Strawberry & Peach Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry and peach breakfast smoothie recipe
For me they is nothing better in the morning then a delicious and nutritious smoothie as they are so simple to make if you have a smoothie maker an a few fruits and vegetables. I have had my nutribullet for nearly 2 years now and since then I have made a great deal of different smoothies and I have found so many combinations that go well and here in one of them
This smoothie has oats in it and we all know how good oats are for us as they contain fibre to help with digestion and they are also suppose to slow digestion so they help us feel full up for longer and it is a reason I like to use them in my morning smoothies as they are literally a blended breakfast. I combined them with my favourite fruits with fab results
Makes 1 large smoothie or 2 small smoothies
  • 4 Large Strawberries - I know strawberries aren't in season at the moment but  they still taste amazing any time of the year.
  • 6 Slices of sliced Peach - I usually have peaches with my yogurt they go so well with strawberry. I like buying the sliced peaches  in the tubs as they are a lot sweeter.
  • 2 slices of Pineapple - I love the combination of these fruits as they have a nice subtle sweet taste which I love.
  • 2 heaped tablespoons on whole oats - Any oat would go with this recipe but I have whole in my home as I love chunky porridge as a snack and sometimes porridge for breakfast.
  • 200ml of Almond Milk - Any milk would go perfect in this smoothie but I find  almond milk is a lot lighter for this recipe and also gives a nice nutty taste.
  1. Wash all the fruit thoroughly under a tap
  2. Slice all fruit into chunks so its easier to blend  and to add to the cup
  3. Put all the fruit into the cup, then add the peach juice and then the almond milk and shake with lid on to make sure no ingredients stick to the sides.
  4. Make sure the lid is shut completely then put on the blender cup on the machine then blend for about 30-40 seconds to make sure all the oats are smooth
  5. Enjoy! for best  taste I recommend drinking straight away.
What is your favourite smoothie?
Melissa x
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  1. Thanks for the recipe, Melissa! I love oats and like the idea of having a smoothie at breakfast. I recently purchased a smoothie maker so have bookmarked your page!



    1. Thanks :)
      Smoothie makers are fab! I love mine

  • The Little Mechanics Wife4 January 2016 at 18:59

    I've never been a breakfast eater. I drove a school bus for 14yrs, and coffee has always just been my fuel. My belly was never awake at 4am, when I jolted out of bed! This looks easy enough to try! & looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks :)
      I usually can't eat much in the morning so a smoothie is the perfect option for me

  • Oh my god this sounds delicious! I've been really into smoothies lately and I may have to add this to my list of smoothies! :)

    Shannon Sage

    1. thsnks! I'm a big fan of smoothies as they can be healthy and so easy to make :)