Thursday, 30 June 2016

Urban Decay All Nighter Review

urban decay all nighter review

Urban Decay has been my favourite premium brand since I started wearing makeup, all the products I have tried have worked very well for me and have yet to be disappointed in anything I have bought and fingers crossed it stays that way.

I have heard so many positive things from many bloggers about how amazing the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray is so I really wanted to see how well it worked for me. For its first challenge it was to keep my my makeup flawless all day of an engagement party which lasted nearly 9 hours on a hot day, keep reading to see if its preferred  a makeup staying miracle for me.

Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray 118ml | £22
Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray
In the item its described as weightless and help keep makeup in place for up to 16 hours without fading or settling in fine lines. It also says its formula is suitable for all skin  types which is a relief for me as I have combination skin. Another thing it says is that it has patented temperature control technology, so with that being said it should last in wind, rain and sun. 

Application and Staying Power
I must admit it took me ages to eventually spray myself in the face with this! haha I kept worrying I was going to spray my eyes and not only that also the cold feel on my face was a little off-putting. Once I sprayed my face with two spritz it wasn't bad at all and I am sure I would actually get used to it through time and actually getting used to it in my makeup routine.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well this makeup setting spray worked! As I said at the start of the post, I wore this too an engagement party on a very hot day with lots of makeup spray on and even long after we came home my makeup still looked fresh.

I can't find anything bad to say about this spray as it worked wonders at keeping my makeup looking its best all day. It left no nasty smells and seeing as it had no oil in it, it really was weightless on my skin and I felt like I wasn't wearing it once it dried. It may be a bit on the expensive side but its  a rather large bottle and looks like something that is long lasting. 

Have you tried Urban Decay All Nighter before?
what are your favourite makeup setting products?

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  1. Sarah Mumx3x30 June 2016 at 16:05

    I love Urban decay as a breand but haven't tried this! It sounds great. It's good to hear it's weightless. I should imagine a little bit goes a long way and lasts a while :) Great review. xx