Sunday, 6 March 2016

Favourite Cruelty free Highlighters

favourite highlighters
Hi Lovelies
If you asked me two years ago what my favourite highlighter was I wouldn't have a clue what you would of been talking about, to me the only highlighters I knew of at that time were the usual bright fluorescent highlighters you use on paper. Thankfully that's all in the past now and now I use cosmetic highlighters almost daily with my makeup routine as they are the perfect way to brighten my complexion and give me an effortless contour and also define my brows.

I have  a few highlighters now in my collection and I have narrowed down my favourites to four products and they are all cruelty free and veggie. These are the ones I have narrowed them down too.

vegan highlighters
The Balm - Mary-Lou Manizer
Out of all my highlighters this one  has to be my favourite  because its the brightest most long lasting highlighter I have used yet. This is perfect for define brows, contouring cheek bones and as a shimmery base for an eye shadows. Mary-Lou has golden undertones which is bit like champagne.

Makeup Revolution blushing hearts iced hearts
I just love the design of this highlighters box! it reminds me a lot of the too faced blushers but for a fraction od the price. This is perfect combined with bronzer or blusher and has a light pink under tone slightly like pink lemonade.

Makeup Revolution golden lights
This is the first highlighter that I bought and is the main reason I love highlighters so much now! Over the past year I have  wore this combined with bronzer or blusher and has a golden undertones.

Barry M Radiant Rod Highlighter
I recently got this in my last vegan kind  beauty box and its been used lots since I got it! This is the perfect subtle highlighter and its perfect for defining brows and for a subtle highlight.

favoruite vegan highlighters
Uses for Highlighters
  • Arch brows
  • Define cheek bones
  • Define cupids bow
  • Eyeshadow base

What are your favourite highlighters?
Melissa x

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  1. Oh I have just reviewed theBalm luminizer and I totally love it! As you said, it is amazing for cheeks or brow area! It totally changes the look of my face!


  2. Rhian Westbury7 March 2016 at 23:16

    Firstly I had no idea that all these brands were vegan but I've been wanting to try the balm one for ages. I've got a make up revolution palette which is quite good x

  3. Through The Glitter Glass19 April 2016 at 21:37

    Every single highlighter you've featured it gorgeous!! I am so glad all these are vegan too!! MUR is amazing! Fab post lovely !!