Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint Review

lush santa baby lip tint review

lush santa baby lip tint review
Hi Lovelies
if they is one thing I will miss about winter most it will most defiantly be everything to do with christmas and thats including everything from the lush christmas collection which happens to be my favourite collection of the year at lush because for me it just brightens up the bitter cold of the winter with its bright colours and its gorgeous smells and variety of products and not forgetting the sparkles.
This lip tint 'Santa Baby' was from my last lush haul which was the lush boxing day sale, which seems like such a while ago now and I haven't been back since (whoops best try the lush valentines collection before its gone till next year) Anyways back to this lip tint, this is a product I wouldn't normally buy in lush as I am usually a person who buys all the skincare and bath products but trying this has been a nice change then usual.

lush santa baby lip tint review
Santa Baby lip tint is now unfortunately sold out but they do now offerhave something similar though called it started with a kiss)
Santa Baby is Cruelty free and Vegan 

My Thoughts on Santa baby lip tint
This lip tint is a lot more pigmented then I expected which was a nice pleasant surprise as I was expecting this to be similar to lip balm clear sort of see through red but no its a vibrant bright red as it looks like in the tube. The smell of this lip tint is very pleasant which smell is a bit like cherry cola but a little bit more sweeter. Application of this was a little bit on the tricky side to be honest as it was a  little bit drying so i would recommend using a lip balm before applying this to make sure it applies smoothly. The coverage is very good and it surprised me how well it looks after a long day of wearing it! I've had this lip tint on for 6 hours and it was still going strong which I found very impressive and I am pleased I added it to my lipstick collection even though its just regarded as a tint, its proved itself to me to work wonders.

The pros
-smells very nice like cola
-very rich red shade
-super long lasting

The Cons 
-quite drying to apply

Have you tried any lip products from lush before?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. Laura Side Street14 February 2016 at 00:47

    This tint sounds really good and nice to hear it provides some decent coverage! I love the shade

    Laura x

  2. This tint sounds right up my street! Thank you for this lovely review :) On a constructive note though, I would recommend thoroughly and slowly proof reading before you post as there were a few bits that I didn't understand due to grammar or a lack of punctuation. Great chatty feel though, very friendly and definitely a blog I would come back to for more hints and tips! :) Keep at it :D

  3. Andrew BeautyandTheBoy14 February 2016 at 16:53

    I didnt realise how red this would come out i thought just a tint and you're totally right about the whole being really dry thing

  4. Lush makes some really good products! I do love the tint in it:)