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Health and Fitness Journey Week 2

Asalaam Alaikum
I have decided to re name my journey as I think its more for me personally, so from now on instead of my weight loss journey series its now called my health and fitness journey. I will not be using scales or measuring myself, not because I am not body confident, its just I love the way I look and no matter what size(s) clothes I wear it doesn't mean any difference to my style,the way I look or most of all my health inshallah.
I will still be posting every week my health and fitness journey. If you are interested please come back every Thursday for my updates and in between that I will be posting healthy recipes with the odd cake recipe. I post most days on my Instagram healthy recipes and smoothies.

This past week food wise I have made an amazing variety of new foods as I just love cooking my own meals. I love finding new recipes and making up my own and I will be posting more recipes on my blog as well and tomorrow its a delicious smoothie so keep an eye out for that delicious recipe. 
I have also swapped loads of foods to wholegrain versions such as pasta and bread, it took some getting used too at first but they have so much more fiber and after a few days I didn't notice the difference. 
Snacking for me now is usually fruit but on the odd occasion I do like a slice of home made cake with a lovely cup of tea, I just have to treat myself with some of my baking.

In under 2 weeks its going to be Ramadan so I am preparing for that and planning out my month such as my deen and I will hopefully read the whole Quran. 
My food and exercise habits will be more different from now as I won't be eating or drinking during until iftar, I will still be sharing my journey though inshallah

This week I have being trying my best to do at least 10,000 steps as my daily goal and its been just great so far and I have enjoyed it, its just a shame it rains most days at the moment haha. I also have plans to get a bike soon as I live quite a distance from Glasgow central and I don't have my own car and I would rather ride a bike instead anyways, so having a bike would be a massive help for me as a transport and also exercise and for using for future cycling events.
At home I do loads of cleaning.. that has to count as exercise right? haha but saying that I like to do the odd bit of yoga every now and again at home but I need to make it more regular.
I have plans to enter jogging events and cycling events and they are an exciting things for me to look forward to and I will share the events once I know more about them, but one things for sure they will be a few once I find out which ones to do.

Here I am this week
Body Positive

Till next week lovelies 
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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