Friday, 22 January 2016

15 things to do on a lazy weekend

15 things to do on a lazy weekend
Every now and again I just absolutely love quiet weekends in and after thinking back on all what I LOVE doing most on lazy weekends I thought I would share with you all my favourites things to do whenever a lazy weekend comes up. As much as I love a lazy weekend its not something I do every weekend its something maybe happens once or twice a month seeing as I am a full time mum of three beautiful children.
I know a lot of people like going out partying on a weekend or visiting a busy restaurant, but I much prefer a nice quiet weekend after a long week of taking the children to school, picking them up and other mummy and home duties.
 15 things to do on a lazy weekend
  1. Read a new book - I have never read the harry potter books so I am starting my journey with them now. I just loved the movies and my mum and sister recommended to me to read the books as they are so much better then the films, I can't wait to find out.
  2. Have a Lush Bath - This is probably one of my favourite things of mine to do! I love relaxing in a lush bath after a very long day, they make me feel amazing and they smell gorgeous too.
  3. Colour a colouring book- I used to always draw and colour in but I stopped doing a couple years back till until recently I discovered my love for it again. At the moment I colour in adult colouring books and they are very relaxing and make me feel accomplished once I am finished.
  4. Listen to your favourite music - I just listening to my favourite music on lazy weekends and my all time favourites have to be Michael Jackson, Queen and Enrique Iglesias.
  5. Paint your nails - The weekend is usually the time I change my nail paint and I find it very relaxing. I usually paint my toenails and finger nails at the same time and after I have painted and they have dried I usually apply a hand  cream.
  6. Moisturise - Even though I moisturise most days the weekend makes it so much more relaxing. I usually moisturise my body, my feet and hands.
  7. Use a face mask - After a long week they is nothing my skin loves more then a face mask to give it that uplift it needs. I usually use different types but my favourites are ones that cleanse the skin and improves its smoothness.
  8. Schedule blog posts -  For me this is the perfect time to plan the week/months ahead blogs posts and even take blog photos if its a nice sunny day.
  9. Watch a new series on Netflix - I recently bought Netflix and now I'm just addicted to it. At the moment I love watching Mr Selfridge and  would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something new.
  10. Paint - This is an activity I love to do with my family and we manage to do it every weekend. We usually have a theme and they usually paint what they like, the last theme we had was flowers and they did some amazing painting, I loved joining in too.
  11. Bake  - I love baking and nothing beats home made cupcakes and cakes, the smell of fresh baking in the kitchen always uplifts my mood. I like baking cupcakes and my children like decorating them.
  12. Candles - Any day of the week I just love scented candles whether it be a Yankee candle or any brand its a mood up lifter in the evenings. My favourite candles at the moment are floral scents like sweet pea and roses.
  13. Phone family and friends - I know it sounds very obvious but its a great time to catch up with old friends and phone our loved ones. The weekends are usually the only times I have to have a good long conversation with friends and family.
  14.  Have Pizza - One thing I just love on a lazy weekend is Pizza! pizza is my favourite takeaway food and I can't resist eating it with wedges and garlic bread .... yum!
  15. Have a long walk or go to gym - I know its a silly suggestion for a lazy weekend but I really do think a bit of exercise to start the day makes a difference to the rest of the day. Once I come back from a long walk I feel refreshed and then I feel better with a lazy day.

I hope this list helps anyone planning a nice weekend in and its also a great list of things to do on a day off work when you just want to relax. I am planning a nice lazy weekend this weekend and I am looking forward to my lush bath followed by me reading Harry Potter with some chocolate and a packet of crisps.

 What do you do on a lazy weekend?

 Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. Hi there! Yes - I do all these things on a lazy weekend! I do miss my baths though, don't have a bath at the apartment I live in.. oh well! X

  2. Christine Everyday22 January 2016 at 17:38

    These all sound perfect!!

  3. Kristina Maggiora22 January 2016 at 18:02

    Can't believe you never read HP! Waaaah! I hope you enjoy them :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  4. Beautiful ideas!! I love your blog, thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  5. I wish I could have a lazy weekend but it will never happen! Anything blog related is regarded as work for me because I put so much work in to it like it is a job I don't get paid for! Alongside all my essays for college! Great suggestions though x

  6. Kara Michael-Brown22 January 2016 at 23:48

    This is ideal for those rainy, windy, wintery days! I brought a colouring book about 6 months ago, haven't started it yet - but any weekend soon I'll be starting it! And at the same time I'll be wearing a face mask. See - winter doesn't have to be boring staying-in!


    Kara Chelsie

  7. Painting my nails or someone elses is something I enjoy doing at the weekend when I'm bored!
    Charlotte //

  8. Wildfire Charm23 January 2016 at 15:13

    I've done all of these things almost every other weekend in the past few months. Except the colouring book, I need to still get my hand on one of those x

  9. I love lazy weekends!
    I'm currently having one right now :) I tend to catch up on blog reading watch a lot of tv and stuff my face with a takeaway pizza hehe

  10. Angela Kate Webster24 January 2016 at 07:27

    I love lazy weekends! Lush baths are the best way to be lazy. Shame the flat I just moved to only has a shower :'( lol

  11. Albertine Brandon24 January 2016 at 09:58

    I'm having a lazy Sunday today and I can't wait to light a candle, run a bath and settle down with the Blogosphere magazine :)


  12. Long bubbles baths and reading are my favorite ways to spend a lazy weekend. :)

    S .x

  13. Jemima Elliott24 January 2016 at 18:02

    Weekends are definitely the time that I write and schedule the majority of my blog posts. It's makes blogging so much easier! All of these things are great and I love the days that I can read the whole of a new book!

    Jemima x