Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Weekly Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine

makeup brushes cleaning routine
For me I just love cleaning my makeup brushes every week as they are so refreshed and smell lovely too and I would even go as for as its even therapeutic for me. I have a routine for my makeup brushes every sunday as sunday for me is my big clean-up day not just makeup brushes but for me my house ( I do clean everyday but Sunday I clean everything from behind the wardrobes to under beds).
I am a big makeup fan and use makeup most days and I tend to use most of my makeup brushes. The ones I use I put in a separate jar to the ones I haven't used yet, this makes it easy to know which makeup brushes need cleaning.

My Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine
- Wash each brush separately in an empty glass jar with a small drop of shampoo
- Rinse each brush separately making sure all makeup is removed. For the my makeup sponge I do the same but squeeze it with the shampoo and rinse.
- Put upside down in jar like the above picture
- Brushes usually dry within 2 hours during warm days.  
Advantages of washing brushes every week
- Washing regular keeps brushes fresh and clean
- Will make your brushes last longer.
Makeup is easier to apply on fresh brushes

My Top Tips
- Use a shampoo that isn't harsh such as faith in nature or Lush, as they have natural ingredients.
- Put a reminder on your calendar for when you next need to clean brushes
What is your Makeup Brush cleaning routine?
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  1. those realtechniques brushes ate the bomb! Good post!

  2. Lemontierres19 July 2015 at 13:53

    Good :-) I clean my brushes regularly as well. It's important! X

  3. This reminds me.. mine are way overdo for a cleaning!