Another Lush Haul

lush hair haul
Hi Lovelies
I seem to have a small problem when I go to town for some retail therapy I always seem to divert and treat myself to something from lush. With that being said I am not complaining, as I have been using lush products for over three years now and have never been truly disappointed by any of their products yet thankfully. The thing that draws me into the shop in the first place is the unmistakable smell of lush products and I think no matter where in the country your lush is the smell is very prominent from at least three to four shops away.
Right onto to what I bought in my latest haul then? well I went to different Lush this time from the usual one I usually go to in Braehead, Glasgow. The one I went in this time was from my hometown in Carlisle seeing as I was visiting my mum at the time I decided to take her with me and she ended up treating herself too. With all the times I have went in Lush I have barely bought any hair products just the usual bath products but I fancied a change this time and got myself a new shampoo and conditioner with a couple of extra bits too like the face mask and bath bomb.
lush bag
What I bought ...
Don't look at me Fresh Face Mask £6.75 - I have been looking out for this face mask for ages but I was looking in all the wrong places because I didn't realise this face mask was a fresh product and was stored on ice along with other fresh face masks. This face mask is something I have been wanting to try for ages because I have tried many face masks before but never one from lush so this would be a first time to try it. This face mask has organic lemon juice, murumuru oil, tofu and grapefruit oil and it smells so refreshing and the colour looks amazing. This face mask is vegan and needs to be kept in the fringe to keep it fresh and trust me it feels so much nicer on the skin when its cold, especially fresh out the fridge its the perfect treat. They is also a scheme in place at lush if you use five face masks and clean them and bring them back you get one for free.
Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb £3.95 - One thing is for certain when I go to lush when shopping for a bath bomb I never ever smell it I always just grab one I have never tried before. Once I opened this once I got home I found out it was part of the mothers day collection and it had a very powerful fresh floral scent, so nice that I don't want to use it yet and its in my bedroom acting like an air freshener. This has rose absolute, geranium oil, Sicilian lemon oil and of course rose oil. This is vegan  and has nice pink and blue colours on a rose design.
American Cream Conditioner from £4.75 -  I have had this conditioner on my wish list for far too long now that I just decided to take the plunge and treat myself, and treat myself I did and I bought the biggest bottle for the number one reason it would last me longer. I checked so many reviews on this product it was only fair for me to try it out. American cream has the scent of honey water, vanilla pods, fresh strawberries and benzoin resinoid. I hope this works wonders on my frizzy damaged hair. This product is vegetarian product and the tops of the shampoos and conditioners can be recycled in store.
Rehab Shampoo from £5.75 - My hair has been through a lot over the past few years so I defiantly think its time for this product and the reason being is that product is that this product helps refresh the scalp and detox the hair with its ingredients which include papaya, kiwi, mango and extra virgin olive oil. This product is vegan and I really hope it helps keep my locks soft and fresh.
What are favourites from Lush lately?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. I'm popping to Lush Oxford Street tomorrow and Rehab is definitely going into my basket. I love seeing what others get when they shop there x

  2. I've heard a lot about the American Cream and Don't look at me mask lately, why have I never seen either??? I have Mask of Magnamity at the moment and love it, but would love to try a few more. Really need to spoach at their haircare more often too, I tried the sea salt shampoo once and it was so bizzare! x

    Tamz |

  3. American Cream smells like a dream. I'm so annoyed because in the US they have the same scent but in a lotion. Why can we not have this over here too? :( xx

  4. I've never thought to get haircare things from lush! Are they SFS free?