £23)
I am not usually a sponge fan as I have loads of make up brushes but with this I have to make an exception, It really makes light work of putting your foundation on and evens complexion so easily. I used this with my foundations/concealers and was impressed with the results and has definitely became my favorite way of putting my foundation on.

Bleach London - Split Fix Serum (RRP £6)
I love having vibrant hair and keep my hair quite light so I needed something to stand up to the damage and the hair dyes. Split fix serum for me worked wonders and stops stray away hairs and keeps my hair smooth all day! what's not to love. I also contacted the company and they told me they are cruelty free and vegan, so woopee !! 

This is my first YouTube Video please support me and subscribe to my channel :)
Loved July so bring on August!! Its my Birthday on August 10th and I am planning for that.
What are your July Favorites ? 
Melissa x
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