My Goals for 2016

my goals for 2016
I really can't believe its 2016 already, for me 2015 came and went far to quickly and was probably the fastest year yet for me. In 2015 I achieved quite a lot even though not everything I have high hopes that I can do them this year though and I also have new goals that I have set myself and hopefully would like to achieve them and also with 12 months to achieve them I have a good chance.

So what happened in 2015
In 2015 me and my family moved from a small town in Cumbria to one of the largest cities in the UK- Glasgow and believe me it was a big change form me and now that we have been here nearly a year its still a big difference but we are settling well and know new people and have visited new places too. I do miss living in a smaller town at times though and of course I do miss living near my mum who I miss seeing.
 Goals for 2016
  •  Take my family on holiday - Me and my family went to beach last year and hopefully this year I would like to go with to my family to Alton towers as I am sure they would love Cbeebies land. I would also to a few other places around the UK such as the lake district but not sure where yet but will decide in near future.
  • Get fitter and loose Weight - Over the last year I put on well over 3 stone and with a little bit of luck I would like to loose some of that. I would also really like to get myself fitter and get myself to a size 10-12. I am also keen to do a marathon this year like I did in 2014, unfortunately I missed out doing one in 2015.
  • Improve my photos - I love taking photos and would like to get my photos to look that extra bit better this year. I think I improved greatly last year but for me they is always room for improvement with photography
Do more arts and crafts  -  Last year I did a lot of painting and drawing with the kids and they just love it. This year I am also planning learn new skills myself such as how to knit again and also drawing/sketching again. I used to knit a couple of years ago but I gave up, hopefully this time I will be more patient with it and learn to knit new things. As for sketching and painting they are things I have always looked and I also have so many pencils etc, I just haven't got round to using them as much as I would like too, so hopefully I will soon.
  • Share everything positive about being Vegan - They is quite a lot of negative media about being vegan out their and a lot of o how its hard to be vegan. I want to put my mark out their to show people its easy to be vegan and also how positive it is too. I am also writing a guide to cruelty free beauty and other posts similar to that and they will be on my blog as soon as possible.
  •  Try some new foods - I must admit I am not used to making tofu even though I am vegan and I usually just eat beans, lentils other vegan alternatives, I am looking forward to trying to make different recipes this year containing tofu and also other vegan dishes. Last year I went to a vegan friendly restaurant and I am planning to go to a few more in 2016.
  •  Improve my Blog - hopefully I can continue posting regular and posting good content and sharing all things positively vegan. I love my blog at the moment and like sharing what I love and will continue.

What are your Goals for 2016?
 Melissa  x
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  1. Stephanie Hartley5 January 2016 at 20:38

    Ooooh I would love to hear some more positives about being vegan! Your goals sound fab, and what's best, realistic! I've written about my blogging goals, but haven't thought about goals for me too much!

    Steph -

  2. I think your goals are my favorite out of all I read for the new year. I love that you incorporated your family. How lovely of you! Plus I love lifestyle family post so I'm looking forward to reading about this once you complete this goal this year.

    Good luck on improving your blog too! Getting better and better every year is an everlasting goal. This is a goal of mine as well! Great post!


  3. I wish you all the best of luck with your goals! I also really want to improve my blog and photography! I want to use manual settings on my camera a lot more this year x

  4. I LOVE the fact that taking your family on holiday is a goal of yours .. that is SO adorable!! Good luck with them! I also would love to improve my blog and just get to know bloggers more! I would also LOVE to learn more about the positives of being Vegan .. I find it SO interesting and LOVE seeing another perspective/lifestyle! Keep up the good work lovely!

  5. My goals are mostly blog related, and I've actually launched a challenge to help me reach them (and others too) it's getting a great response so far and I'm really chuffed.

  6. these are some great goals! I hope you get to do them!

  7. I definitely need to lose a bit of weight too! Put on half a stone being back home over Christmas haha :)

  8. Improving my blog and photography is also one of my goals for 2016! I really want to finally get fit as well as I have been putting that off for ages! Great post! x


  9. DrugStoreDreamer6 January 2016 at 21:53

    one of my blog goals is to take better pictures this year..

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer