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Butter London Macbeth Liquid Lipstick Review

Butter London Macbeth liquid lipstick
I just love the brand Butter London, it has some amazing makeup such as lipsticks and nail lacquers
and my favourite things about them is the lovely selection of shades they have to offer and of course the quirky product names like this one 'Macbeth'

I really love this brand but finding it in the shops isn't always that easy, intact it can be a littler tricky to get hold of. I think I seen a counter in boots in town in Glasgow before. I found this lipstick in TKMax nearly a year ago. On the plus side of not always being on the high street, its available on the Butter London website and amazon.

Butter London Liquid Lipstick Macbeth | £14 
butter london liquid lipstick macbeth review
butter london macbeth swatch
I love any lip product so trying this one just had to be done! This liquid lipstick is an opaque pink coral shade. Application is very similar to a lipgloss but looks like a glossy lipstick, the formula benefits of shea butter and Vitamin E which are both moisturising. I love the packaging on this lipstick as you can see the lipstick shade perfectly and the writing is also written very clearly which I also like to see. They is a decent amount of product too which is 7.2ml

Application and how long it lasts
Applying this was very similar to applying a lipgloss with the shape of the applicator brush but with this the formula being a little bit thicker it was a little bit on the sticky side. Macbeth looks very nice opaque coral pink on the lips and one thing I love about it was how glossy it looks. 

This looked very nice once on but it can be a little sticky, it didn't last as
long as a lipstick but still lasted a respectable 3 hours before needing another application.

I really love how glossy this lipstick is, its a little bit sticky but still workable. I love the design that I just want to display it in my lipstick makeup drawers. I am not sure if I would buy another on of these but I am sure it would depend on what the shade was. 

Have you tried Butter London Cosmetics before?
Melissa x
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  1. Mellissa Williams28 June 2016 at 23:22

    That is a very pretty colour and looks lovely and glossy. Shame it's a bit sticky

  2. Joanne Mallon29 June 2016 at 07:35

    oh that's a lovely shade. I've tried Butter London nail varnish before but I didn't know they did lipstick as well. Really like the look of this.