Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit

Makeup Revolution Ultra sculpt and contour kit review
Hi Lovelies
I just LOVE contouring but I wouldn't say I am an expert like Kim Kardasians makeup artist ( I wish) but I do like to try my best as contouring can make my face look more defined which I love and this is why I decided to get this Makeup Revolution Contour Kit as it has the bronzer, highlighter and the blusher all in one handy palette.

Contouring is very popular with many celebrities and they is many products on the market offering different products, I always ending up completely lost on which one to choose but this palette looked quite simple for me and easy to use and with no need to buy multiple products so I hoped this would be a big money saver for me as its priced at a very affordable £3.50.

makeup revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit

I was super excited to try this Sculpt & Contour palette in fair especially as the nice weather is here, lets hope the nice weather stays a bit longer then a day eh?! Contouring is definitely my thing in the summer months as personally I think it goes so well with my summer makeup. Now for the Makeup Revolution contour palette, yes I know they its been stood on by accident by me so its a bit broken but the inside is completely fine and now onto my thoughts on the palette.
I was in two minds as for me this palette isn't the most pigmented in the world even with primer and foundation but it gives such a nice subtle glow but I wouldn't say its like a contoured effect its more like a nice glow that goes beautifully well with a blusher, I used the highlighter combined with the blusher or sometimes with the bronzer it just really depended on my mood and my style of makeup.

makeup revolution sculpt and contour kit swatch
Overall this palette is very nice for a nice glow combined with the blusher or the bronzer but I will keep on searching for other products to try for a more contoured look, saying that I will keep using this palette every now and again and I am not disappointed with my purchase and for £3.50 I am defiantly not complaining.

What is your favorite contour kit?
Melissa x 
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