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Nip + Fab Kale Fix Makeup Removing Pads

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads

For me skincare is very important and I would rather spend my money on skincare products then on makeup products as I do find them more rewarding as glowing skin makes me very happy. I have only until recently discovered the brand Nip + Fab after seeing it in superdrug after seeing so many amazing reviews about the brand on blogs and instagram. I have three of their products at the moment all of which are from the Kale fix collection.

Nip + Fab are a skincare range with a broad range of products for everyone and the products are cruelty free and most products are Vegan. The kale range is relativity new range to their collection and they have a special superfood ingredient 'kale'  and 'watercress' and in the makeup removing pads it helps remove daily dirt such as makeup and regenerates the skin with vitamins A, C and K to protect against radical damage and keeps the skins softness and elasticity.
nip + fab kale fix makeup removing pads review
Normally I used to only remove makeup with either just plain water or baby wipes but I knew I needed something better that would benefit my skin too so these Nip + Fab makeup removing pads seemed the perfect thing for me.

First things first I just love the box with these pads, its looks very nice with its simple yet effective design, it has all you need to know printed on it and of course seeing as its a kale product its green! In this box they is 60 pads which is decent amount for the size of the product and this product is priced at £12.95. The pads are very moist with a nice little curved design on the pad and they smell very fresh and a bit herbal.

I found that these removed makeup remarkably well and even removed my eyeliner effectively unlike other techniques I have tried before. I usually use one pad to remove everyday makeup and use both sides but with more stubborn makeup such as party makeup or glittery makeup I used two pads.  After removing my makeup I found my skin was squeaky clean and I would even go as far to say they soften my skin too.

Would I Buy Them Again??

Defiantly! I love these and really wish I did find them sooner, they are the perfect product at removing makeup and they have a gorgeous smell that I won't get tired of using. They may seem a little bit expensive for a makeup remover but they have many benefits that I am happy to pay full price for them to keep my skin happy. I have used these with the others in the kale collection and I just love them, I will have their reviews on the blog soon.

Have you tried any products from Nip + Fab before?

Melissa x 

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  1. Mellissa Williams29 December 2015 at 00:41

    I have used Nip + Fab before and the products are great although I think these are a little pricey for makeup remover pads. I use micellar water wipes at the moment and find Superdrug ones are a good price.

    1. I usually alternate between these and micellar water :)