Sunday, 31 May 2015

Weekly Summary

Our week in Pictures
I baked a lemon cake and made some cupcakes for my children to decorate. When I bake my children look to help so I let them help me put ingredients in the bowl and of course they decorate the cupcakes, I know its messy but its worth it as they love it and enjoy them more as they made them, themselves.

I have changed my diet to add more fruits and vegetables, I am not saying I didn't eat enough  before but I just added more variety of fruits and vegetables into my diet. I have bought more varieties of fruits and vegetables so its a great way for my family to try new foods. My family love fruits with their breakfast every morning so I just added more then usual haha.
We went for our first meal out in Glasgow after being here now for just over a month. We treated the family to a nice meal out in Pizza hut we all enjoyed the food and the kids had plenty to do with the colouring books and crayons.

We visited my mum in my old hometown and in town they was tractors! My son loved seeing all the tractors and my mums dog an Airedale terrier really wanted to be in the photos too.
We all went to Primark for the first time in months so I had my fingers crossed I would find some lovely pajamas and thankfully primark didn't let me down and I treated myself to this lovely pj set! I bought some other stuff for my husband and my kids too.

I made a lemon cake, a recipe my nana taught me how to make me when I was 14 so over 10 years ago. Its still a favorite in my house, especially by husband. Check out my Simple Lemon cake recipe here!

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  fruity flamingo

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Weight Loss Journey - Week 1

Hi Guys and Dolls
Now I must admit going on a diet is something I really don't like, I love everything naughty such as cake and chips but last week I decided enough was enough my eating habits and exercise needed to be drastically improved. My main goal is to be a size 10-12 again but the size to me isn't that important, I am doing it to be healthier and to help tone my tummy after having 3 c sections it could do with a little toning.
My plans for this year are to jog more and go for long walks as they are my favourites sort of exercise but I am going to challenge myself and start cycling and swimming too, the good thing about the exercise's I do and the ones I am going to do can be done with family as they are very family friendly so I can take my kids with me when they aren't at school, as I haven't got time to go to the gym and my husband works all the time so when he is off I just want to spend time with him.
What I have achieved this week food wise is that for the day I have 3 big meals and if I get peckish between meal times I just eat fruit or make use of my Nutribullet  and have a delicious smoothie instead of reaching for the chocolate bar as I usually do. The 3 big meals a day tend to have loads of vegetable's and good serving of protein with a smaller side of carbs. At night time I don't eat much if anything and if I do its just an fruit juice ice lolly and I must admit its worked wonders for me so far and I can see the improvements in my eating habits already.
This weeks weight loss and exercise
Start weight 21st of May 160lb
Current weight 28th May 154lb
Just walking this week but I am thinking of doing the
30 day shred as I have done that before and enjoyed it.
Keep an eye next week for updates
Till next week lovelies
Melissa x
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Nakd fruit & nut nibbles review

I just love Nakd Wholefoods they have an amazing variety of snacks from rasins to fruit & nut bars. Nakd snacks are just right for me as I my weakness is snacking and for me having these as an alternative is just perfect and also so much healthier for me.

I'm trying to stay fit and I do love a chocolate bar but I'm trying to reduce my chocolate and I replace it with a healiher option from Nakd Wholefoods and what makes it so much better is these fruit & nut nibbles are inspired by sweets, so a healthy treat! What's not to love about that?

I found these in my local Asda and I couldn't resist getting most of the flavours and they are a good price too at 80p each but you can get all 7 online from the Nakd website for £6.50. They is 7 gorgeous flavours to choose from and they are 100% natural, gluten free and vegan too. The flavours are minted humbug, strawberries & cream,  salted caramel,  coconut bliss, toffee treat, tooty fruity and fruit salad.

I loved every flavour as they tasted exactly what they said on the packet which was a pleasant surprise. My favourite though has to be strawberries and cream, those are just lovely. I love the design of the packets and the fruit & nut nibbles look a bit like like chocolate shaped Nakd bars.

I can't wait to buy them again and so glad I bought them. On my blog I'm  going to posting more healthy food options and also my personal  fitness journey, so keep an eye out for that.

Additional information


Gluten Free

Till next time 

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bomb Cosmectics Haul


I'm a big fan of competitions but I haven't been able to enter as much as I used to as they never seems to be a enough hours in the day, but when I seen Bomb Cosmetics competition over on Instagram to guess the royal baby's weight and I thought it's worth a guess and as luck would have it, I guessed correctly thankfully and won all of these amazing goodies!  In the competition they was a good selection  in the prize from soaps to a candle and they all look really nice and a lot different to the selection from lush, il share all the links of what I won below.  
  Baby you're a star soap slice 100g - £2.49 
   Cute as a button soap cake slice - £2.49 
  Baby shower blaster 160g - £2.29 
  My fair lady brûlée 180g - £3.49 
  Baby powder piped glass candle - £8.99
I will be reviewing all of them separately very soon, so keep an eye out in the near future for my reviews on all of these.
Bomb cosmetics is cruelty free and quite a lot of their products are vegan. They sell a vareity of products from bath, soap to home fragrance.
 Melissa x

Friday, 15 May 2015

I've moved to Glasgow

 flamingo home decor
 Hello lovelies

I've barely posted in the past for the main reason being, I've moved to Glasgow as my husband has been working here a few months and we finally found the perfect flat for us and family, as its 3 bedrooms  with a big living room.

I myself was born in Essex but I've been raised in a small town in Cumbria so moving to Glasgow was a big thing for me as Glasgow is so much bigger then where I was raised so it's a lot for me to take in. It's only a little bit easier for me because my husband was originally from Glasgow and has lived here for over 20 years. Slowly but surely I will get used to it and I do love it so far 💖

 bright and pretty home decor
The flat was unfurnished thankfully so I just brought my own furniture over in a Luton box van, we hired one for day so we could take all of our belongings easily without making multiple trips. It's only a 100 miles so it made the travelling a bit easier. We started packing at 9am in the morning and finished by 6pm that evening and arrives in Glasgow just before 9.

 flamingo cushions

Getting to Glasgow was the easy part! The hardest part was getting all our furniture up 3 stair cases as we are on the second floor. My husbands dad and brother helped us get everything in the house but trust me it was hard work for everyone because it's not easy carry fridge and sofas in angles especially when they are heavy. By the time we got everything out the van it was just before midnight and all we wanted to do was sleep, so we just slept on the sofa the first night.

We have been here now for just over a week and it's been a roller coaster for everyone but for me it's been a one of wow they is so many lovely people here and so many different shops, it's just fabulous. The only thing for me at the moment is finding nursery for my girls and for me to find a job. Another thing for me is I don't know anyone here yet and I really miss my mum and my nana.


As you can tell my blog name and by pictures of my home you can tell I love everything brigh and loads of flamingos and flowers.

Week one sorted now just to get used to everything and make it my forever home 💖

Melissa xxx

Kale and berry smoothie recipe

A day doesn't go by without using my nutribullet, I'm just so in love with making differeng smoothies everyday that I can't forget to get a refreshing mix of fresh or frozen fruit or vegatables and best of all easy to make any time of the day.
My husband works for a delivery company and works long hours, so I like to make sure he's had a smoothie that's full of energy boosting properties and you can go wrong with this kale and berry smoothie!


    • Handful of kale

    • 1 Banana

    • 5 strawberries

    • 6 raspberries

    • 8 blueberries

    • Half a cup of coconut water

    • Method

      1. Wash all of the ingredients

      2. Chop all the fruit so they all fit in the smoothie maker. I use the nutribullet.

      3. Blend until smooth, I put the smoothie maker on for at least 1 minutes so all the ingredients are nice and smooth.

      4. Enjoy!

      5. Till next time

        Melissa x
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