My Top 5 Cruelty Free Lipsticks

top 5 cruelty free lipsticks
 Hi Lovelies
Sometimes it can be a bit of struggle finding  cruelty free or vegan/vegetarians lipstick options can be a struggle. I always use cruelty free options but finding out if they are cruelty free and  suitable for vegetarians or vegans can be a bit of a task but I have found my top 5 favourites below and hope they enjoy them.

My Top Cruelty Free Lipsticks
- B. Cosmetics Tangerine lipstick (RRP £7.99)  = This lipsticks is a gorgeous bright orange lipstick in a nice satin finish which leaves a gorgeous shine. This lipstick has no fragrance and is quite long lasting. The lipstick packaging isn't the most vibrant in the world but the lipstick itself is well worth it for the quality of the product. All B. makeup and skincare is vegan and is available in Superdrug in store and online.
-Makeup Revolution Depraved Lipstick (RRP £1.00) = I am not a 100% sure that this is veggie but by the looks of the ingredients on the website it is, just check before buying to be sure. The brand makeup revolution is cruelty free and has a section on it on their website. Depraved is a gorgeous violet purple which is great for standing out in the crowd. This lipstick is perfect if your on a budget and for the price is very long lasting and for me it lasts a good 3 hours before another reapplication and for £1 that's just fabulous! Makeup Revolution is available online and selected Superdrug stores across the UK.
Lime Crime Countessa Fluoresant (RRP £11.75) = I know they has been a lot of controversy on this brand for a while now but they do claim to be a cruelty free and have vegan options, this lipstick is labelled as vegan on their website.  This lipstick is a very vibrant pink that has the most gorgeous vanilla fragrance. I find this one of my most long lasting lipsticks I have and lasts me a good 4-5 hours before needing a reapplication. Lime Crime is available on their website only.
- B. Sweet Lipstick Sherbet Dip (RRP £7.99) = Another lipstick from B. Cosmetics but I love this lipstick just as equally as the one above! This lipstick was released during spring summer and is in a satin finish and looks very vibrant as the name suggests. This lipstick Is also has no fragrance and is also vegan too.
- Barry M Loud Mouth Show Off ( RRP £3.99) = Barry M beauty products are one of my favourite makeup brands as they are cruelty free and quite a lot of the products they have are actually Vegan too which is just fab. Show Off is a liquid lipstick with intense pigmentation and in this case its a lovely summery coral shade. Loud Mouth have 6 other shades too choose from and are available on the Barry m and Superdrug website and also in some Superdrug stores around the UK.
swatches of cruelty free lipsticks
 Here are swatches of the above lipstick in the correct order as above is written.

Tips to find Cruelty Free & Vegan/ Vegetarian Lipsticks
- Check the brands website - They usually tell you in the ingredients if they are veggie or not.
- Email the brand - If you can't find on the cruelty free sign or ingredients if they are veggie or not you can ask the brand which products are suitable.
-Find Cruelty Free Online shops - Usually on these websites they have vegan options on them too and they have a brilliant selection of cruelty free makeup.

What are your favourite Cruelty Free Brands?
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  1. Margot @ Coffee & Vanilla11 October 2015 at 14:21

    Good to know there is more and more cruelty free brands on the market... My favourite brand at the moment is Beautiful Movements, they are also good for allergy prone skin, made only from natural ingredients.

  2. I am like this when it comes to shampoo, so many contain animals it's ridicules

  3. I love Lippy Girl. Will check out some of the others.

  4. A Little Dose of Makeup11 October 2015 at 18:18

    I don't consciously try to get cruelty free brands- but it's definitely a plus and it's something I'm trying to be more aware of

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  5. Amanda Speroni11 October 2015 at 21:18

    These are so stunning! I really should start using more of my cruelty free brands!!

  6. manchesterflickchick12 October 2015 at 15:07

    I really like that Loud Mouth is liquid but it has a candy finish rather than a really high gloss shine. I always think lip gloss can look over the top for daytime.