Lush American Cream Review

 Seeing as I bought this conditioner almost two months ago I think now is the time to share with you all my opinion on American Cream from Lush. I bought this 8 weeks ago as I haven’t really tried anything from the lush hair care range but I’ve pretty much tried everything else, so a change was in order and haircare from lush was what was needed to try for me. lush american cream 
Having tried this and Lush rehab shampoo for near 8 weeks one thing I noticed was the smell! O wow the smell is just gorgeous and is very similar to aveda, but a fraction of the price. 

American cream is very thick conditioner, almost like a milkshake with the scent of vanilla and strawberries which helps cleanse hair and leave it smooth. This also has sage added to soothe scalp which I think is great because I have a super sensitive scalp. 



I used about a walnut size amount of this after washing out the lush rehab shampoo, I kept it on my hair for about 5 minutes ( to soak into my hair) the shampoo is very thick but goes onto the hair very easily and you can almost feel it smooth your hair straight away. After rinsing and drying my hair my hair smelled like strawberries and my hair was a lot easier to style, which is fab because my hair is usually very frizzy and hard to style. 


American  cream costs between Β£4.75  for 100g to Β£25.50 for 1kg.


I just love this conditioner and so does my family! I have decided to keep this as our regular conditioner as its smooths the hair, even hair like mine which is frizzy and not the eaiset to style. My kids love it because it smells like strawberry milkshake. Another good thing about this conditioner is that it’s over 500g and we still have just over a quarter left after 8 weeks.

 lush american cream conditioner  
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Till next time
Melissa x
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3 thoughts on “Lush American Cream Review

  1. wanderfreeblog says:

    I am definitely intrigued to try this! I’ve stopped going into Lush lately to save some money but it that bottle lasts so long then it might be worth it!


  2. Claire Cavanagh says:

    I have used this in the past and loved it, so definitely need to pick it up again (along with Rehab, which you’ve also reminded me of!)

    Claire | xx


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