Wax Lyrical Sweet Pea Tealights Review

wax lyrical tea lights review
Hi Lovelies :)
For me candles are a major part of my evenings, every night after I put my children to bed I put my candles on and settle down with my cup of tea and watch my favourite TV shows or write my latest blog posts and for me candles play a major part in it because the scents of them make me relax and I just love having my home smell like scented candles.

I usually always go for quite a lot of peoples and of course many bloggers favourites Yankee candle but while shopping in ASDA something else stood out and it was candles from wax lyrical  that caught my eye because the box just stood out to me with its cute design of sweet peas that looked like they where painted on delicately with water colours and the candles themselves were a nice bright pink and as soon as I picked them up the smell just hit me with its very natural sweet pea scent, it reminded me of gardening in my nanas garden in the summer, my nanas speciality was sweet peas so getting these was just a tribute to my nana and to bring back old memories of gardening with her.

I usually go for larger glass candles because they last longer then tea lights but they is something about tea lights I just love and I think its just the charm they have while in tea light holder, they make a drastic difference to my fireplace and I think it makes my living room more homely.

Wax Lyrical tea lights are very affordable at just £3 in ASDA or £5.50 for 9 on their website where they offer a wide range of candles in lots of different scents and sizes of candles and diffusers. Sweet pea is a very nice scent and I could smell it straight away when I lit it and I kid you not it made my whole flat smell like sweet peas which was very nice indeed, they maybe small but they are wonderful at making your home smell nice. The burn time of these candles is roughly about 6 hours and I would agree with that as I usually use them two evenings  in a row.

About Wax Lyrical
Wax lyrical are based in Cumbria (my home county *waves*) and made from paraffin wax which holds fragrance well and are very sturdy with vibrant colours that hold well. These candles are also vegan and cruelty free.

Available at
online and in some stores, available in a selection of scents
Wax lyrical
online: lots of different scents and products such as diffusers

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  1. Mellissa Williams8 February 2016 at 14:01

    What well priced tea lights. I think they are lovely to add a glow to your bedroom or living room

  2. Love the packaging :)

  3. Christine Everyday8 February 2016 at 16:18

    They are so pretty!

  4. I've never tried these candles! I always light tea lights at night too! So relaxing :)

    F x