Bourjois La Laque Ni Vernis Bleu

bourjois la laque ni vernis bleu
I am such a sucker for a new nail polish, I really can't resist treating myself to at least one a month! I think what makes me want to buy them is the fact they is so many brands to choose from with more then an rainbow amount of shades to choose from. I have about 60 but for me that's a small selection as I have mostly reds and pinks I need more like this, you know shades that are more vibrant and stand out from the crowd.

Bourjois is a brand I have been returning to for years and I just love the sheer quality of makeup from the brand and the best part is that its affordable so its friendly on my purse. Bourjois La Laque is a relatively new collection of nails varnishes which says it gives highly pigmented colour in just one stroke and with a nail brush that adapts to the shape of the nail. This collection has a nice selection of 12 shades from vivid brights to nudes.
bourjois la laque ni vernis bleu
 I just love Tuesdays as Tuesday is the day I go uptown for look around the shops and that's when I spotted this gorgeous nail varnish from Bourjois called La Laque - Ni Vernis Bleu. I only usually buy things on offer and got this as part of a 3 for 2 offer.

I have to say I just love the design of this bottle as its a very different shape to other nail varnishes that I have seen before, its from its curved and the back is triangular which I just love. The shade is a very nice aqua blue which is quite vibrant which is fab. The brush is curved and  I really do think it made a difference to the application of the nail varnish, I did find it a little easier to use the brush and I must admit the claim that one coat will do is about right and does have a nice vibrant finish just after one coat but I liked adding another just for good measure.

I do really love this nail varnish but I did have a slight problem with it as after one day it started chipping which was quite disappointing as I like a nail varnish to last at least 3 days and with this being £6.49 I was expecting a little bit more from this to be honest. I am a full time mum and when do all my chores I am usually wearing washing up gloves while cleaning but made no difference

What do you think of the La Laque Range?
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  1. Melissa || Fruity Flamingo

  2. Love the colour of this, so vibrant and happy also love how unique the bottle is. I actually had a problem with a red nail polish from Bourjois where it actually kept rubbing off so I had to be really careful to not get it on my clothes and it chipped so easily too! So even though I liked the finish, I am a bit weary of Bourjois nail polishes x