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Makeup Revolution Lady Lipstick

makeup revolution lady lipstick review
I just love shopping but I love to live on a budget as I am saving up for a mortgage. I like to treat myself every now and again with makeup from affordable but fantastic quality makeup brands such as Makeup Revolution.. I am a bit of a lipstick addict and my collection has just grown so much over the past year that I have a draw dedicated to just lipsticks and lipglosses, I just can never seem to get enough of lipsticks haha.

I have about 10 Makeup Revolution lipsticks now and I just can't get enough of them as they have a fabulous range of shades to choose from and the quality is just unbelievably good for an affordable brand. I have many shades in my collection that are just perfection. I can't resist collecting more of the lipsticks to my ever growing makeup revolution makeup collection and for the the prices its affordable for me.

makeup revolution lady lipstick review
Lady has amazing pigmentation and is a very classy red, I have worn it for a few occasions already such as clothes shopping and even a trip to Tesco, its just one of those versatile red lipsticks. I found this lipstick is so long lasting its surprised me really how long it lasts, it lasts just as long as mac lipsticks which is about 4 hours if not longer without looking fading and even after eating and a drink. Makeup revolution have got a thumbs up from me on this one and I really can't fault this lipstick if anything I just want to buy more shades haha!

What is your favorite Lipstick?
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