Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

lush snow fairy shower gel
Hi Lovelies
Its been a while since I last posted but I'm back to blogging now after mini break. Its finally that time of the year - December so I am counting down the days till Christmas, we are all going to be visiting my family which we are all looking forward too. Anyways lets get to what this post is about and its Snow Fairy shower gel from the Lush Christmas range and believe me I have been waiting for this to come back out again since mine ran out in February LOL.
 I first discovered Snow fairy last year while treating myself to yet another Lush haul and it was my first shower gel that I have tried from Lush and I can honestly say it did not disappoint me at all. This shower gel comes in a variety of sizes such as a travel size and a massive 1 litre which would last absolutely ages but my husband would probably use it In a week as he enjoys a shower.
The bottle is just fab and looks really nice with its simple yet very effective design with its bright pink label and the fun writing of snow fairy. I love how bright and sparkly this shower gel looks and is one of the biggest reasons I bought it apart from the fact the label saying it smells like candy floss.
lush shower gel snow fairy
When Christmas was over last year I was more upset that lush discontinue it until the following year so you can imagine how happy I was when it came back in the shops. They is so many reasons I love this shower gel and you will find out while reading this post and you will know why I will continue buying this as treat.
I have had Lush Snow Fairy shower gel for just over two weeks now and have used it most days now and for me I only need a small amount to get a lot of lather and to cover my body head to toe, it feels very soft on the skin and when its mixed with water the scent of candy floss is just amazing and just makes me feel amazing. The sparkles aren't to much but the do look nice to add to the festivity of December. I really like the top on the bottle as too much doesn't come out the lid and you get just the right amount in one squeeze which makes me a happy bunny.
I don't use a moisturiser after using this shower gel as I feel that it keeps my skin feeling soft enough and I don't want to take the sparkles off haha. I could smell snow fairy in my bathroom for 3 hours after my shower and it left a nice smell on my skin for 12 hours.
Lush Snow Fairy
comes in a variety of sizes and prices between £3.95-£21.50
This product is Vegan
Lush is Cruelty Free
They is also a perfume in this scent
What is your favourite product from the Lush Christmas range?
Melissa x
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  1. Snow Fairy is my absolutely favourite, I usually buy a lil bottle & then stock up on huge bottles of it in their boxing day sale when everything is 50% off! I've just posted a Christmas Lush haul on my blog if you wanted a read (:

    L x

    1. haha that is what I do too! I am looking forward to buying the bigger bottles on boxing day :)

  • I've been a fan of the fragrance of this one but never bought it in fear of getting too sparkly. Now it's Christmas, I might get a bit festive and let the sparkles flow!

  • This one smells so great! I've been wanting to pick it up for quite some time but it's just so expensive.. oh well. Thanks for the review! X

  • beautyis allaround4 December 2015 at 09:56

    I love lush products. I just love them . Greetings from Greece

  • Jessica Edmunds4 December 2015 at 15:53

    This is my absolute favourite lush product alongside rose jam! xx


  • I'd almost forgotten that I wanted to try this product! You made me want it again!

    Be | lovefrombe