Sunday, 31 July 2016

Blogging: Keeping Motivated

blogging keeping motivated
Hi Lovelies
I can't actually believe its been two years since I started blogging! I can't say its always been a plain sailing journey with my blog but its been a fun one and I have loved every minute of doing my blog. Anyways onto this post, sometimes I struggled keeping myself motivated to actually get a blog post in mind or getting myself to write blog posts or even want to take blog photos. In this post I have wrote a few tips to help combat it and help keep motivation.

My blogging tips 
  1. Numbers aren't always everything: I know it can be quite daunting to see blogger with literally thousands of followers but that doesn't mean any else blog isn't as good. I don't have too many views on every blog post it ranges between 150-300 usually but it took time to even get it that high, it was a lot lower when I first started back in 2014 my page views were between 40-90, so its progress from then till now and I am happy. 
  2. Its ok to have time off: I have took time off before because I literally couldn't write so it was pointless writing anything if I wasn't in the right mood to do so. I never lost any readers when I came back either. Having a break made my blogging mind feel better and my blog benefited from a break. During my time off I didn't go on social media and I never checked on my blog either. 
  3. Carry a notebook and pen: Blog post ideas can come randomly so its best to have a pen and paper at the ready to remember what to write about and also what to blog about in the future. I thought about a blog post late at night once and I was too tired to write a blog post so I wrote down in my notebook the blog post idea and I continued it the next day.
  4. Blog post ideas are literally everywhere: They really are, they could be on the tv or when you take the dog out for a morning walk, they happen in any scenario. Sometimes when I am out I see nice flowers and I like to take photos of them. 
  5. Work out a blog schedule: I know this may not be always possible but I do this from time to time and it makes a difference to my blog. I try to blog 3-4 times a week so its regular and also share lots on my social media, I usually do this on the evenings.
  6. Days with no new blog post, re-share older posts: This is the perfected way to keep the traffic on your blog, its helpful to it all on hoot suite as its timed for when you want it to be posted on social media like twitter. 
  7. Bulk take photos: I can't take blog photos everyday because the weather isn't nice all the time and I literally have no time to do that so I usually bulk take lots of photos in a day and spread the blog posts out during the week or month.
  8. Enjoy!: for me thats the main thing, post about things you like and it makes it so much easier .

What are your tips to keeping motivated blogging

Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. La French Connection31 July 2016 at 10:56

    Thanks for the article, it's true that ideas for articles are everywhere and until recently I did not realise that and was trying to fit one particular format.
    I know too well the problem of losing motivation from time to time, especially when the weather is not nice or I have no light for my pictures. I take my blog as a hobby and do my best but I do have pauses from time to time :) Probably too much actually! But like you said, it's ok!

    Mika |

  2. I love these tips! You've made me feel like I'm not alone in my blogging issues as well haha, especially the numbers aren't everything, time off and post ideas are everywhere, maybe blogging is convincing other people to find a certain joy in something they would usually overlook :D so they see things in a new magical way! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)