Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Reckless

makeup revolution reckless lipstick
Hi Lovelies
Makeup Revolution have been on the blogging and makeup fans scene for over a year now and I am so glad I joined the hype as most of their products I have bought I am very happy with. I have so many of their eyeshadows and lipsticks in my collection, I just love bargains so I can't resist treating myself when I go to superdrug (again).
For me I don't usually buy lipsticks that are expensive as I tend to like trying the cheaper brands such  as Makeup Revolution as they are more purse friendly for me and that means I can have more lipsticks in my collection then seeing as the following lipstick is a bargain price of only £1 !!

I just have to add Makeup Revolution are a cruelty free company! and they have a fair few products that are vegan too, so that's brilliant for other vegans like me. Here is their makeup ingredients list for more information on their products.
makeup revolution lipstick reckless
Makeup Revolution - Reckless is a deep berry red shade in a beautiful satin finish and it looks like very Gothic vamp shade, in which I absolutely love!. My first thoughts were would be a bit daring for me but I gave into temptation and I am so glad I bought it and I think I suit it a lot. Reckless is such a gorgeous red lipstick and is perfect for all year round even now  in the summer and for a £1 you can't really go wrong. I was so surprised how long this lipstick lasted and every time I wear it lasts and lasts and I am not joking when I say it lasts longer then mac lipsticks which was 4 hours. For the price of this lipstick I will be sure to buy more to add to my ever growing lipstick collection.

What is your favorite lipstick at the moment?

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Yankee Candle Haul

Hi Lovelies
I may sound super boring but I always tend to buy Yankee Candle samplers or the small jars as I like having  a variety of scents in my home every daybut I do like like getting large jars on special occasions like Halloween or Christmas. I usually buy 6-8 candles a month and what scents I choose really depends on my mood and what season it is too, so at the moment I like summery scents and floral scents and that's why I chose the following candles.

Champaca Blossom - This candle has lightly fragranced floral scent and reminds me of blue skies and sitting in the garden with an iced tea. Its not over the top with a scent but has a refreshing smell which is delightful.

Pink Sands - I just love the name of this candles it sounds like a gorgeous exotic holiday abroad in the beautiful sun on the beach, I can dream right? haha. Pink sands is a beautiful mix of citrus,sweet florals and spicy vanilla

Fresh Cut Roses - I used to always do the gardening at my nana's house and she had so many roses so this candle reminds me of that. This candle is a very strong scent of beautiful English garden roses.

What is your favorite Yankee Candle ?

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Date and Strawberry Smoothie

date and strawberry smoothie
Hi Lovelies
For me smoothies are just perfect as they are so versatile and you can make up any flavour combinations you want, even if you don't like what you make its just really fun making them, saying that most of the time smoothies taste delicious and are so refreshing, especially on a very hot day.

Smoothies are a simple way of getting fruit and vegetables in your diet and making up new smoothies is just brilliant and I came up with this smoothie a few days ago while opening my fast this Ramadan(Iftar) and its so simple yet so tasty with the main ingredients of almond milk, strawberries, bananas and of course dates.
Date and Strawberry Smoothie Recipe
Serves: 2 


  • 12 Strawberries - Strawberries are perfect at this time of year and taste so much sweeter than any other time of the year so its great to make the most of them.
  • 4 Dates - I like most varieties of dates and any will work well in this smoothie, don't forget to take the seeds out the dates.
  • 2 Bananas - The riper the better, I like bananas spotty as they are so much sweeter.
  • 300ml Of Unsweetened Almond Milk - Any milk will work with this but almond milk is nice and light and quite refreshing especially if its been kept in the fridge.
  • 2 teaspoons of Chia seeds - I use these as a topping on the smoothie, they look great as decoration and so many health benefits too.
This recipe is very simple and I just put all the ingredients apart from the chia seeds into my nutribullet and the smoothies were made, any smoothie maker or blender would work well though.
Sprinkle the chia seeds over the top of the smoothies once in the glasses.

What is your favorite smoothie?
Melissa x 

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Saving money :The Weekly Shop

saving money on the weekly shopping
Hi Lovelies 
I have been debating whether or not to post money saving tips on my blog for a while now but I have decided what the heck! why not?! if it works for me it could help others too,so here we are. A few years back I used to go shopping without making plans on what to buy and shopping used to be a bit expensive, I now save more money and I will share my tips on how I save money.

Saving Money - The Weekly Shop

Make a Shopping List - Decide roughly what you will be eat for the following week so you are more likely to buy everything you need and won't end up buying random items. I always write down on my phone what I need for the week ahead and look at my phone while I am shopping to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

Try Own Brand Products - I used to be reluctant to buy own brand products as I thought  the quality wouldn't be the same as something a branded product would be and to be honest after I have tried a few things they is little to no difference and sometimes they are even better! Its not going to save you a fortune but over time it does make a difference.
Here is a few things I buy own brand
- Nappies
- Coffee/tea

Buy Larger options of a Product  - You would think that its expensive but if you buy large washing up liquid it lasts so much longer and it works out cheaper and it works out that way for so many products too from fruit to toilet roll, check out the price and info on the label.
I buy - Rice
- Cereal

Coupons/Clubcard - I usually go to different supermarkets every week as I like to have a change but I do have a tesco clubcard and they give out coupons every now and again. As for coupons they can be anywhere from magazines to online from directly a products websites.

Buy Frozen - I like to buy frozen vegetables such as broccoli, peas and spinach, they offer good value for money and they last a long time too. I used to think they weren't as fresh but loads of fruits and vegetables now are frozen not long after they are picked, so your not missing out on the nutrition of the products.

How do you save money during the weekly shop?
Melissa x
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mango Smoothie Recipe

Hi Lovelies
Smoothies are a delicious healthy option in the morning or can be enjoyed as a yummy  snack during the day. During the summer months they are a perfect treat and you can make the most of the summer fruits that taste amazing at this time of year, such as O&J Pakistani mangos! Pakistani mangoes are only avalible for a couple of months of the year and they are the most delicious mangoes ever.

Mangoes come in many varieties and this recipe can be made with any mango you like but to me it tastes so much nicer with these mangoes as they are very sweet and versatile with desserts.


-1 Mango ( I used Pakistani Mangoes)
 - 1 Ripe Banana
1 Teaspoon of vanilla
2 Teaspoons of chia seeds
2 Tablespoons of yogurt
200ml of milk (any milk would be fine in this)

Just simply add them to a blender, I use my nutribullet and it works wonders and the smoothie is a nice thick texture but not to thick that you can't drink it.

What is your favorite smoothie?
Melissa x
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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Health and Fitness Journey Week 3

healthy fruity breakfast
Hi Lovelies 
I nearly almost forgot about posting this post as I have been preparing for Ramadan as it is only 4 days away now, can't believe its been a year already since the last one! Thankfully though  I have some more time now as I am mostly prepared now for it. 
This week I have had a bit more of a cheeky cake or two this week as a little treat as I do love to bake and I like testing it to see if I am improving, I must admit though I may of had the odd slice to many though woops!

Next week its Ramadan and me and my husbands meal plans are all sorted out so we have our 3 meals and I have made sure they are all as healthy as possible so we get the whole benefits out of our food rather then having fried foods as they can be rather heavy even though they seem a bit tempting at times as they are convenient. As for snacks it would mostly be dates(yummy they are my favorite snack ever) and fruit with maybe the odd treat.
I will be posting my Ramadan meal plan out very soon so keep an eye out for that :D
healthy lunch options

Health and Fitness Week 3 

This week I am super proud of myself I made nearly everything from scratch using no pre made things apart from coleslaw. I have made big changes to meal times so they is a lot of fruits and vegetables to choose from and my family just love the choice of fruit and vegetables too. I made a big plate of fruit in the mornings with at least 5 varieties of fruit, sometimes I add yogurt too and I usually eat some of  that selection with a bowl of porridge or weetabix.
For lunch its either a sandwich of egg or hummus and I make a big sharing plate with fresh salad, coleslaw, sauerkraut and tomatoes, it makes getting 5 a day a breeze having these options on the table. Sometimes with lunch I like to have a pack of crisps such as quavers, as low calorie as possible.
For dinner I have made a variety of foods this week such as veggie burgers and cauliflower cheese, over the past weeks my portion sizes have reduced a lot seeing as I am filling up during the day with more fruits and vegetables.

I have lived in Glasgow for nearly 2 months now and I am slowly getting used to the area I now live in and I discoverer the most amazing big park near my house, I just love taking my kids with my husband on longs walks their  as they is so much to see their and it has a woodland and you can see so many types of birds and they even is the odd squirrel too.
At home I have started try exercise videos, I still need to find the right one for me buts it fun trying to find the one I enjoy the most.
I am going to be buying a bike after Ramadan as I don't drive. I am looking forward to cycling and quite a lot of Glasgow roads are cycle friendly.

Until next time
Melissa x
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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

vegan carrot cake recipe
Hi Lovelies
I just love baking cakes and one of my all time favorite cakes has to be the good old fashion carrot cake. Carrot cake can be made in so many different ways but I challenged myself to make it without eggs and with vegan butter so that its suitable for vegans, I love baking I want to share my recipes with everyone.

I find many ingredients go beautifully with a carrot cake but my personal favorite way of making it is with rasisns, whole carrot and some spices, it just adds a kick and goes so amazing with an iced coffee or anyway you like. 

yummy vegan carrot cake recipe

For the Cake-
  • 100g of self raising flour ( I just use tescos own brand works well for me)
  • 100g of Caster Sugar 
  • 100g of vegan butter 
  • 2 Tablespoons of Alpro Plain Yogurt 
  •  1 Medium Carrot
  • 1 and half teaspoon of cinnamon 
  • 2 Tablespoons of Raisins 
  • 2 Tables Spoons of Pineapple Jam

For Icing 
  • 50g of melted vegan butter
  • Icing sugar 
  • Grated raw carrot

  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  2. Grease 2 21cm cake tins with the vegan butter with kitchen roll.
  3. Put the carrot into a blender, I used my nutribullet
  4. Put all the cake ingredients apart from the jam into bowl and whisk till a good thick consistency.
  5. Pour the cake mix evenly in the cake tins and spread evenly with the back of a spoon to get the cake mixtures roughly even.
  6. Put into the oven and let cook for roughly 25-30 minutes, keeping and eye till the are golden 
  7. Let them cool for at least 30 minutes 
  8. While waiting for the cakes to cool this is when you make the icing, melt the butter by putting bowl over a warm water then add the icing sugar until it has a frosting consistency, once that is achieved get cakes out of the tin and stick them together with pineapple jam.
  9. Frost the top of the cake only with the frosting and put the grated carrot on the top of the cake.
  10. Enjoy!!
What should I bake next ?
Melissa x 

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Preparing for Ramadan 2015

preparing for Ramadan 2015
Hi Lovelies
With roughly only a week until Ramadan and this will be my second year of taking part in Ramadan as the previous ones as I was pregnant so I am looking forward to starting and completing this years Ramadan with my husband Inshallah!
Last year was a big surprise to me, as it was very hot, hotter then usual and I completed so many more days then I expected and it was easier then after a few hours and usually during the day I was fine but once it got to 1 hour before iftar time, the minutes feel like hours and especially when you start preparing the food and can see ice cold pop waiting at the dinner table.

What is Ramadan?
I will just give you all a quick idea what Ramadan is all about, this is only a brief guide on it and my own personal view on it, more information is online and you can find out more by visiting your local Mosque (Masjid).
Ramadan is a celebration celebrated by a billion Muslims all around the world and is observed by Muslims on the 9th month of the Islamic calender which is the month Muhammad (PBUH) had the first revelation of the Holy Quran. Ramadan is one  of the five pillars of Islam and Ramadan usually lasts 29-30 days depending when the crescent moon is spotted.
While fasting from dawn till sunset Muslims refrain from eating food, drinking liquids, smoking and engaging in naughtiness haha!  We eat food after sunset and just before dawn.
During Ramadan I try to read Quran more and offer more prayers (salah) Ramadan is very relaxing for me and is one of my favorite times of the year.
Ramadan is only done by healthy adult Muslims! and children, people with illness, pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruation are exempt from fasting. They is other exceptions too, you can find out more about the month of Ramadan over at

How me and my husband are preparing 
I still can't believe its only next week but I am trying to sort everything out ready such as food and meal plans and so on. I find it best getting completely ready for Ramadan a few days before and it worked out really well for me last year. I am making meal plans up for the family so I will cook once a day and have meals ready prepared for my kids during the day and I will have mine and my husband already made for night time (Suhoor)&(Iftar)

I have wrote a meal plan out for opening the fast, the main meal and a meal to have before sunrise and I will have a separate post about that very soon. I am going to bulk buy things like rice, lentils and things like that so it reduces the amount of times I need to go shopping during Ramadan so we can save as much energy as possible without running around Tesco when the weather is so hot!

Prayers (Salat)During Ramadan we observe our usual 5 prayers a day but its also a time where we offer more prayers seeing as Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year.

Zakat (Charity)
Charity is very important for Muslims and its even one of the pillars of Islam, so yes very important. Zakat is 2.5% of how much is earned, wealth and belongings. Zakat helps charities from all around the world. The minimum given is 2.5% if a person can afford it and a person can also give more if they can afford too.

This is just a basic outline of Ramadan and they is much more about it online!

6 Days till Ramadan

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit

Makeup Revolution Ultra sculpt and contour kit review
Hi Lovelies
I just LOVE contouring but I wouldn't say I am an expert like Kim Kardasians makeup artist ( I wish) but I do like to try my best as contouring can make my face look more defined which I love and this is why I decided to get this Makeup Revolution Contour Kit as it has the bronzer, highlighter and the blusher all in one handy palette.

Contouring is very popular with many celebrities and they is many products on the market offering different products, I always ending up completely lost on which one to choose but this palette looked quite simple for me and easy to use and with no need to buy multiple products so I hoped this would be a big money saver for me as its priced at a very affordable £3.50.

makeup revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit

I was super excited to try this Sculpt & Contour palette in fair especially as the nice weather is here, lets hope the nice weather stays a bit longer then a day eh?! Contouring is definitely my thing in the summer months as personally I think it goes so well with my summer makeup. Now for the Makeup Revolution contour palette, yes I know they its been stood on by accident by me so its a bit broken but the inside is completely fine and now onto my thoughts on the palette.
I was in two minds as for me this palette isn't the most pigmented in the world even with primer and foundation but it gives such a nice subtle glow but I wouldn't say its like a contoured effect its more like a nice glow that goes beautifully well with a blusher, I used the highlighter combined with the blusher or sometimes with the bronzer it just really depended on my mood and my style of makeup.

makeup revolution sculpt and contour kit swatch
Overall this palette is very nice for a nice glow combined with the blusher or the bronzer but I will keep on searching for other products to try for a more contoured look, saying that I will keep using this palette every now and again and I am not disappointed with my purchase and for £3.50 I am defiantly not complaining.

What is your favorite contour kit?
Melissa x 
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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers Review

Hi Lovelies
I am a big fan of lipsticks so I was excited to see these Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers in my local superdrug that I had to buy more then just one and I think I choose very well indeed. These lip lacquers remind me a lot of Limecrime and jeffree star lipsticks which is a primary reason I bought them as I am saving up to get jeffree star lipsticks and these are in the perfect price range for me.

Makeup Revolution offer a range of gorgeous makeup from eye shadow palettes to the most vibrant lipsticks you have ever seen before and not only do they offer such a fantastic range they are really affordable but the don't let themselves done on quality either, their quality of makeup is second to none in my opinion which is a main reason my makeup drawer is full of their makeup, its just to good for me not to get haha,

Seeing these in my local superdrug store they stood out for me as the packaging is very professional and the quality is very modern and great to see the variety of shades they is in the range. These cost a bargain price of £3 each and come in 11 different shades so they is something for everyone. I choose 4 in the range which are 'Keep Flying For You', 'Black Heart', 'Vamp' and 'Depravity' all of which are very bright and Gothic looking to me .

The texture of this lipstick is quite dry but it does apply easily enough, it drys almost instantly so be careful that you apply it 100% perfectly as I learned it looks wonky and can be annoying to take off but apart from that a simple application but another suggestion for using this I would use a lip balm so its a bit easier to apply and not so drying. These are quite long lasting and lasted me 4 hours before needing another application, I would suggest bringing it with you though as it looks like a bright lip liner once it starts wearing off your lips such after a hot meal or a hot drink haha, yes I did learn this the hard way too. 

Packaging 10/10 - Really love the packaging and made me want to buy the product more.
Price 10/10 - For £3 each its just a bargain compared to other velvet matte lipsticks on the market today, I am looking forward to getting the other shades.
Application 8/10 - Love the wand applicator and you don't need loads on for a bright effect only problem is it can be easy to make a mistake if not careful.
Look 10/10 - Can't fault on how it looks! it delivers on the shade they are suppose to be and they just complete a makeup look effortlessly.
Long Lasting 10/10- It lasts just as long as a professional lipstick which is a good 4 hours, just don't forget to bring it with you when you go out.
Buy again?10/10 - Defiantly, I am getting the rest of the shades next week hopefully.

Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers
- Cruelty Free 

What are your favorite lipsticks?
Melissa xx
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Friday, 5 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Mermaids VS Unicorns Palette

makeup revolution mermaids vs unicorns palette
Doesn't this palette have the most perfect name ever for a eye shadow palette? Makeup Revolution have always got the most quirky product names and mermaids vs unicorns is no different. This palette has the most gorgeous shades of glittery and shimmery blues and purples, I couldn't resist buying this palette and for £4 its a complete bargain.

I have lived in Glasgow for over a month now and it was about time I had a makeup spurge of one of my favorite makeup brands  and when I went to my local Superdrug at Silverburn shopping cente  one things for certain the brand didn't disappoint me at all. I was admiring the makeup for at least 10 minutes like it was a doughnut stand with loads of bright and beautiful colours!.. I did eventually choose though and I am more than happy with my choices. 

Makeup revolution mermaids vs unicorns review
Trying this palette the other day was like a dream, the colours are so bright and don't look any different then they do in the palette, they really are that bright! Its one of those palettes that you would think had a premium price tag but thankfully for and everyone its only £4 for 12 eye shadows, which is crazy that is way under 50p per eye shadow, you are spoiling us makeup revolution *wink*
The eye shadows is very long lasting if you combine it together with the makeup revolution eye shadow primer, it helps keep the eye shadow nice and vibrant all day long. These shadows are also very easy to blend together to create mystical makeup looks.

mermaids vs unicorns swatches
No, before you ask.. I didn't go to Hogwarts to make this eyeshadows look more vibrant they really are that bright! I only used makeup revolution magical eye shadow primer with only a small amount of eye shadow to achieve these swatches. I knew the makeup palette was beautiful but I wasn't expecting it to have the same results on me but it shocked me which I am very happy about!

Additional Information
Cruelty Free
Vegan(I think here is the items
What is your favorite eye shadow palette?
Melissa x
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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Health and Fitness Journey Week 2

Asalaam Alaikum
I have decided to re name my journey as I think its more for me personally, so from now on instead of my weight loss journey series its now called my health and fitness journey. I will not be using scales or measuring myself, not because I am not body confident, its just I love the way I look and no matter what size(s) clothes I wear it doesn't mean any difference to my style,the way I look or most of all my health inshallah.
I will still be posting every week my health and fitness journey. If you are interested please come back every Thursday for my updates and in between that I will be posting healthy recipes with the odd cake recipe. I post most days on my Instagram healthy recipes and smoothies.

This past week food wise I have made an amazing variety of new foods as I just love cooking my own meals. I love finding new recipes and making up my own and I will be posting more recipes on my blog as well and tomorrow its a delicious smoothie so keep an eye out for that delicious recipe. 
I have also swapped loads of foods to wholegrain versions such as pasta and bread, it took some getting used too at first but they have so much more fiber and after a few days I didn't notice the difference. 
Snacking for me now is usually fruit but on the odd occasion I do like a slice of home made cake with a lovely cup of tea, I just have to treat myself with some of my baking.

In under 2 weeks its going to be Ramadan so I am preparing for that and planning out my month such as my deen and I will hopefully read the whole Quran. 
My food and exercise habits will be more different from now as I won't be eating or drinking during until iftar, I will still be sharing my journey though inshallah

This week I have being trying my best to do at least 10,000 steps as my daily goal and its been just great so far and I have enjoyed it, its just a shame it rains most days at the moment haha. I also have plans to get a bike soon as I live quite a distance from Glasgow central and I don't have my own car and I would rather ride a bike instead anyways, so having a bike would be a massive help for me as a transport and also exercise and for using for future cycling events.
At home I do loads of cleaning.. that has to count as exercise right? haha but saying that I like to do the odd bit of yoga every now and again at home but I need to make it more regular.
I have plans to enter jogging events and cycling events and they are an exciting things for me to look forward to and I will share the events once I know more about them, but one things for sure they will be a few once I find out which ones to do.

Here I am this week
Body Positive

Till next week lovelies 
Melissa x
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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Lady Lipstick

makeup revolution lady lipstick review
I just love shopping but I love to live on a budget as I am saving up for a mortgage. I like to treat myself every now and again with makeup from affordable but fantastic quality makeup brands such as Makeup Revolution.. I am a bit of a lipstick addict and my collection has just grown so much over the past year that I have a draw dedicated to just lipsticks and lipglosses, I just can never seem to get enough of lipsticks haha.

I have about 10 Makeup Revolution lipsticks now and I just can't get enough of them as they have a fabulous range of shades to choose from and the quality is just unbelievably good for an affordable brand. I have many shades in my collection that are just perfection. I can't resist collecting more of the lipsticks to my ever growing makeup revolution makeup collection and for the the prices its affordable for me.

makeup revolution lady lipstick review
Lady has amazing pigmentation and is a very classy red, I have worn it for a few occasions already such as clothes shopping and even a trip to Tesco, its just one of those versatile red lipsticks. I found this lipstick is so long lasting its surprised me really how long it lasts, it lasts just as long as mac lipsticks which is about 4 hours if not longer without looking fading and even after eating and a drink. Makeup revolution have got a thumbs up from me on this one and I really can't fault this lipstick if anything I just want to buy more shades haha!

What is your favorite Lipstick?
Melissa x
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