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Makeup Revolution Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers Review

Hi Lovelies
I am a big fan of lipsticks so I was excited to see these Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers in my local superdrug that I had to buy more then just one and I think I choose very well indeed. These lip lacquers remind me a lot of Limecrime and jeffree star lipsticks which is a primary reason I bought them as I am saving up to get jeffree star lipsticks and these are in the perfect price range for me.

Makeup Revolution offer a range of gorgeous makeup from eye shadow palettes to the most vibrant lipsticks you have ever seen before and not only do they offer such a fantastic range they are really affordable but the don't let themselves done on quality either, their quality of makeup is second to none in my opinion which is a main reason my makeup drawer is full of their makeup, its just to good for me not to get haha,

Seeing these in my local superdrug store they stood out for me as the packaging is very professional and the quality is very modern and great to see the variety of shades they is in the range. These cost a bargain price of £3 each and come in 11 different shades so they is something for everyone. I choose 4 in the range which are 'Keep Flying For You', 'Black Heart', 'Vamp' and 'Depravity' all of which are very bright and Gothic looking to me .

The texture of this lipstick is quite dry but it does apply easily enough, it drys almost instantly so be careful that you apply it 100% perfectly as I learned it looks wonky and can be annoying to take off but apart from that a simple application but another suggestion for using this I would use a lip balm so its a bit easier to apply and not so drying. These are quite long lasting and lasted me 4 hours before needing another application, I would suggest bringing it with you though as it looks like a bright lip liner once it starts wearing off your lips such after a hot meal or a hot drink haha, yes I did learn this the hard way too. 

Packaging 10/10 - Really love the packaging and made me want to buy the product more.
Price 10/10 - For £3 each its just a bargain compared to other velvet matte lipsticks on the market today, I am looking forward to getting the other shades.
Application 8/10 - Love the wand applicator and you don't need loads on for a bright effect only problem is it can be easy to make a mistake if not careful.
Look 10/10 - Can't fault on how it looks! it delivers on the shade they are suppose to be and they just complete a makeup look effortlessly.
Long Lasting 10/10- It lasts just as long as a professional lipstick which is a good 4 hours, just don't forget to bring it with you when you go out.
Buy again?10/10 - Defiantly, I am getting the rest of the shades next week hopefully.

Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers
- Cruelty Free 

What are your favorite lipsticks?
Melissa xx
Thanks for reading ♥
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