The Vegan Kind October #24

This is The Vegan Kinds 24th which means that this amazing company has been delivering a vegan friendly subscription for 2 whole years! isn't that just amazing? I have been with the vegan kind for nearly 2 years now and I must thanks them as they did help me transition from vegetarian to vegan as they deliver a variety of vegan products from a selection of amazing foods to cruelty free beauty products which showed me its a lot easier to be vegan.
I know not all of my readers are vegan or even vegetarian for that matter but I do suggest these boxes as they give a variety of foods that wouldn't be a norm to get and helps get more selection from foods and even beauty and lifestyle products.
Inside The Vegan Kind #24
Lazy Day Foods / Millionaires crispy squares / 150g (£2.99)
I just love rice crispy squares as they such a perfect yet simple treat to have every now and again. These squares are more divine then normal crispy squares as they have caramel, fudge and Belgium dark chocolate. I have enjoyed these with my husband with a cup of tea and honestly they are truly gorgeous. These are gluten free and are available in Waitrose and on their website.
 Almighty Foods Super Raw Botanical Mindful Mylk Chocolate Bar 24g (£2.00)
Raw chocolate is getting more readily available now and the benefits are it is more nutrient dense. This bar is made with creamy cashew, coconut & vanilla mylk chocolate and is sweetened with low GI coconut palm sugar. This bar is available on the brands website.

Fitbites Superfood Balls 35g (£2.49)
I have seen more and more of protein balls In supermarkets as they are a favourite for a workout snack as they contain vitamins, minerals and high antioxidants. These are made with dates which are high in fibre and contain simple sugars which are quickly converted into glucose to use for energy after exercise.

ORGANii Shower Gel 300ml (£5.95)
I love using the most natural shower gels I can find and this shower gel is 100% natural and is sourced by organic suppliers where possible. I got organic Argan shower gel and as we all know the benefits of argan as its rich in vitamin E and is packed with full of fatty acids to help nourish the skin to help keep skin smooth.

Calbee UK Yushoi Lightly Salted Snapea Rice Sticks 21g (£0.55)
These are made with fresh green peas and a perfect alternative to fried crisps as these are made with snappeas and are seasoned with salt to enhance their natural delicious flavour. I shared these with my family and everyone enjoyed them.

This months recipe
Lemon & Thyme Baba Ghanoush from Laura at - this is a great starter or a snack.
Every month the Vegan Kind have a different recipe card and after 6 months they give you a binder to hold all the recipe cards.

Campaign of the Month
Austin's Hamster Haven - This charity is a small based rescue centre based in Doncaster which help rescue unwanted hamsters and small animals.
Every month The Vegan Kind donates 10p from every box to the chosen charity/campaign of the month.

The Vegan Kind is a monthly subscription box available at for £10 a month plus £3.15 P&P.
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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