Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

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I would like to start this post with saying.. from all my Lush hauls I have had over the years, I am super surprised at myself for not ever of bought a lush face mask... well that is until recently that is! I have been looking for don't look at me fresh mask for ages and after looking in all the wrong places in Lush I eventually found this near the skincare section stored on the ice with other fresh face masks.

I have used many different face masks over the years from many brands such as nip + fab and Superdrug but trying this one from Lush is totally a new product for me and I was so keen to try it. Lush is the perfect choice for me as we all know lush is cruelty free and also another added bonus is that this product is also vegan. Another great thing I have to mention about Lush face masks is that if you use 5 pots of fresh face mask and clean them out and bring them back you get a free face mask of your choice! what's not to love?

Don't look at me fresh face mask is packed with zingy lemon to tone complexion, ground brown rice which gives this face mask its grainy texture and nourishing murumuru oil also tunisan neroli to brighten and silken tofu to soften the skin in a positive way. This face mask has a grainy but soothing feel and is a nice turquoise colour.
Lush Fresh Face Mask 75g - £6.75
When I talked to the lady at Lush she said this was her favourite face mask and that this pot has seven uses! I found that fab and couldn't wait to put what she said to the test. Another thing she told me about this product is that it was only made 2 days before me buying it so its a fresh product and is best stored in the fridge to keep it fresh (mine is currently in my fridge next to my yogurts)
I usually use face masks once or twice a week depending on my mood and how much my skin needs a treat and a bit of a boost. I first used don't look at me a couple of days ago with my partner (yes that's him pictured :D) It was quite different applying a fresh face mask to the skin straight out the fridge because its so cool but at the same time its very soothing. It applied just like a cream but seeing as its a bit grainy I did it as delicately at possible.

I left this on our skin for 15 minutes ( the pot says between 10-15 minutes). After the 15 minutes I washed this off while having a lush bath, yes I was in pure lush heaven! It was very easy to remove with water and non greasy too. When I got out the bath and dried my face they was a nice difference to  my skin, it did feel softer and I felt very refreshed, not just my skin but the smell of this product was divine.

Final thoughts
Me and my partner loved this product and we are looking forward to using it again soon as the smell combined to how soft our skin felt afterwards makes us want to use it that extra bit more. We have had two uses out of this pot already and they is plenty more to go so its very good value for money as usually you see one use face masks sell for about £1.

Have you tried Lush fresh mask before?
What is your favourite face mask?

Melissa x

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  1. I've never tried Don't Look At Me before but as it's such a pretty colour, I kind of want to get a tub. The only Lush face masks I've used are Cosmetic Warrior and Mask of Magnaminty but I forgot to use them after one use and they both went out of date very quickly. I guess that's the downside to Lush's masks.

    Raise The Waves

  2. Hannah Latoya Bond26 February 2016 at 22:45

    I've tried this mask, it really is an amazing product especially if you have dry skin x

  3. I was really hesistant to try any face mask before because of the irritation it gives to my face. Like every face mask I've used before gives the same thing. But I have read reviews about Lush's Ayesha mask and I tried it; so far so good. Loving it and already used to the smell. Haha :))

  4. I love this and the Ayesha face mask by Lush. I love how they leave my complexion looking so radient.

  5. I still need to try this out! I usually love 'Love Lettuce' cause it's grainy, but this looks a little thinner so I'd probably get the same scrub with more uses! I'll definitely have to pop in this weekend on your recommendation!


  6. I can't believe you've never tried a Lush face mask before! This one sounds great. My favourite is Cupcake. It's smells of chocolate and is great for breakouts.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  7. The colour of this mask is so beautiful!! I have not tried this one.. but I definitely want to give it a go!! Loved this review my love!!