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Makeup Revolution Mermaids VS Unicorns Palette

makeup revolution mermaids vs unicorns palette
Doesn't this palette have the most perfect name ever for a eye shadow palette? Makeup Revolution have always got the most quirky product names and mermaids vs unicorns is no different. This palette has the most gorgeous shades of glittery and shimmery blues and purples, I couldn't resist buying this palette and for £4 its a complete bargain.

I have lived in Glasgow for over a month now and it was about time I had a makeup spurge of one of my favorite makeup brands  and when I went to my local Superdrug at Silverburn shopping cente  one things for certain the brand didn't disappoint me at all. I was admiring the makeup for at least 10 minutes like it was a doughnut stand with loads of bright and beautiful colours!.. I did eventually choose though and I am more than happy with my choices. 

Makeup revolution mermaids vs unicorns review
Trying this palette the other day was like a dream, the colours are so bright and don't look any different then they do in the palette, they really are that bright! Its one of those palettes that you would think had a premium price tag but thankfully for and everyone its only £4 for 12 eye shadows, which is crazy that is way under 50p per eye shadow, you are spoiling us makeup revolution *wink*
The eye shadows is very long lasting if you combine it together with the makeup revolution eye shadow primer, it helps keep the eye shadow nice and vibrant all day long. These shadows are also very easy to blend together to create mystical makeup looks.

mermaids vs unicorns swatches
No, before you ask.. I didn't go to Hogwarts to make this eyeshadows look more vibrant they really are that bright! I only used makeup revolution magical eye shadow primer with only a small amount of eye shadow to achieve these swatches. I knew the makeup palette was beautiful but I wasn't expecting it to have the same results on me but it shocked me which I am very happy about!

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Cruelty Free
Vegan(I think here is the items
What is your favorite eye shadow palette?
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