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Health and Fitness Journey Week 3

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Hi Lovelies 
I nearly almost forgot about posting this post as I have been preparing for Ramadan as it is only 4 days away now, can't believe its been a year already since the last one! Thankfully though  I have some more time now as I am mostly prepared now for it. 
This week I have had a bit more of a cheeky cake or two this week as a little treat as I do love to bake and I like testing it to see if I am improving, I must admit though I may of had the odd slice to many though woops!

Next week its Ramadan and me and my husbands meal plans are all sorted out so we have our 3 meals and I have made sure they are all as healthy as possible so we get the whole benefits out of our food rather then having fried foods as they can be rather heavy even though they seem a bit tempting at times as they are convenient. As for snacks it would mostly be dates(yummy they are my favorite snack ever) and fruit with maybe the odd treat.
I will be posting my Ramadan meal plan out very soon so keep an eye out for that :D
healthy lunch options

Health and Fitness Week 3 

This week I am super proud of myself I made nearly everything from scratch using no pre made things apart from coleslaw. I have made big changes to meal times so they is a lot of fruits and vegetables to choose from and my family just love the choice of fruit and vegetables too. I made a big plate of fruit in the mornings with at least 5 varieties of fruit, sometimes I add yogurt too and I usually eat some of  that selection with a bowl of porridge or weetabix.
For lunch its either a sandwich of egg or hummus and I make a big sharing plate with fresh salad, coleslaw, sauerkraut and tomatoes, it makes getting 5 a day a breeze having these options on the table. Sometimes with lunch I like to have a pack of crisps such as quavers, as low calorie as possible.
For dinner I have made a variety of foods this week such as veggie burgers and cauliflower cheese, over the past weeks my portion sizes have reduced a lot seeing as I am filling up during the day with more fruits and vegetables.

I have lived in Glasgow for nearly 2 months now and I am slowly getting used to the area I now live in and I discoverer the most amazing big park near my house, I just love taking my kids with my husband on longs walks their  as they is so much to see their and it has a woodland and you can see so many types of birds and they even is the odd squirrel too.
At home I have started try exercise videos, I still need to find the right one for me buts it fun trying to find the one I enjoy the most.
I am going to be buying a bike after Ramadan as I don't drive. I am looking forward to cycling and quite a lot of Glasgow roads are cycle friendly.

Until next time
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥ 

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