Usha's Indian Street Food review

usha's street food glasgow
Hi Lovelies
On a rare occasions me and my husband love to go out on a meal together as a couple and the special occasion this time was our five year anniversary and we decided to go to a restaurant that we had been to before for my 24th birthday the previous year as we enjoyed the food and at that time as the place was 100% vegetarian and had lots of vegan choices and that restaurant is called Usha's Indian Street Food which can be found in the west end of Glasgow.

When we went this time nothing had changed since the last time we visited of the place it has a very  nice eastern twist with beautiful indian art and history on the walls which was nice to see, you can see they put the time and effort to make this restaurant look perfect. Inside may not of changed but it did change the its name from Ushas vegetarian to Ushas street food so it now its not just a vegetarian food restaurant but it now sells meat and fish too on the menu which was kinda a bit sad for me as vegan but in that said I was happy they still had the old menu for vegetarians with the great amount of vegan options.

usha's street food glasgow
I absolutely love the choices for vegans here and I was really spoilt for choice on what to eat! I ended getting the aubergine pakora as a starter which was lightly spiced aubergines that were dipped in gram flour and served with a side of salad on a decent sized plate. I shared them with my husband and they were gone in no time at all,as they where seriously delicious which a nice crunchy batter and they were spiced perfectly and the dipping sauce just made them taste even better.

For mains I got okra dopiaza with basmati pilau and chilli chips. I love the way they were served which is kinda like tapas style and for me the size of the portions was just right. I loved the okra and pilau combination and ate some chips cheeky every now and again. The okra was mildly spiced with lots of sliced onions in it which I just love and the pilau complimented this beautifully. The chips are a change on what I usually have as I wanted a spicier option for a change and boy they were  very spicy but very nice and enjoyable at the same time (I wanted seconds as my husband enjoyed eating them too hehe.)
usha's indian street food glasgow
Once we finished our meals we decided to share a smoothie together as a nice after meal treat and o my goodness we where so glad we did because strawberry delight was just divine as it was the perfect blend of strawberries, banana and apple juice! (yes maybe we should of got two of these :))

All in all I love this restaurant and would defiantly go again as they have a nice options of food and the environment is perfect for going with a partner, family & friends or even on your own as the staff make your time their a very welcome one. The food price is very fair and quite affordable compared to a lot of restaurants and I would defiantly recommend to anyone thinking on going here for food!

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Melissa x
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  1. My Life As A Mummy14 February 2016 at 22:52

    I love the fact the sizes are the same size as Tapas! I can never choose which curry to have, so this would allow me to get a bit of everything and share with my partner! I hope they have plans to open up a restaurant down south as this would definitely be somewhere I would visit

    Laura x x x

  2. This looks so so nice!! Will need to check it out on the rare occasion I make it to Glasgow other than for work! xx

  3. The food looks and sounds amazing, especially those spicy chips!