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I've moved to Glasgow

 flamingo home decor
 Hello lovelies

I've barely posted in the past for the main reason being, I've moved to Glasgow as my husband has been working here a few months and we finally found the perfect flat for us and family, as its 3 bedrooms  with a big living room.

I myself was born in Essex but I've been raised in a small town in Cumbria so moving to Glasgow was a big thing for me as Glasgow is so much bigger then where I was raised so it's a lot for me to take in. It's only a little bit easier for me because my husband was originally from Glasgow and has lived here for over 20 years. Slowly but surely I will get used to it and I do love it so far ��

 bright and pretty home decor
The flat was unfurnished thankfully so I just brought my own furniture over in a Luton box van, we hired one for day so we could take all of our belongings easily without making multiple trips. It's only a 100 miles so it made the travelling a bit easier. We started packing at 9am in the morning and finished by 6pm that evening and arrives in Glasgow just before 9.

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Getting to Glasgow was the easy part! The hardest part was getting all our furniture up 3 stair cases as we are on the second floor. My husbands dad and brother helped us get everything in the house but trust me it was hard work for everyone because it's not easy carry fridge and sofas in angles especially when they are heavy. By the time we got everything out the van it was just before midnight and all we wanted to do was sleep, so we just slept on the sofa the first night.

We have been here now for just over a week and it's been a roller coaster for everyone but for me it's been a one of wow they is so many lovely people here and so many different shops, it's just fabulous. The only thing for me at the moment is finding nursery for my girls and for me to find a job. Another thing for me is I don't know anyone here yet and I really miss my mum and my nana.


As you can tell my blog name and by pictures of my home you can tell I love everything brigh and loads of flamingos and flowers.

Week one sorted now just to get used to everything and make it my forever home ��

Melissa xxx

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